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I would recommend simply purchasing an adapter with 2 USB ports on it. This way, you have 2 USB ports but it you need to plug in some other device, such as a portable air compressor or an electric torch, you still can do so by unplugging the USB port adapter.

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Well could be the shop burned up a wire or did not reconnect a plug. Take it back to the shop and find out what they may have done wrong. If that all checks out. Maybe you have a clogged exhaust part or debris in the pipe stopping exhaust flow. I would look at the cats first . But have to wonder if the weld job damage something

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The least expensive way is to employ a USED part. Now there are also cheap ways to acquire a new one which I will expound upon in a sec.

Go to this is a nationwide (USA) used part locating data base for ALL cars. when you go their site you will enter your vehicle specifics and the part you are after, and just hit search. When the results come up hit the tab that says sort by miles and it will sort the results in mi from the zip code that you entered! You can also see brief comments about the part and it gives you the phone number to the salvage yard where it is located. Pretty cool eh?? So most salvage yards participate in this but a few older ones still don't. So you can still call your local ones if you don't see your part pop up. You can also sort by cost ect. For the new route, rock auto has the cheapest prices, and due to the cost of the item (+$75), you will probably get free shipping if they carry those, an FX35 is a rarer import than say a Chevrolet though so it may be tough to find by an aftermarket producer.
In summary best 3 routes are either rock auto for aftermarket new, dealer for original new, or car-part for used. The used on may look better than the one in the car! I would give that a try first.
Cheers! Good luck! Car Part com Used Auto Parts Market

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pull off covers, 2 10mm screws, pull light off.

also possible recall to replace lamps: check it here:

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First you wanna know where this problem is coming from. 1,check battery to make sure the cells are holding the change, if not then you need new battery
If battery is good then something from the car is draining battery.
Could be alternator, could be your stereo , ????

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Inspect the steering mechanism. Is one of the tie rods somehow hitting a wheel speed sensor at the hub?

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It depends on the model as well. Go to this website and then select your vehicle. It will tell you the engine code.

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You need to input the radio security code that was given to the orig owner on purchase date. If you do not have that card with the code on it then go to this website and purchase the info

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Hey LeDonta,
The octane rating of the gasoline has nothing to do with the "quality" of the gasoline.. quality is purity, quantity of bad "fillers", quantity of good "fillers", and cleanliness of the transportation tanker and the stations tanks in the ground.
the octane rating is a rating of how fast the gas burns in the combustion cycle... the higher the octane rating the slower the gas burns.. and the lower the octane, the faster it burns.. The compression ratio and ignition timing are the main factors in determining what octane an engine requires. The higher the compression ratio and thus, the more advanced the ignition timing, the higher the octane required. Racing engines (as a rule) require a higher octane...
USE WHAT YOUR OWNERS MANUAL SAYS TO USE!!!.. if it says 87,, use it, .. using 93 is a waste of money!!
Want to learn what is actually in gasoline.. read this:

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check to see if you have a water leak into the sump
change over to diesel oil and change the oil filter every month for at least 6 months
diesel oil is the same as petrol engine oil but with a heavier detergent additive so it will clean out the sludge and deposit it in the filter

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Not blowing at all? Motor doesn't run? Doesn't blow cold? Motor runs but now air is coming out?

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Remove the lens assembly and get access to bulb - remove it and replace with same. Now isn't that easy?!

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No. Use 1/4” drive 12 mm wobble sockets on extension

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This is common issue with Infiniti I30 1999-2001.

When the coil packs fail they burn up components/parts on the engine computer ECU. If the problem gets worse, you will need to replace the ECU or have it rebuilt.

Is your check engine light on?
You might also get code P0505
Technical bulletin also recommends to replace
The Idle Air Control Valve MUST be replaced prior to re-installation of the ECM, or immediate damage to the computer will occur again.
Common Failures:
  • No Start, Hard Start, Engine Stalls
  • Rough Idle, High Idle, or Idle Up and Down
  • Misfire to one or more cylinders
  • No signal to the ignition coils
  • Engine Trouble Codes For Idle Control Valve (IACV)
  • No Communication With Computer
  • Replacing IAC Does Not Fix The Problem

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Go to the following website and select your specific Infinity model and it will tell you what that engine code means.

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i think the code you are using is correct but the way you are using is wrong so i suggest you to visit the link give this link help a lot to me

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