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It is a few decades since I encountered a front wheel drive vehicle with the classic inner and outer bearing configuration due to their short lifespan unless designed to be expensive to manufacture.

Most 2 and 4 wheel drive non-commercial vehicle front wheel bearings use a single bearing assembly due to the increased reliability and more economic manufacturing and assembly cost.

It is necessary to remove the hub assembly from the vehicle in order to replace the bearing, which is fairly straightforward, apart from the usual corroded nuts and bolts considering the age of the vehicle. The big problem is the combined heat of a failing wheel bearing and the age usually mean removing the old bearing is anything but straightforward and while an experienced home mechanic should with a little luck be able to complete the work, the use of a workshop press is highly desirable.

There isn't the scope here to explain each step of replacing any bearing and while not wishing to insult you, if you have to ask the question, it means you are almost the last person who should be tackling such a task.

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When the oil level goes down - a lot and it isn't leaking out it must be being burned or otherwise disappearing through the exhaust.

That the oil consumption is high isn't unusual though it is unusual that consumption has been allowed to become so heavy without being repaired, perhaps that was a factor in the previous owner's decision to change his car.

Such a heavy oil consumption would usually cause blue or blue/grey exhaust smoke, though the driver is often among the last to notice it due to the slip stream dispersing it quickly. Try parking your car in a shaded place away from people and increasing the rpm to around 2500/3000 and hold it there for a minute or two...

Heavy soiling inside an engine, including a blocked crankcase breather system, can create conditions that cause high oil consumption but modern engines using modern oil rarely develop those conditions and that leaves oil going upwards bypassing the piston rings or the oil going downwards bypassing the valve stem oil seals - or both being the strongest possibilities.

Both of these are expensive to rectify but if piston rings are to blame the cure is an engine overhaul. Considerably less expensive but still eye-wateringly painful is valve stem seal replacement - and so a mechanic after a few tests would usually recommend this as a probable cure but no promises...

The bad news doesn't end there as high oil consumption usually damages the exhaust catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.

It should be possible for you to buy an oil additive to add to your engine oil. If a bottle of oil seal rejuvenator improves matters it would reinforce the possibility the valve seals are a culprit...

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did you reset full cutoff switch? this will be located in the rear of the vehicle in the wheel well behind the fabric. in some cases they are located underneath the drivers seat

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Buy filter and transmission pan gasket, (small bottle of Indian head)..
- unbolt the couple of dozen or so bolts the hold the tranny pan.
- leave about 6 bolts loose (2front, 2 middle, 2back
-get your used oil receptacle ( bigger the better)
- there's about 3qts of ATF on the pan you must drain carefully
- remove the 2 bolts left on the front so that your tilting the pan to drain the ATF
- Remove tranny pan and old gasket
- the fileter is just pressure press( check your shift solenoids for loose ground wires and cracks on the wires(
-remove filter and clean old gasket remains stuck on transmission and tranny pan
- try not gauging the transmission if you used a blade(I used a torch)
- press new filter on the pump pick up hole(reverse of removal)
- used the Indian head gasket shellac to help you keep the new gasket in place(put some of the bolts tru to aid you with lining the gasket
- hand tightened the pan bolts crisscross pattern, make sure it's even when it goes back
- TORQUE to specs, blah blah blah woop ti do, yuz freaking done
- refill the ATF about 3 qts
- let it rest cool down for like a hour, check your atf fluid cold and hot
- Not rocket science ( advisable to change transmission filter every 20k miles or after 4 oil chages) depending on the manufacturer. Good luck...

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Perhaps the left caliper needs attention or perhaps the edges of the pads are binding on wear ridges at the edge of the rotor, perhaps the pads are tight in the carrier or perhaps the footbrake isn't returning enough to produce a clearance between the master cylinder piston and booster pushrod.

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Check with your Autoparts and see if they have a pully that replaces the A/C compressor

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Almost all modern vehicles have O2 sensors fitted to the exhaust system. Have you had the vehicle scanned with a diagnostic system or an OBD2 scanner to see which O2 sensor is faulty?
How many sensors that they fit depends on what type of engine is fitted. V6's and V8's usually have more than in-line engines do. Yours is an in-line 4 cylinder so
there will be 2 on yours.
They will be positioned before and after the catalytic converter, (sometimes called a Cat). The first will be either in the exhaust manifold or in the first short section of the exhaust. The second will be underneath the vehicle after the bulge of the Cat.
The photo is not your vehicle but is a guide to show you what your looking for.

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You can get the entire service manual from kiatechinfo dot com. IT is not free.

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Once you have an initial response, hopefully an answer, you can provide further information or questions using the comments facility.

You didn't mention whether there is a spark or not?
I suggest you check in the vehicle handbook about the way the immobiliser is armed/disarmed to ensure it is being disarmed and if so it could be overheating has damaged wiring or cam and/or crank sensor.

A decent scanner should provide fault codes and even live data at cranking speed.

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I am not familiar with the model but often in engine design the top face of the fitted timing case becomes part of the cylinder block top face the cylinder head is fitted to.

The timing case will usually have a couple of dowels to locate it and maintain it's properly centralised position of the crankshaft oil seal.

Sometimes there are bolts through the head into the timing case and often not but even without bolts the pressure of the cylinder head against the dowelled cover plus the natural adhesive qualities of the gaskets usually mean the case will be difficult to remove and once removed, if this is the design of your engine, refitting is equally difficult with the head fitted and often results in an annoying oil leak or three...

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1. Remove stereo from I/P
2. Disassemble stereo to gain access to CD drive, then remove stuck CD (without damaging player)
3. Reassemble stereo
4. Reinstall stereo in I/P
5. Test operation

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Tuning and setting of air and fuel ratio are crucial to mileage. Another thing is brake adjustments. If brakes are partially getting applied due to faulty adjustments even if you have not applied it, then it could be a reason for high fuel consumption.

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Look at the low-pressure line and see if has condensation...if you don't see condensation it could be low in refrigerant...make sure the compressor is turning on first

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It is possible that you put belt in wrong position and it may be off by 1 or 2 teeth

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Check the starter relay it's on the left strut tower remove it and check for corrosion also feel to make sure it clicks each time the ignition switch is turned if not swap it with another relay with the same number, the next place to check is the pink wire between the starter and the relay box. If this vehicle has a theft deterrent system check those fuses, there's also a "start" fuse in the under dash fuse block check it for corrosion.

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If it is the interior mirror and it is bonded to the screen, there is a variety of bonding methods available and some are more permanent than others. Following the instructions exactly is paramount especially the preparation and choosing the right weather is also important as any condensation will spoil the bond, even from breathing on the cleaned area.

Having the windscreen shop do the job is best but if you must do the job yourself, choose the best adhesive available. The ultraviolet cure type from Kent Chemicals is very good as are the increasing number of copies.

Bonding a flat metal surface to glass is difficult as most of the adhesive is expelled from the joint when the parts are pressed together and one clever kit uses an interleaf of a black net-like fabric.
My father once successfully used a tissue paper interleaf.

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