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Hello, Rob -

Saeco is a brand name of Philips.

This is the link to the Philips Australia web site:

On that web site you can choose the link for Support (near the top of the web page.)

Move your computer cursor down the drop down menu and left click on Service Centre Location.

In the drop down menu for service centres, left click on Household Products. Scroll down the drop down menu which appears to find repair centres in the Melbourne area. When you left click on a service centre business name, you will see a map showing where the repair centre is located.

Note: I am answering your question from the USA.

Saeco Coffee... | Answered on Jan 01, 2018

First, I'm Not a Saeco Representative, though I have worked on some Saeco machines.
** Most cases of one side not dispensing coffee is usually coffee that has dried and built up over time to coat the least used spout. This is caused by the machine not being flushed or cleaned daily.
** Follow the MFR's daily cleaning instructions to keep you unit operating properly.
** fill a glass up of water to the rim and place on drain tray. the water in the cup should be even with the glass lip all around the cup. If it's leaning to one side then your machine (or table it on) needs to be level in order for the spout to dispense evenly. Another way to check is to place 2 shot glasses under each spout and brew a double shot. Both should fill at the same time and be the same amount when finished.
** Check your MFR's kit to see if there is a small brush to allow for nozzle cleaning. Otherwise follow the cleaning instructions and do multiple cleanings to get rid of the coffee residue. Once cleaned you need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.
** There are no serviceable parts in these small home machines. Suggest contacting your vendor or Saeco for service or replacement.
Aloha! ukeboy57

Saeco Odea Giro... | Answered on Dec 21, 2017

Had two of those machines - very nice but now dated - one had done over 35,000 cups!.
While you may have turned it off, it may still be 'hot' as it get heated by the boilers below, if left on for a while.
Otherwise, its an electronic machine with its own little brain - that may well have "thrown a wobbly" and decided to ignore your menu changes.
If otherwise the machine is fine, you can always detach the power to the cup heater if you feel inclined to remove the top of the machine. UNPLUG then remove, water and coffee bean tanks (mind the screws), + two screws in front corners underneath top edge - lift gently off, watch the cappucino frother on left side - also chrome frother tube on front left. From memory two wires to heater - one earth, the other is power. Remove power wire, cover wires terminal with insulation tape thoroughly - reinstall bits in reverse order.

Saeco Royal... | Answered on Dec 20, 2017

This needs looking at by a Saeco repair shop - the brew unit travels in a distinct 'pathway' from being empty, to filled, to coffee being tamped, then to being emptied. Yours is obviously not working as intended.
It may be the brew unit needs lubricating ( NOT OIL) or it may be the gear system that drives the brew units movements that needs attention.

Saeco Vienna... | Answered on Dec 20, 2017

There may be a problem with either the pump or the tubes from pump to brew unit.. This is around a 15 bar pressure machine and water should be flowing as normal as long as the pump is working properly and the tubes from it are clear.
Check the outlet from the brew unit as old coffee oils etc can build up in places you can't normally see (or clean) without your knowledge.
Is the machine making the same 'vibrating' pumping sound when its pumping??. If not the pump, which is quite a simple thing may be 'gummed up' mechanically and it may be not the waterways - descaling should keep those clean if you use proper descaler..

Saeco Coffee... | Answered on Dec 20, 2017

Have you contacted the manufacturer thru their website? their tech support would be first place to ask what problem solution is .

Saeco Coffee... | Answered on Dec 20, 2017

Hi, First, I'm NOT an expert on this model but have worked a bit on SAECO super automatics. The one thing I've noticed is that they use a lot of sensors on their units. The water level probe which can be a magnetic float on or near the bottom of the water tank. This needs to 'float' in the upper position and may have got stuck in the lower position. Remove tank and empty it. Shake the empty tank up and down to see if this float moves freely. Check for anything that may have stuck inside the float area. Note; this should only have water in this container. No milk, sugar, syrup, honey, etc! You would be surprised what co-workers (or kids) will pour in there. Clean and refill with clean water and try again.
-2nd problem may be a water bubble in the pump and/or line. Turn off, unplug, and let cool for 5-10 mins. Plug in again and try to re-start.
-If you still can't get it to make coffee then I strongly suggest turning to your Vendor or the Saeco MFR. These units are like TV's now where they change out whole sections instead of individual components.
*Do not open up this type of unit as there really isn't anything that can be fixed by the customer or even the casual handyman.*

Saeco Caffe... | Answered on Dec 17, 2017

try letting vinager and water sit in it for a couple of hours then rinse

Saeco Easy... | Answered on Dec 16, 2017

Circuit breakers are there for one purpose only - to shut a machine down if its electrically faulty. They are there to protect you not annoy you.

Turning the breakers on or replacing them does not fix the problem, it only hides it as it will do it again next time.

Suggest you have the machine looked at by a Saeco tech - they will be able to see what is causing the machine to shut down - you can choose to repair or replace depending on repair cost and age of the unit.

Despite having 2 Saeco, and 4 Delonghi machines, I choose to use a Cafitaly capsule machine now - works every time, I refill the capsules too, so a cup costs me about 9c instead of the usual 30 -50c when capsules are in a 10 pack.

Saeco Coffee... | Answered on Dec 11, 2017

not sure if that model has an electronic or manual steam valve - if electronic, it may be leaking slightly. If manual, its either not being turned right off or it also has a leak which allows water to get past it... eg - a leaking tap.
Ring your Saeco dealer, explain whats going on - should noit be too much to have fixed.

Saeco Coffee... | Answered on Dec 11, 2017

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