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Showing code p1541 Mitsubishi galant 4 cylinder

Buy a haynesbook for repair. Send problem to [email protected] Hes xpert on any car evr made
8/9/2022 4:18:23 AM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered 2 days ago

1990 Mitsubishi Montero 3.0. Engine fault code determination.

Question edited for clarity. Please don't use abbreviations. Question moved from Motorcycles to year make model category. Service manual ..
8/9/2022 4:03:11 AM • 1990 Mitsubishi... • Answered 2 days ago

Ac only works on low

correct my did the same thing replace the switch
8/4/2022 7:08:49 PM • 2007 Mitsubishi... • Answered on Aug 04, 2022

High idle P0507 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 148K

2.0L engine or Lancer Evolution turbo>? which engine is there exactly to work on any engine know what it there first of fail hard you will, parts, and the manual must match. and then get WRONG ANSWER AND ADVICE. !!!! all fuses good ! want to stop GUE$$ing and going broke??? and do real tests? or have shop do it? (they ASE shops do the tests) No told at all failing RPM hot and cold and if ECT sensor is at 180f to 200f HOT, must be,or it will a fail, I promise you. learn to read what is there next. IAC , is what controls all idle speeds at all times. (usually as PCM controls) and yes they stick or leak air (vacuum leaks) other DTC errors not told is a travesty to you, omg we need them all, all matter, gee misfire causes RPM idle to fail. learn that the PCM is not "elon musk" (love him) smart, not by 1000 miles close it is just a silly small processor. and dummmmb firmware logic(programming) so when it sees RPM hot or cold failing it blames the IAC< and is dead wrong 1/2 or more of the time. 507 is USA federal basic DTC standard code. then 2.0L base use THROTTLE by wire (TPS + motor) and when swapped must be use relearn mode, so now you know why simple parts swaps fail not reading the service manual steps. the TB (mfi) motor drive has a relay by the same name so relays can fail too. so can all vacuum leaks (vast places) and huge test list (ask) engine running lean, (bad MAF) (or bad MAP ) sensors the PCU can correct for lean or too rich but if it gets too bad the IAC cannot correct the gross errors , via TV or IAC learn that ALL DTC matter to any tech not just 1 of many ever. that is a fact. (and not told at all) sadly. The TBW systems do in fact cause old Federal p0507 to kinda lie 507 is a federal 1996 code, DTC, and TBW was not invented yet./ so the PCM will lie to you that IAC fails even if there is NO IAC at all as most TBW system do not need a IAC valve ever. the throttle does all that NOW> the motor on the throttle has huge command authority here. if if even works at all. Throttle BY WIRE is what that is called, and has TPS even 2 TPS in the assembly TB (throttle body) and must be calibrated, called learn mode. there is no throttle cable on TBW cars, it is only a 5vdc variable resistor there. most cars now are all like this. in the old days days we had idle air valve electric, and IAC thermal only idle air valve, or both hen we got rid of the silly IAC thermal coolant valve and went to more power ISC electric valves for cold and hot engines the TBW happened all most cars now all the above are gond. IAC/ISC GONE and a powerful TB TBW motor runs the TV valve, and does it all by magic and PCM full control at all times or you right foot demands now a list of idle problems TBW 1: all fuse good 2: no TBW wire DTC errors of any kind. using real scan tools. 3: no vacuum leaks, that TBW can not correct for. 3: TBW not bad or forgot to do the learn mode. wow you did? 4: gross misfire, P03xx code error so bad RPM falls like a rock and TBW can not correct such a gross condition) 5: egr failures, (as in stuck open , rpm falls like rock fail or stalls 6: other sensor dead, or 1/2 dead. intermittant etc. 7: ignoring other DTC is dead wrong so I stop here. rule #1 to any savvy tech is fix idle last. all else must be good or the idle controls will fail on any car gasoline
8/2/2022 6:54:32 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022

Oil pan replacement on 2011 Mitsubishi Galant.

