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Sounds to me like you've got a cooling fan problem. Possibly even a sensor or a loose/broken wire. Try turning on the A/C and if it cools down that may be your problem.

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What year is it. They went from vacuum controlled, to cable controlled, to electric.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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You need to seek help in the future on that Jag owners Forum, Jags are not a main stream car here in the USA, so knowledge of this rare type of inquiry is very limited.

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problem sound like a vacuum leak
check all hoses including vent control, transmission actuator and brake booster, loose manifold
if it is happening more when you have your foot on the brake pedal, the problem can be a problem brake booster

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Yeah They unplugged it. Inside the dash. Used car dealerships do this. They don't want you to know the true mileage. That's my first guess. The other is a chip died inside of it. I worked there. I refused to do it and show someone how to do it. I tell all my employers.. Don't send the customer to me, I will not lie for you.

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There are several solenoid valves on that transmission. But generally you remove the oil pan, drain the fluid, remove the valve body and then swap out the solenoids. Not usually a DIY project.

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You can use one of the plugs that go into the power point/cigarette lighter. Cut the end off add wire to reach a good 12 volt battery. Plug it in. This should give you power to open the boot with the switch.

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Good to know that once in a great while we actually help? LOL

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well cobber swear at it in urdo or similar ,then order a new steering lock from uk where its cheaper like david will need to cut the old one off which is great fun,has some joker tried to nick the wheels ? give it a drop of engine oil down the hole and let it soak in and see what happens but it could have a tumbler inside the lock worn giving it the eabygibies

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Sorry that we do not have. Ask the dealer to print you a picture from a part illustration program they all have.

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Replace the wire at pin 44 to where ever it goes to. With key on it should be 12+ volts. engine running should be the voltage alternator puts out. If the PCM supplies the 12 volts, then pull the connector and look for corrosion. White to greenish color. If OK, I would cut the wire a few inches from the connector and check voltage. If it went up, replace the wire, if not the corrosion could be in the PCM. I take them apart and clean them also. Use brake clean.

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Remove screws then lift it out

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the drive gear in the sunroof motor may have worn teeth, may need new motor

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I assume the car would not start, that was the reason for charging the battery in the first place? Most modern battery chargers have a circuit that as the battery "fills up", drop the amperage to maintenance level or 2 amps. Pull the battery and have it checked. I would also have the alternator checked. It may not be working wright.

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You have a fuel cut off safety switch . Verify it is on and if it is, go to your relays and fuses.

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Hi there my name is Brandon Im a electronic n mechanical engineering technician Im not a regular mechanic I fix what regular mechanic cant or don't know what is wrong but I will be more than happy to help you out I need more information to be able to be 100percent but I will bet you that you have a blown head gasket that asnt blown all the way or it could be a creak some were!!! Pull the oil plug n drain the oil in to a super clean dish n tell me what it looks like I am going to give you my personal email address n I want you to send me the pics of what it looks like but how much water are you losen n how much running can you do before you have to fill again I will also tell you a way you can check for a hole anywhere!!! Is warm water dish soap in a spray bottle n just becarefull only spray the Rad.... stuff be sure that you don't just go crazy with the water it has to have a full Rad.... n the car is on n running n is at running temperature

BTW please not to sound rude bout it but I need the make, model, year and motor when you email me its so I can help you better bc I work on everything that got wheels lol!!!! N please if you need anything else like help with testing or have ?s ,bout anything!!! I been ask allot of crazy things B-)

P.S when you email me I am running my shop so if it takes me a few to email back I promise you that will A.S.A.P I at least check it Evey hour, n please tell me the problems when you email me

God bless you,
thank you
Your engineering technician
([email protected] )

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If goes dead while driving not charging possible bad alternator. If goes dead regardless of driving probably a power drain somewhere. Easy way to test alternator is test battery voltage with a multimeter and make sure at least 12.5. Start car check voltage again and see what it is shot be around 14. If not alternator is most likely bad.

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Test dont show basicstuf like fuelpump or ignition wear

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