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Any number of connections or components may be wet . Make sure the air filter is dry . Unplug connections and spray a spurt of WD-40 on them and plug them back while listening for the click of a good connection .

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The wire runs from the back of the radio through the side frame rails inside the car under the plastic covers by the doors on the floor into the trunk and is inside the quaternary panel where the antenna is and is a push in connector

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in trunk behind right rear wheel well area

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No you have an electronic pressure control and other switches what is the problem your vehicle is having? Go to rockauto.Com and look up your vehicle then go to automatic transmission and you'll find all the switches and solenoid valves

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Clean out the throttle body with fuel injection cleaner then check your vacuum lines if all are good then you should have codes set your check engine light should be on verify that the check engine light bulb is not burned out turn the key to the on position you should see all the dash lights //oil//battery//check engine light if you don't see it the bulb is blown out and if all other things I mentioned are done and the problem is still there either your throttle position sensor is bad or your idle air control valve but I would go to the throttle position sensor first because your car is now 17-18 years old by the door sticker date and if you don't know the repair history because it's a used car check that sensor first if you can get a code scanner from someone/ loaner from autozone you will no for sure

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It is possible that the ASD (Auto Shut Down Relay) has gone bad. The ASD provides signal/power to the fuel pump and to the engine coils. It is usually located in the fuse box under the hood. The fuse box cover should indicate it's location. The ASD is often a square relay and there may other such relays that look the same and have the same configuration of pins in the fuse box. If so, one may be the horn relay. Often relocating one of the other nonessential relays (horn relay) to the ASD position will allow the engine to start. If so, replace the old ASD relay.

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Hey Dave that tire pump might have burned the lighter inside contact look into the lighter the center is the positive and it should be clean look ing you can use a pencil eraser to clean it off if you use anything else you must disconnect the battery also vacuum it out after the eraser to get the rubber and abrasives in the eraser you could use light sand paper to also its possible that the connections on the other side got hot and became loose thoroughly inspect it also are you using a continuity tester/volt meter to check the fuses I believe it's #29 for the lighter it's a 20 amp fuse do you also have a PowerPoint socket in your car the lighter should work there and other things with an adapter for the lighter a lot of times on an older car when you plug in something that makes it get hot but doesn't blow the fuse it fries the inside

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Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable, wait 15 minutes then reconnect. If the problem is fixed the light should be out when you restart the vehicle. If this doesn't work you may need a scan tool to clear the codes. Some parts stores have scan tools and will help 6iu out free of charge.

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ok so when you press a separate button for the others do you feel a click and the button stays in till you press it again and it comes out but when your driver button is pushed in it just come out and doesn't stay in the switch is broken inside and the lock isn't engaging inside holding the button in /or is it that the switch stays illuminated showing its on but no heat from the seat element if that's the case you have to get under the seat cover to the element and possible clean the plug and connector corrosion can get in there from moisture or that element has failed ok

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Check the obvious things first. Any coolant leaking? My water pump failed, and was leaking from a little hole in the pump. Check all hoses, radiator, heater etc for wear/cracks/holes. Next the thermostat, it's a cheap part that often fails. (take it out, drop it in a cup of boiling water, if it opens it is working)
Is the fan working? Should be on when the car is very hot, (example sitting at the lights with no air flow) if not I'd try disconnecting it, and run wires to the battery. If that works, you know the fan is good, and the problem is a fuse, or the temp sensor, or worse.
Always use coolant not tap water, (except in emergency) as corrosion can form and damage your engine.
If it's really hot ?? it could be a head gasket, cracked or warped head. (check for steam coming from your exhaust) and coolant loss.
Get it fixed ASAP, because thermostats, hoses, and water pumps, and fuses and fans, are much cheaper and easier to replace and repair, than your engine.
Good luck.
PS, check your oil for water (grey not black or brown), and oil in the coolant, both signs of bad head gasket, or cracked /warped head.

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You can google your question or answer.
About 587,000 results (0.67 seconds)

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There may be intermittent failure of the battery supply line that feeds the clock.

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you can get guide from many sites.. i know few
error codes/ fault codes, wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams, torque specs, engine info, switches functioning, assemble, disassembly, complete refurbish, repair, installation every single thing is covered
within seconds u can get the access and it's totally illustrative complete

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