USA car or what, learn that all that is smog parts and not the same parts all over earth(countries laws etc,bla bla)_ well if factory stock , is it? we can't see it so.... only the service manual covers the step to drop a pan on any car. want to read that? one online manual shows this. pan off
  1. Remove the side under cover (refer to Body, Bumpers).
  2. Drain the engine oil.
  3. Remove the front no.1 exhaust pipe.
  4. Remove the front no.2 exhaust pipe.
  5. Remove the torque converter housing front lower cover.
  6. Remove the engine oil pan drain plug.
  7. Remove the engine oil pan drain plug gasket.
  8. Remove the engine oil pan as follows:
    • Remove the engine oil pan mounting bolts
    • remove the engine oil pan
    • Remove the engine oil pan strainer.
    • Remove the engine oil pan strainer gasket.
    • Remove the baffle plate.
what most do no know is. the pan must be dropped enough to clear the oil pump and pick up screen booth, so that is problematic. if you understand here is 1 exception , me, and Jeep 4L, and same words above' I bought the car dirt cheap near new (my bag) and bad pan. leaking like mad. this is what I did, and tells you that tricks are not only for kids
  • I remove all engine mounts bolts, hood up.
  • I jack engine up far from my cross member and rear of head
  • almost smacks fire wall, grin.
  • I remove all pan bolts (pan drained first)
  • I smack it hard with rubber mallet bam' off and falling
  • and dang the pump etc will not allow pan to come off( expected)
  • I then have son with small hands 14yr old unbolt the pump
  • and it falls to bottom of pan (whoooo hooo)
  • and pan comes of with funny tilting. me.
  • done. (new one in hand) and tricky pump put back pan tinted.
mine the cross member can not be removed. (yours is easy) if only exh blocked me , i'd have paid for cat back. or as needed) or cut it off and weld it back ( or ask a SHOP TO) I have TIG here. MOST CAT HEADERS JUST UNBOLT UNLESS IN THE SALT BELTS ,NORTH AMERICA, SALTED ROADS ) Some headers can be upgraded to SST bolts or or studs making service easy for ever. stainless steel parts. (bolts) there are only 4 ways (always your choice and rust sets the rules) 1: the book way above (gactory service manual) 2: jack it up. way. the engine jacked. if exh crosses pan this fails 3: pull engine. 4; cut and weld back. cats read the engine pages here
8/2/2022 12:41:12 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022

Mitsubishi canter 2001 2.8

losing bost (turbo boost)?????? have turbo here????????? get the car serviced, you can not fix turbo problems, some are very complex. gee 21 years old and just 1200 miles per year just 3 miles per day used, only to church under full turbo boost LOL (grin) sorry ! that turbo part is called a waste gate, and opens only as max boost is reached, so the engine does not explode. (5psi? = par) that is what it does and can stick , jam and leak and for sure full of carbon, driving just 3 miles per day. and nasty job to clean all that out. so get (er) done, find a shop and tell them your turbo is acting up $$$$$$$$$$
8/2/2022 12:15:22 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022

My car throttle body doesn't work when press benzine doesn't work at all

why double post same question? (no turbo right?,GDI it is. DOHC or SOHC engine version here. twin cam or single.? your not in the USA , as benzine here is gasoline and in EU it is petrol so do not sniff the benzine, (Lol ,grin) not one bit of proof the Throttle body is bad (I bet NOT) The gas pedal is a throttle. newer cars have TBW, throttle by wire, means electric motor driven throttle. and yes the do fail but the PCM tells you it did or did not. All shops on earth scan the PCM first , so can you, do it or get it scanned or omg even buy the tool for $100. evidence. car engine cranks ok, GrrrrrGRRRR sounds hear for 20 years but not now? ok starter works but engine fails top start or stalls fast. and RPM gauge goes to 0 RPM means stalled. ok engine runs RPM 800 hot or 1500 cold are normal ok I step on the GAS (means throttle pedal) and engine RACES fast RPM to 2500 is easy to do.<?????? okay, I lift right foot and step on the brake pedal and shift to DRive or reverse and car drives normal but not today, i have gross engine power lost. or transmission will not upshift to all gears.(DRIVE) if a manual (stick) box you shift the gears not it.<< pure love me. if only power loss(engine power) loss that is far far more complex even up to 25 shop tests to find it, or more. FATE rules here what will be, will be. 1 step and 1 test at a time. we can post all tests but that be silly lacking full evidence not told. this engine (both) has timing belt on the cam if it fails at 60,000miles as they all love to do , the cam slips. time. and power flags. (loss) or worse valves hit piston tops and the end iS now BOOM. 60k miles is 100kmeters. miles driven on this belt. I decode your post as Throttle pedal acts dead or partially./ key on scan the PCM, first. using a scan tool that works in our UNSTATED COUNTRY. USA OBD2. EU, EOBD japan , JBOD and vastly more world wide. never post lacking country or you will get wrong answer even all , even mine. (learn that) good luck sniffing dah benzine./
8/2/2022 12:03:51 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022

Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia. RPM doesn't work, relates to the throttle body. It doesn't make noises either and the car not operate well when it starts

very poor evidence told, (sorry) RPM 0 means engine did not start./ no year car told or engine size, (automatic trans sure) learn that cars are complex. for SURE failed. tell all that works and that which does not. both, do not tell me it relates to throttle body lacking any proof. oK? did you buy a dead car or out of the blue it fails. does the starter motor work each time key is turned (grrrrrgrrrr) not silent ? does not make noises means what exactly, (add one noun) well it needs service and 99.9% off all modern folk(not me) get it fixed in a shop. Things the average user can do.?
  1. check all fuses.
  2. make sure the battery holds a full charge, 12.6vdc rested
  3. if starter fails clean battery lugs, or jump start it.
  4. if engine starter is still dead, crank it in Park then crank in Neutral. wow that works yes, the PRNDL switch is bad. on the P pin lug. (buy a new one)
  5. OK engine cranks good , runs and keeps running, but lacks power.
  6. lack of power can be caused by many things, (complexity) bad engine, bad spark and last bad fueling (and more, I stop)
  7. scan the PCm or get it scanned,? a tool, all shops have.
why not let a shop fix it, any USA ASE shop can, ASE are smart techs.trained.
8/2/2022 11:43:10 AM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022


same answer on any car. really, only parts moved about to fool me. all fuses good. ,including AC (grin) blower in dash must at least work FULL speed blow.? does it? sure AC weak on high, sure, because it is. (physics) if the blower fails dead only on one speed say so....??????? or not using RECIRC mode. (way batter try it first) next i,s hood up. (bonnet in UK) see large compressor AC see clutch in front, see pulley and clutch all turn as one piece AC on. if all that seems ok get a shop to add R134a Refrigerant carefully , if found to be low.
8/2/2022 11:15:33 AM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Aug 02, 2022

Where is the purge valve located on a Mitsubishi Galant 2007 2.4L

log in and find it here some are under hood some are near gas tank/filler. the service manual covers all that in chapter EVAP controls
7/31/2022 11:01:19 AM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Jul 31, 2022

2005 mitsubishi express WA 2.4 L petrol workshop manual

automotive store--online search
7/30/2022 2:38:37 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Jul 30, 2022

My check engine light comes on and then comes up

have vehicle scanned for trouble code
7/27/2022 11:24:29 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Jul 27, 2022


is it engine lost power or transmission slip? if RPM of engine rises fast but car, that is trans slip. this is first, and your mech sees this in about 15seconds.
7/22/2022 7:15:54 AM • 1990 Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 22, 2022

Mitsubishi Triton 6G74 V6 Petrol. What is the torque setting for the timing belt pulley/tensioner on it. The book says 6Nm which is way to loose any help would be appreciated.

first off , the service manual did not lie to you.get it and read it first? the real book or reading internet lies from google searching, 3.5L V6would you blow up and engine off of internet lies, well year car told. nor in what country.not told which of the 3 , 3.5L engine is is.only used here USA in 1997 to 2002 in say Montero it needs to be timed correctly , or risk bending all head valves.most DOHC cam engines are interference.the High CR one is .ok here is your answerthe tension'er on this engine is a separate part you read the cars service manual all this is covered fully buy it and not wreck valves is a win( all 3 shown here) It is not one engine is 3.6g74 IS MADE IN 3 TYPEs of CR, heads CR= Compression ratio.this:9.5 (SOHC); 10 (DOHC); 10.4 (DOHC GDI)3 ENGINES MADE, WHICH ONE YOU HAVE NOT TOLD3 different power spec. HP or KWSOLD WITH 3 ENGINES, AND LAST ONE IS DOHC AND INTERFERENCE AS 99% ARE, best is set #1 firing TDC and replace belt and not move cam or crank, win./!! do so on all engines and win, no bent valves ever.1: set TDC 1 firing. 0 degress2; off the tensioner (linear rod type)3: off the belt4: preload he tension'er use a nail.5: remount the tension'er belt onpull the nail above.and so on, reverse of dismantle.
7/16/2022 6:11:46 PM • Mitsubishi Cars... • Answered on Jul 16, 2022

Hi there I have a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander and my cigarette lighter port and 12v under arm rest both don't work. Also the mirrors only go down and left not up or right help?

Question edited for clarity, MAKER. Question moved to Category. Check Fuse 7.

Fuse Box Diagram Mitsubishi Outlander (2014-2019..) > mitsubishi > mitsubishi-outlander... 2017, 2018, 2019 - The fuse box is located in the instrument panel (on the driver's side) to the left of the steering wheel, behind the cover. A - Main fuse .. Your mirror isn't quite so easy. It needs the switch tested, and it could also be the servo motors that control movement.
7/13/2022 2:37:10 AM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 13, 2022
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