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Google it/utube its there

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Has any work been done under the dash. Sounds like you have wire grounded to radio or something else the fuse sends power to.
Maybe you could unhook hot wire to radio. if fuse blows again you know it is not the radio.

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You mention that it acts like it jumped time. By that do you mean that every few revolutions it sputters like it's thinking about starting, but fails to actually run? Have you checked to confirm you're getting fuel? Have you confirmed you're getting good spark? Have you double-checked all vacuum lines and electrical connections to make sure all the appropriate sensors are plugged in? Do you have a scan tool with datastream mode so you can make sure sensor readings are reasonable? Do you have all the intake air tubing properly installed and secure? I'm not sure if the '99 Neon uses a MAF sensor, but if so, having that unplugged or having some of the intake air tubing not tight or with a hole somewhere can cause the symptom you describe as well.

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My 2 experiences with limp mode was on a 93' Chevy. 1 time was the ecm, but it didn't reset until I replaced the ecm. The other time was the main electrical plug that comes from the ecm. The largest electrical plug on the trans. I unplugged it and there was trans fluid inside the plug on the 16 pins that connect the external wire Barnes to the internal wire harness of the trans. This required a new harness inside of the trans and replacing the external harness near the trans. Not an easy fix and may not be your issue, but this issue would "come and go". Fluid would short out the communication at the pins.

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check vaccum lines. inspect throttle cable and spring. if cable is warren can stop it from releasing all the way

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indicates that the cam servo/solenoid is faulty and is not maintaining the correct valve timing for the rpm
if the valve timing is out from a skipped tooth it would be rough from the start , not run fine until it warms up

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code p 0340 refers to cam shaft (CMP)sensor A bank 1---circuit malfunction===causes --wiring---CMP sensor ---ECM
indications are faulty harness connections , faulty wiring (stopping the starting indications ) and lastly replace the sensor

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Does the cooling fan come on ? Not the thermostat . Sitting still no air movement through the radiator ,when you drive air flows through the radiator. I would be looking at a problem with the cooling fan . Relay maybe, fan motor etc...

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Not sure what the fuse light means, but you can localize the vacuum leak by going around the intake manifold and plugging off any ports. For example, the purge line can be taken off. Put your finger over the port to see if the engine idles down. If yes, trace the purge line back to the solenoid valve to find the leak. Similarly, you can remove the brake booster line and plug that port. If plugging the ports does not bring the idle down, next check the gaskets. Try spraying some carb cleaner on the gaskets while ybe engine idles. If the speed changes, uou have a gasket leak.

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don't waste your money and time just go to the link given and relax

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U are on the correct rack suspecting a clogged oil screen or a pump that is below average at low engine speeds.

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faulty ignition relay staying stuck on and not opening when there is no power from the ignition switch

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attach a fuel pressure gauge into the fuel manifold or line from the pump

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There is voltage on all three wires because there is no ground, check with engine cranking. The two wires that go to computer are grounds for coils. You could probably use a noid lite to check for pulse, engine cranking. That should be safe, between primary voltage and one of the grounds. There several ways to visually check for a pulse. If your digital multimeter has a min/max setting, that should work. You could use an l.e.d. but you would have to use resistor.
You changed computer, was it new?

ignition coil-5iatbqqw4bcw3fkj1yoi3lr2-1-0.jpg

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main sensor was out ..or the brain or whatever its called It's called the PCM - powertrain control module - engine computer . Check the code yourself -easy on dodge ,chrysler ,jeep vehicle's .Don't need a scan tool . Put the key in the ignition , turn it on then off ,then on , then off ,then on an leave it on .Look at the odometer ,It will show P codes . Your problem could be caused by a number of different thing's sensors the control module ,electrical problem ,relays that are shorted when warmed up.
no one seems to be able to tell me what is wrong ??????? Who is no one ?Try the dealer if you have not done so.

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Lock the car and then pull each door to see which one is setting the alarm. Once you know which door it is, find the switch in the door jam that operates the dome light. If the switch is adjustable, adjust it out a bit until pulling on the door no longer lights the dome light or sets off the alarm. If it's not adjustable, perhaps you need more body work to fix it. Another option is to disable the switch by removing it, disconnecting the wire, taping the wire, and letting it go inside the body.


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