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most relays are located in fuse box, some cars have more than 1 fuse box in them.

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There's a website that has all this information about all this and manuals everything totally free there are many actually but I personally like few .. let me know if u need help

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When your trying to get help for a pickup you need to list the year, make, model, sub model, engine & 2 or 4 wheel drive? Without knowing if it is 2 or 4 wheel and what engine I'd just be guessing.
On some models the backup light it combined with the Nuteral Saftey Switch on the side of the transmission. There is a pink wire that runs from the switch to the back bumper. It's only Hot when the key is on and in Neutral. Since I'm guessing I hope this helped you?

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Did you check the fuses? That is the first thing I would do. The fuse are usually marked small on the board where they plug in but some are marked on the back side of the fuse box lid.

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Mite check your EMC we had a similar situation with our Ford f250 1993 it wouldn't spark
Lots of codes going off.
I would try resetting the brain and if you have no spark and a lot of codes that's probably it.
Resetting the brain. Is easy.
Unhook both termamals on your battery.
Turn on both high lights and or radio for about
5 - 10 minutes, turn your key on and off quickly
Without trying to start motor. Then re hook
Both terminals and we do the process
Turn the key on and off three times without
Starting the motor. See if that helps if after this still no spark you probably can jump it and get the codes red at auto zone or orreillys
They have ECMS reconditioned ones at either
Store not to expensive .. I hope this helps.

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Natalie, our 4.2 engine only likes 1 sparkplug. AC Delco 41-103. This Iridium plug comes pre-gapped, to near the specs Mike posted. Don't try and gap these particular plugs yourself, easy to ruin them.

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there should be a panel on the inside side of the tailgate with screws, remove panel to gain access to the latch assembly u have a rode off or bent

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There's not a lot to go on here but there are several things that cause this. Usually this will be caused by a wheel or tyre problem and to confirm this I would swap the two front wheels over and see if the wobble transfers to the other side. If it does jack up the side with the wobble and spin the wheel to see if the wheel and tyre run true, by this I mean the wheel and tyre don't show signs of buckling. If tyre is distorted but not the wheel buy a new tyre. If the wheel is distorted buy a replacement wheel and probably a new tyre. If neither tyre nor wheel are distorted and the tyre has plenty of tread left, take the wheel to a tyre distributor and have it rebalanced. If when you swapped the wheels around the wobble remained on the same side then there is probably something wrong with the steering or suspension components. With the wheel off the ground and the ca? secured on axle stands have an assistant pull the wheel around while you look for play in the joints and the wheel bearing. Worn components need replacement. Out of all the problems I have highlighted here, the wheel balancing is the most likely cause of your issues.

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Usually corrosion in the bulb connector.

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More then likely it's the VSS - vehicle speed sensor .

DTC P0503
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit Intermittent

Circuit Description
The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) assembly provides vehicle speed information to the powertrain control module (PCM). The VSS assembly is a permanent magnet generator. The VSS produces an AC voltage as rotor teeth on the output shaft of the transmission, 2WD, or transfer case, 4WD/AWD, pass through the sensor's magnetic field. The AC voltage level and the number of pulses increase as the speed of the vehicle increases. The PCM converts the pulsing voltage to vehicle speed. The PCM uses the vehicle speed signal to determine shift timing and torque converter clutch (TCC) scheduling.
When the PCM detects an unrealistically large drop in vehicle speed, then DTC P0503 sets. DTC P0503 is a type B DTC.

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Some fixya user told me a website reliable-store it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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This scenario could be something as simple as just the exhaust vibrating at a certain time or engine speed and vehicle speed not matching at a point and then the exhaust vibrates against the underside of the floorboard because it is so close to the floor.

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You will need to take it to a parts store like NAPA and see if they will read the tcm (transmission control module) for codes, if all else fails then take it to a transmission shop and ask if they can scan it for codes and check the functionality of the tow haul button if it is not functioning, it could be just a broken wire from flexing at the base of the shifter.

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10 hrs plus .2 if you have an A.I.R pump + .2 if you have cruise control, .5 if you have AC, .3 if you have power steering

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I don't know the answer but I do know, after 30 years the factory times aren't going to mean much - there is going to be more cleaning, more inspection and checking, in fact more of everything.

The head mating face(s) will probably need machining and it would be foolish not to take a look at the valves while the heads are off.

Best value is found with such jobs when the owner isn't asking the price too much. You want a job where you only throw money at it once and that means doing what needs doing and doing it well - for that you need an old-school mechanic you can trust; somebody who will not just assemble the top end of your engine but somebody who will build it, paying attention to the smallest detail...

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try opening google and type in what you need or looking for,

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who ever told you about diesels only have block heaters lied to you any vehicle can have a block /battery heater as an option or aftermarket yes will help look up in manual under -engine coolant heater --its an option since you didnt advise year here is 200 and a 2007

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