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Quite a lot of cars have automatically locking doors - when the car reaches around 15 mph the doors lock or a minute after the ignition key has been removed. Other than these times the system must receive a lock doors command either from the plip or by using the key to lock the driver door and sometimes the front passenger door.

You didn't say whether the problem was happening while the car is moving or when stationary but that aside, when a command to lock the doors has been received the system will attempt to comply but if it can't comply it will often make subsequent attempts and sometimes it will keep attempting to lock the doors.

Usually the reason it can't comply with the command is because a door isn't fully closed or the system thinks a door or the tailgate isn't fully closed because at least one of the devices in each door that should tell the system all the doors are closed isn't working.

That device on some cars is a switch buried in the door catch that is operated when the door striker is fully engaged in the catch. Often maladjustment and a lack of lubrication causes an abnormally high degree of wear in the catch and especially of the striker preventing the striker fully entering the catch and operating the switch.

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How to Program Hyundai Lock Remotes
  1. Enter your Hyundai and remove the panels around your steering column dashboard. ...
  2. Connect your jumper wires to the 4 and 7 terminals in the connector.
  3. Press and hold either the Lock or Unlock button on your remote, and hold the button until the LED light on the remote flashes.
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try the brakelight switch, it is right near the pedal above the footpad

2006 Hyundai... | Answered on Oct 15, 2020

On a 3.8L the firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6, Distributorless ignition system.

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Hyundai released a technical information bulletin regarding P2106 and that should be addressed first, if you can find it.

When the check engine light is switched on it means the closed loop system is switched off and the engine is running on the get-you-home programme.

The codes you are reading are manufacturer specific and better results are usually obtained using dealer level diagnostic equipment.

Sometimes the codes don't clear themselves after a repair. If the codes aren't erased the brain assumes the faults still exist. Throwing a new part at a problem before knowing the part is faulty is expensive, especially when the code could be caused by poor connections or wiring problems.

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I had exact problem Santa Fe 2007 2008 lock was stuck in locked position and door would not open from inside or out. All other doors would unlock with auto key remote. Carefully work the inside lock towards the open position as you lock and unlock the door with the remote. As you press unlock try to assist the lock to open. I did this a few times and the lock became free to the open position and all worked perfectly after this.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Oct 04, 2020

why wont Hyundai fix it
you should get close to 200,000klms from a clutch my car is on its second and its done 352,104klms
Hyundai should warrant there cars they do in Australia
the only reason they wouldn't is if the car has been misused or used in an aggressive meaner
replacing it your self may void your warranty

2006 Hyundai... | Answered on Oct 03, 2020

First of all, check for debris or something stuck on the Chanel's, if it moves you obviously got power +12 going to it, find the fuse and pull it out all the way down and then all the way up, to find your engine fuse box follow the +positive cable/wire from your battery, it will lead you to the fuse box, good luck..

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A common firing order for four cylinder engine is 1, 3, 4, 2. Number one is usually the cylinder nearest to the belts and pulley wheels on the end of the engine.

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Engine has hydraulic lifters. 1. Seals are wearing and oil is draining out while sitting. 2. oil is dirty and needs changed. 3. oil is low. 4. engine has sludge build up. Try "pass or don't pay" engine cleaner for smog test additive and follow cleaner directions.

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If u dont care about messing up the lock for a while u could use a flathead screwdriver and jam it in there and it would start u would have to buy a whole ignition switch with key for but that would work for a while it's a start until u can get ur key

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Not sure exactly what eagle eye headlamps are.

Not sure about the adjustment on your car but manufacturers have become increasingly devious with placing their adjusters out of sight - many are accessed with an Allen key through holes in the bonnet catch rail and some are thoughtfully provided with thumb wheels though only contortionists can reach them. My friend has an 03 Citroen and his headlamps are supposed to adjust automatically once the correct alignment has been set using diagnostic equipment...

Hyundai Cars &... | Answered on Sep 20, 2020

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you need a philips screwdriver and a flashlight, and a telescoping magnet is recommended.

the best way to do this would be to empty your trunk, and lay in the trunk on your back with your legs hanging out and your flashlight pointed up at your work.
inside the trunk directly under the stoplamp you should see a connector, disconnect that and you should see a philips screw. remove the screw.
this part is a little tricky, shine the light up and to the left so that you can see the fastener that holds the bulb into the lamp. take your screwdriver, and place the tip on the flat part that sticks off of the bulb socket and press, so that you can turn it. once the socket is released, remove the bulb socket & bulb with its wire completely.
next, about 2-3 inches to the left of the rectangle where you removed the bulb & socket you should see a hole that is covered with a black foam. remove the foam from the hole, look straight up and you will see another philips screw. remove it, i recommend using a magnet to pull it from its hole after you've loosened it almost all the way, but whatever you do, do NOT do NOT drop that screw. it is almost impossible to retrieve and if you dont, it will rattle.
once you have both screws removed, get out of the trunk and go into the backseat and lift the 3rd brakelamp assembly off of the package tray; it may need a little negotiation, but be patient, it will come out.
once you have the stoplamp assembly out of the car, take the bulb socket, it should have a long flat tip at the bottom. take a pair of dikes and cut that tip completely off. replace the bulb, and install the bulb & socket into the lamp assembly, and re-install the lamp from inside the car, slowly and carefully slding it back into place. (hint, the more of the flat tip that you cut off, the easier it will slide into place).

once the lamp is back in place, hook up the connector, and re-install the screws, and you're done.

2006 Hyundai... | Answered on Sep 17, 2020

P0171 means it is running lean. Look for a vacuum leak around the manifold. Probably a bad vacuum line. If you spray around the manifold with a water bottle you may hear the sucking noise as the air sucks the water in.

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