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You'll need to remove the keyswitch itself & either take it to a locksmith to have a replacement cut from the barrel
replace the entire keyswitch with a compatible replacement unit.!

Razor Cycling | Answered on Mar 30, 2019

Either the cheap lead acid batteries are near dead (mostly due to improper maintainance (lead batteries are way too much trouble and lithium should be considered!)
There could be a loose or corroded connection - check on all your wiring, especially the ones to the motor.
Also where it goes into the motor is fragile and people bump that area and it rips the wire, there is a steel spring that surroiunds the wire/s and this sometimes shorts out because of the damaged cause from laying the bike on it's side. check these wires over and tug on the connector wires to find the weak connection. Also verify that your charger turns red indicating it is charging when attempting to charge the bike, if it stays green chances are a dead battery or BMS controller inside battery (Lithium only!)\
Most repairs are very simple if you take the time to check out the connectors and wiring, especially if you use it in bad weather, things get corroded from being wet and power shorts out then corrodes the wires and connectors.
Good to insulate them for the rain etc...
Think Im on the right track here, and i have many ebike because people dont know how to fix simple issues with a tester.

Razor MX500 Dirt... | Answered on Mar 24, 2019

you could have several different things wrong to cause this. Batteries not charged or can't charge due to bad one, bad motor, bad control module, or bad connection in wiring in one or more places. My grandson's mx650 worked fine for a dozen or so charge cycles but then started with intermediate starting problems. The power light was red and the full light would be green but switch to low amber light and back and forth on its own with no motor response when was on low amber light. He had been running it in wet conditions a couple of times and am sure that was what caused the problem which after taking the battery panels off and examining closely found what was wrong. This problem caused the intermediate starting and stopping and also would not let batteries charge right. I moved wiring while looking at the green light and amber light and found when touching the fuses connections is when lights would change. looked at all 3 30 amp fuses and 2 of them was burnt and pitted. You could see the ark in low light at the fuse when you operated the throttle, that turned out to be a good test to see what was wrong and what caused the fuses to become pitted. I sanded the fuses and clean since they were not blown and used dielectric grease in the connection and that seems to have fixed the problem. I also used the grease in some of the other connections for good luck. The bike charges now like is supposed to and the throttle lights are ok now, no more going from green to amber when wanting power. I would say the running in wet conditions is what started the problem and washing off the bike with a hose would do the same thing.

Razor MX650... | Answered on Feb 12, 2019

First try and see if those battery were dead and try a different kind. If that doesn't work notify the person you bought it from or the store about it and ask for a trade in.

Razor E100... | Answered on Jan 29, 2019

I think you are talking about an electric motor on your bike . If the motor is New you may have a bad throttle switch . You can use an ohm meter to check the throttle switch . Connect the two leads of the ohm meter to the wires of the throttle switch ( dissconected) . As you turn the throttle the ohm reading should coraspond to how much you turn it .

Razor MX500 Dirt... | Answered on Nov 09, 2018

I had this same issue with the Razor E100. I couldn't even remove the plastic cap it was so recessed. Here's what worked. The value comes from the factory very recessed in. It's so far in it's hard to remove the cap with your fingers. You'll need to get the value loosened up and pushed out a bit. You will do this from the other side of front wheel using the hole. The value can be manipulated slowly to stick out about an inch from the plastic wheel. It takes some time and patience. First, you’ll need to turn the scooter over and rest it on the handle bars and back of the deck. Put a towel or flatten box under it if working on a rough surface to protect the scooter. Then used the supplied Allen wrench or similar object by putting the long end of the wrench into thru the opening hole on the other side of the wheel. Wedge the edge/end of the wrench against the value from the other side of the wheel and push hard to loosen up the value. This takes some time. Do this on both sides of the value and also against the center of the value. It took me about 5 mins of careful pushing. Eventually you will be about the get the value to almost a right angle from the wheel and sticking out about and inch. Then remove the plastic cap. This will give you room to attach a bike pump. I actually had to push the value back in a bit once finished so the wheel could turn freely. It will work, just be patient and forceful. Take your time.

Razor E100... | Answered on Nov 03, 2018

You threw away a perfect scooter you idi0t. Needed to desulfate battery with a smart charger. M0ron.

Razor E100... | Answered on Oct 28, 2018

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