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Toshiba... | Answered 12 hours ago

after you update the BIOS

update the DVD firmare

update the driver for flash reader...i believed you have Texas instrument reader and they have update driver for xp and vista

after you update the driver ..check also the hardware update for custom update when you access windows update

Toshiba... | Answered Yesterday

  • The CMOS is, in basic terms, the part of the motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. To remove the BIOS password from your Toshiba laptop, your best option is to forcibly clear the CMOS.
    To clear the CMOS, you must remove the battery from your laptop and leave it out for at least 30 minutes to an hour. The way to remove the battery from your Toshiba will largely depend on the model. A common way to remove the battery--particularly with newer models--is to release the battery lock on the bottom of the laptop, while sliding the accompanying tab over to the side. This will pop the battery out from its tray so that you can then pull it out all of the way out.
    Before you remove the battery, turn off the laptop and remove the AC adapter. Otherwise, you could end up harming yourself or the laptop components. You must also ground yourself to prevent damaging the laptop with static electricity.
    After about a half an hour or more, return the battery back to its tray and lock it into place. Power on the laptop. The computericon1.png, ideally, should no longer ask you for a BIOS password.
    It's important to keep in mind that resetting the CMOS means that all of your BIOS settings will be reset to factory default. Also, sometimes you may need to leave out the battery for much longer than an hour to reset the password.
  • If resetting the CMOS doesn't work, then your next bet is to try using a backdoor password. A backdoor password is basically a password that manufacturers include with the BIOS so that technicians can access the computersicon1.png that people send in for repair. An example of a Toshiba backdoor password is, unsurprisingly, "Toshiba." When the BIOS prompts you to enter a password, entering "Toshiba" may allow you to access your PC and clear the old BIOS password. Another option is to hold the left "Shift" key down while booting.

Toshiba... | Answered 2 days ago

no screens posted (photos) of failure screen.
so there are 6 levels of passwords on PC, endless counting the www..PW
I cant guess what you see now.
you turn on the PC, and it shows bios admin, ?
shows bitlocker , hdd locked
is this windows PC, unstated,
is the windows login screen showing there, I can not see it.
is it? if yes, and only one login, there, then it needs hacking

Toshiba... | Answered 2 days ago

You can use for the disc that came with your laptop. Just inserted into the CD-ROM drive and follow the instructions.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 15, 2018

Toshiba Support > Satellite A45-S250 Notebook PC > Atheros 802.11 a/b/g WiFi driver with Cisco WPA support for Windows XP and 2000,

HOWEVER, it requires the Atheros Client Utility v2.4.2.18, to be installed. If it isn't installed on the laptop, this utility needs to be installed first. Then the Driver above.

If you need guidance in downloading, or installing please post in a Comment.


Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 15, 2018

How to Remove Replace and Install Your Toshiba Qosmio X505 Laptop Keyboard

1. View the back of your Toshiba X505 Keyboard. If the laptop keyboard has screw holes, then you now you need to remove screws from the bottom base of your plastic bezel. If the keyboard does not have any screw holes, then screws are usually not required to be removed from the bottom of the laptop.
2. Now that you have determined if screws are required to be removed from your Toshiba X505 laptop keyboard, we will now pry the keyboard out using a thin object. The first step is to view the top of the keyboard area, also known as the keyboard plastic bezel. If your keyboard has a plastic bezel above your keyboard, you will need to pry it out. If you don't have a plastic bezel above your keyboard, then you can take a think object. Place the thin object between your Toshiba X505 laptop keyboard and the plastic bezel, and pry out the keyboard.
3. Now that your Toshiba X505 keyboard has been removed your will need to disconnect the Toshiba X505 keyboard cable ribbon from the motherboard. There is usually pins connected to the Toshiba X505 motherboard that need to be pushed up/down. Once the keyboard connector cable has been removed from the Toshiba X505 laptop keyboard, remove the keyboard.
4. We will now install your new Toshiba X505 laptop keyboard.
5. Reconnect the Toshiba X505 keyboard to the motherboard. Insert the Toshiba X505 Keyboard back into the motherboard. Secure the pins and push the pins in. Once your keyboard is secured, you can now aligned the keyboard with the grooves. Push the keyboard down and in place. If there is a Toshiba X505 plastic keyboard bezel, place it back in place. Secure all your Toshiba X505 laptop screws back in place.
6. That's all, you just installed your replacement notebook keyboard!

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 10, 2018

no PC stated, just laptop tosh. (Vast models exist and age, age matters, 1 year old or 10 ?
no keyboard stated, of 4 possible types.
why not say ,
my built in laptop keyboard is dead.
does desktop usb keyboard work, try that.
I bet yes, it does, and you have stuck key.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

RTM yet, read the manual
or ask Toshiba this,
I guess you mean reset the unstated, OS back to day one new as toshiba had it?
right. the manual tells you to make recovery disk.
and my guess you never did day 1 new. that it?
if yes, then you get to buy windows again.
8 year old PC so says the the manual.
so is not w8 nor w10 there,
it seems W7, right?
so buy W7 and install it.
or try w10 for free for 30 days, see if it runs,w10 does not like PCs too old.

page 50 shows " how to recover to the out of the box experience"
day1, all your data gone, all your apps gone. RTM or ask at toshiba forum we are not toshiba at all, not even close.... ok?

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 08, 2018

all PC dead worked before and all fail sooner or later.
a fact.
The battery out , does it run on AC power only?

Toshiba Mini... | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

I dont know what department means
bios admin
bios users
windows login
or? what? on the web endless.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

no laptop stated, not even a clue.
just laptop. impossible to answer by anyone ,except at
hint they will ask you same question or get nowhere. fast.
here they are

we are not toshiba. ,

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

lx835, is what, ?
the all-in-one PC?
what OS is on it , windows what,

here im guessing your full model number not stated

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

is this bitlocker? locked. (hard drive encrypted locks)?
tell the full story, and screens seen.
if this is hdd encrypted , there is no fix. (new hdd only is cure)
that number in your post is Makers model number of a HDD.
screens matter.
what does the screen show?
you turn it on, what do you see, in sequence.
booting is serial sequence of events.
then you see windows (?) login. windows what?

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 04, 2018

The dog days of Summer. (hey they all ran before. a given)

Carbon dating this PC, (by me) shows it is now 15 years. old.
15 year old PCs' FOUND IN ATTIC. NO LESS.
1: THE COIN CELL IS DEAD. life is 5-7 years, not 15.
2: the big laptop battery is no good, just leave it out.
3: HDD do not last 15 years unless in the attic for 10 years? life span on LT HDD is 5.
4: old PCs have bad CCFL backlamps, bingo, yes.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 02, 2018

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