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this warning can be flagged by lots of reasons you really need to get the fault codes out of the engine control module but the common causes i have found after working on these cars for a few years are air leaks after the mass air flow sensor, sticking throttle butterfly in the throttle body, the throttle itself, lamda sensors, and knock sensors, and because the temp gauge does not give you a true temp reading the engine could be overheating the clue to that is the rad fan always running

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sounds like a abs sensor has gone down or a common problem is the link leads on the front going open circuit it would be helpfull if you get someone to get the fault codes from the abs module, you can check the link leads and the sensors using a ohmmeter i think the sensor resistance should be about 1100 ohms.

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get a rebuilt or used transmission. Jaguar says you don't have to change trans fluid because it should last the "life of the trans" which means it will die just like everything else. Fluid change will do no good. I just went thru this.

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sounds like your engine is the old v8 with nicosyl coated cylinders they wear badly due to high sulphur content in fuel which eats away at the cylinder walls they lose compression and swithed off or stalled when cold and it wont restart. later engines had cast iron liners check your engine no., to see if thats your problem. have changed up to 4 engines a week a few years ago because of this issue.

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check for fault codes in ecm at a guess knowing this model well it will have logged a code for heated oxy sensor faults sometimes you clear the codes and they dont come back.if the light comes back then one or more sensors are faulty more than likely open cicuit heater element in the sensors there are 2 or 4 sensors on that engine depending on market spec. the norm is 4 you can compare the sensors with a multimeter to locate the faulty ones ideally you need a wiring diagram to do this. genuine jaguar ones are expensive i have changed all 4 in the past to cure this problem at a cost off over 1000 pounds the other likley causes are throttle body problems and air leaks but you normally get restricted performance warning showing hope this helps been a jag tech for almost 50years

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P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem

P0125 Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control; ECT Excessive Time to Closed Loop Fuel Control

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Take it to the dealer or ask a local old school mechanic to do it ,this is not a home owner type job and anyway it shouldnt need cleaning unless the engine breather pipes are caked up with carbon from not having regular oil changes ,cheapest oil and change often say 6000 miles with oiul filter every third oil change ,its only a car at the end of the day i know because i have one a XJ6 4.00

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Try to use a good quality "Foam Cleaner" - don't use too much - ; it might be due to dust or dirt. Leave if for a few minutes, and then tap gently on the ashtray cover. Repeat the process if needed, then wipe clean. This may solve the problem, as I had a similar case two days back but with the ashtray of one of the rear doors on my 1999 XJ8.. and this solved it.. also I used same trick to make the top of the ashtray compartment in the center console opens more freely.

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dose it say random miss fire ?? what is the code?

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There is no way of knowing. It is possible that the seal that was used to replace the original was not quite correct for some reason. Really ya just don't know.

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coolant level switches are always on or near the top of the rezervoir.

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you need flywheel locking tool fits underneath car in place of crank sensor and locking bars to go over cams availiable from spx tools

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You will need to have the car towed to a Jaguar dealer to fix it.

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universal joint bad or rear end bearing no car make model

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in what manner do you mean multi plug.
if its for the diagnostics it is on the left side just about knee height drivers side foot well. it looks like you plug a scart lead into it. this is in uk modles

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Lean report from right side bank #1 oxygen sensor

Replace both sides upstream sensors if over 100,000 miles

They slow down & set a mil lamp

Leave the rear monitors

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No they air pump is not necessary to start the car. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mb Star C3

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it is located on the end of the brake pedal ,and it is hold in place with a clip

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Check fluid level first if fluid full your having first sign of trans failure

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