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Serpentine belt

mine only has 34kms, the belts cracked, its only 19.00$
8/16/2022 10:27:00 AM • 2003 Chevrolet... • Answered 16 hours ago

2007 Chevy Uplander with no codes, service traction control and service stability system messages. It also tells me that the traction control is off. This vehicle doesn't have traction control.

Question edited to add Maker. Question move to year make model category. For strange error messages like that you need an auto-electrician with a pro grade scan tool computer to find out which is the modules and sensors has failed and is reporting wrongly. A standard code reader isn't bi-directional and can't do this. If the vehicle is driving fine, you can just ignore it. ..
8/15/2022 8:30:10 PM • 2007 Chevrolet... • Answered Yesterday

Had a solution posted on

You have to count the flashes. It repeats each code three times. Those flashes are the number codes. All of the codes are two digits. One flash is '1', then short pause and two flashes would be '2'. Since the codes are two digits that is a code '12' and it repeats that code two more times and then starts with the next stored code. It always starts with a code '12' to let you know it is in diagnostic mode and the last code is always '12' to let you know it is done flashing codes.
8/15/2022 12:46:40 AM • 1991 Chevrolet... • Answered 2 days ago

87 chevy s10 blazer cranks but wont start no spray injectors getting power to fuel pump fuel relay fuel injectors icm starts with starting fluid spraying in tbi

Need to connect a fuel pressure gauge and see if you are getting sufficient pressure to the tbi
8/14/2022 10:21:35 AM • 1987 Chevrolet... • Answered 2 days ago

I have a 2003 silverado with aftermarket remote starter FCC ID:MYKTX... and the remote start is not working. Where can I find an owners manual.

from the maker, ask them only and even ask for upgrades. and they are dangerous devices. even ******* in some states. never use one parked inside a garage. CO the silent killler, etc. the good ones (and oxymoron) have lots of inputs now that make it go dead. even door locks and more, OEM RS , blocks for huge list of things even any DTC errors from any computer in the car takes it off line, <<<<< see what OEM did very telling that.
8/12/2022 8:19:00 PM • Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

How do I separate motor from standard transmission on 1991 Chevy Silverado
8/12/2022 8:18:54 PM • Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

I have a 1996 Chevy Silverado c3500 with 7.4 it is running -18 long term fuel trim both banks and -8 short term both banks goes to -25 it and-10 st when rpm increases to 3000 possibly causes

o2 sensors bad, -5 is par, -25 means super rich and removing this much fuel. are you sure 55psi is right for all states>? keyon 3 times pressue cranking pressure if engine dead. idle PSI pressure will be lowest due to huge plenum vacuum below TV. and gunning engine hard will make PSI RISE to a;most key on PSI the FPR had 4 tests not just 1. exhaust leaks near B1s1 B2S1 will make huge rich running engine,.
8/12/2022 8:10:37 PM • Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

2005 Chevy Silverado 4.3 not getting any power to my ignition coil.

Question edited for clarity, full year make model. Question moved to model category. There is no white with a black stripe involved in the ignition circuit. If you grounded a wire that was live, you will have blown a fuse that feeds it. You can only get a FULL wiring diagram from a Service Manual. Test the fuses with a multimeter set to ohms without removing them using the the two contacts in the top of the fuses. Video show how. ..
8/12/2022 8:09:15 PM • 2005 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

How do I get my spare tire off of my 2008 chevy Silverado without and tire changing tools that come with the truck

ooops a daisy that is a tuffy, mine had a special tool get get to the part that allows it to drop go to chev, dealer buyone n parts department.
8/12/2022 7:26:20 PM • 2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

1999 Chevrolet Cavalier sedan - coolant is pouring out of the bottom. Can't find where it is leaking from. Replaced the thermostat.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the location of a leak when it is severe. The first thing to do is clean the affected area. For engine coolant, this can be done using water from a pitcher or garden hose. Next, slowly add more coolant to the radiator (only when the engine is cold) while watching for the leak to present. Note the general location of the leak whether it's the engine area or radiator area. Coolant leaks from the engine can originate from the water pump, gaskets or hoses. Coolant leaks from the radiator can come from the radiator or hoses. There are also coolant hoses that run to the bulkhead/firewall and coolant reservoir that could be leaking. In my experience the most common major coolant leak comes from a faulty water pump. When a water pump leaks it tends to get coolant on the serpentine belt which then slings everywhere! You can read more here:
8/12/2022 2:15:51 PM • Chevrolet Cars &... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

P0496 code on 2006 5.3 1500 silverado 4x4

For OBD code problems check the list of help links below. Click the link below to go through its procedure.

-------------- Diagnostic Code P2195?

-------------- Diagnostic code P1330?

------------ Diagnostic code P0700, P1330, P1121?

------------- shows error code P1330?

-------- OBD code P1330?

------------ OBD code P01300?

