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Behind the right ( passenger ) kick panel . It is a fuse / relay / electronic control module all in one box .

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Those are 2 different problems. There is an electrical short from the dome light which would be draining your battery if its staying on all night. If the is also a miss from the motor u 1st have to find out what cylinder(s) are missing & then the cause. That can be clogged injectors, head gasket, emissions etc. .......... There are many possibilities for that. Have that one checked out. Good luck.

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Bad gauge , maybe !

Temperature Gauge
The PCM receives the engine coolant temperature status through hardwired circuitry to the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor. The instrument cluster receives the engine coolant temperature data from the PCM through the SCP communication network. The instrument cluster microprocessor monitors the engine coolant temperature data received from the PCM and commands the temperature gauge indication with a corresponding movement of the pointer.

At the dealer we would hook up factory scan tool an see what the PCM is seeing for coolant temp . then go into data stream of instrument cluster an see if it is receiving the same data . , Your best bet , take it to a ford dealer . Before you start replacing parts that don't fix the problem .

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the traction wheel is worn out. you may have too replace the torsion wheel.

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If anything fell apart it will be sitting in the bottom of the door & u will find it when the panel is removed. Can the rod be bent? Good luck

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take too shop, that rebuilt the tranny. see if they cant do a better job. they may tell you the problem. lol.

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the wrecker should know if it can be done? other-wise,talk too the service manager @ KIA and they will help you.

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The tighter the gap, the longer the dwell. Specific relationship depends on number of cylinders/spark plugs and manufacturer.

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change battery. read the car book, and follow instructions.

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Don't know if it is fixable. It may be a blown electrolytic capacitor or something more seriously wrong ?

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Try Googling (Duncan)(lt-3k)(manual) without parens.

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google it! the instructions are fairly easy too follow.

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call the manufacture, or go to where you bought it, and they will do it for you.

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Low refrigerant would make it inefficient but if it chills to 28° it can't be that bad. I think you have a control issue. The compressor runs when you reset to off & on, then chills until it satisfies the thermostat, then shuts off. But then is not starting again when the temperature rises. You'll need to follow the control wiring to see what contacts are open and not passing power to the compressor. Control wiring is typically 24v ac or 115v ac. There's also the possibility that the compressor is tripping out on overload at 28°. You effect a reset when you turn it off, then on.

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in excel ?
if each row has to be individually * 0.012 add a column and put in this column each row cell * 0.012. example new column G then g6=f6+f6*0.012
a screen print of what you are trying to do would give a clearer indication of exactly what you want to achieve ?

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Request instructions from the place of purchase

Furniture | Answered 41 minutes ago | 15 views

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