-------------- OBD code P0768?

------------ Evaporative Emissions System codes details? --------------- Engine Misfire codes?


Misfire on cylinder 4?

-------------- ABS trouble codes for all models?

------------ Diagnostic code P0010?

------------- Diagnostic Code P1396?

-------------- Code P0452?


OBD code P0172 on Buick?

------------- DTC Code P0321?


Error Code P0471?

------------- P0304 Error code?


OBDII scan is receiving NO BUS CODE?

----------- How to Clear OBD error Codes?

---------------- Diagnosis and Testing Car Components?

-------------- Diagnostic Trouble Codes list?

Part 1.

-------------- Diagnostic Trouble Codes list?

Part 2.------

------------ OBD Code is cleared but check engine light will not RESET?

-------------- Diagnostic Code 43 and 71?

------------------ Code P0132?

------------- P0031 code?

-------------- How to get diagnostic Code without OBD Scanner on Pre 1995 cars?

------------ OBD-II Trouble Code P0300?

------------- Getting diagnostic code P0016?

-------------- How to Read Codes from Check Engine Light?

------------- Diagnostic Code P0540 continues to return and the MIL light is on?

----------- DTC Trouble Code P0401?

----------------- Car misfires and error code P0306 and P0303 is shown?

------------- Diagnostic code P0463?

------------- Check engine light with codes P2195 and P2197?

------------ Diagnostic error code P0121,P0505,P1000,P2101,P2104, P2110,P2135,P2106?

-------------- P0174, P0037 and P2197?

----------- P0352 Obd code?

------------- Error code p0402?

--------- Obd Code P0763?

------- OBD code P0301, P0430 and P0174?

--------- OBD code P0500?


This will help. Thanks.

8/11/2022 4:26:11 AM • Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 11, 2022

2011 camaro automatic. It will start in neutral but unable to start in park. Also when running and put in gear it doesnt move. Anybody can shoot me in the rite direction please

I am pretty sure it has a console shifter, if so the shift lever has a switch on the bottom of the assembly it is out of adjustment even if the shift lever is on the column the neutral safety switch is out of adjustment in some cases I have seen the switch be bad but rare
8/11/2022 3:29:33 AM • 2011 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 11, 2022

I have a 99 chevy s10 zr2 that will crank but wont start

8/10/2022 8:12:16 PM • 1999 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 10, 2022

1980 Chevrolet LUV Mikado pickup sputtering could be carb?

Just as an extra I would suggest you change the air filter as well as that is usually included when you change out the other filters. Most Automotive Carbs rarely fail and are less complicated than you think. They are built in such a way that they can be stripped and serviced if they become a problem. Get a Good Carburettor specialist to strip, clean, rebuild and reset the carb to see if that evens out the sputtering.
8/9/2022 7:41:40 AM • Chevrolet Cars &... • Answered on Aug 09, 2022

2010 chevrolet malibu 3.5L neutral safety switch location

hello Courtney ! short answer is PnP is inside, the box.3.5L on all 6box, I think its 4T45-e 2 engines, LZ4 AND LZE 3.5L OF 6 ENGINES. Automatic Transmission - 4T45-E IS IT. FWD AS PHOTO SHOW CLEARLY. 3.5L V6 VIN K Automaticgm parts dot come stateS. Malibu. 2.4l, 3.5l. 4 speed trans. G6. 2.4l. 2.66 ratio. Malibu, Malibu Maxx. 3.5l I will answer for 1 only this !! the TRS or PRNDL is in or on the transmission Or P/N switchCHEVY REAL NAME IS PnP switch English words are transmission range switch. all are the same thing, (in logic) but not form. IN THE OLDEN DAYS IT'S ON RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THE BOX A/T at shifter linkage. not now. is INSIDE the box. getting this error inside the transmission case.???? (PNP) Switch Circuit DTC?P0851 Park/Neutral Position (PNP) quote service manual on topic amazing what use the manual is. 1min work to find there. searched. The park/neutral position?(PNP) switch is integrated into the IMS and connects to the transmission control module?(TCM) lead-frame through a short wire harness. The circuit uses the TCM as a pass-through connector only. The Park/Neutral Signal is sent from the park/neutral switch directly to the engine control module?(ECM) and is used for engine start enable. The transmission manual shift shaft switch assembly, also known as the internal mode switch?(IMS), is a sliding contact switch attached to the manual shift shaft inside the transmission case.see 4Tbox (transaxle ) below, red circle bingo.As they say it is not your fathers Oldsmobile.



8/9/2022 12:24:40 AM • Chevrolet Cars &... • Answered on Aug 09, 2022

How to Recharge A/C on a 2001 Chevy Malibu

The low pressure port is located on the passenger side next to the fire wall. It will have a blue cap.
8/8/2022 7:04:38 PM • 2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 08, 2022
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