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Press the F1 function key whilst using Excel and the help files will guide you.

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NO OS Stated, W10? or ?
ive no idea all your system topology, what networks.
sure sub net but what is it , consisting of what.??? vast choices.

we use wired Gigalan here 1000 bits/sec. wired. every inch.
all connected with GIGALAN high speed switches,
with wifi , all you are doing is doomed to failure (1 day ok day2, not)
i can list the top 100 reasons way, but will not.
ill do a few..., , collisions with neighborhood, or noise.
Channels are shared, and this is bad, in the concrete jungles.

WIFI is RADIO, and will fail with noise, near by. RFI its called.
google that. or wiki it. wifi is ok for chat ,email and whatsap.
iffy on, skype...
If WIFI is your mandate (bad) then move it to channel 10.
i use wifi radar app and move to where the other guys are not.!!!+

if wired tell me are you using reserved IP in DHCP of this unstated router. do so now.
make sure the media server is on a reserved IP .
then setup shares.

what are you serving
video or both.
can you see the files using the" my computer icon" , called
windows Explorer?
"this PC" in 10 now.
just because you can ping it tells you only that the ping requests are honored there, and nothing else.,
it must have the shares all set correctly.

next time tell the help the lay out of your system
even post a system diagram.
be amazing but , rare here.

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Well, this is puzzling because all the drivers on the Steel Series 3GC site are for Windows 7 or above. The site doesn't even list the model you just purchased nor the 3.7 version of driver (which appears to be available from Softpedia rather than Steel.) 3.7 purportedly works for XP but I have seen advice suggesting that no devices other than keyboard and mouse ought to be connected to the USB ports during its installation. Uninstall the driver, reboot, install the driver again without the device being connected. I would even reboot it then, before connecting the controller. Perhaps subsequent connection of the controller will be recognized. Go into Device Manager and see if it is then recognized in the USB listings. If there is no exclamation point there beside the driver, you may have gotten lucky.

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Remove battery , let sit for 2 miniutes . Re install battery , in proper position , hold on button for a few seconds and this should work ...

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So you know the little errors you get when not removing your drive safely? That is most likely the problem. Removing them non-safely can damage them and cause data lost. You may need to get a new drive.

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a new battery in any wireless kbd/mouse
is a wise step.
then new drivers on the PC side
NO OS stated at all

what computer is this? we should start there.
tell what you have then what does not work right
and what does (simply)
PC can do 100s of things, if one fail say on or 99 of 100 fail, say so.
dead screens,
screen ok, keyboard dead, or mouse. only.

why not ask at REAL HP, we are not, HP , not in the least



join the real HP forum and ask
but be advised, they ask you what PC you have and what OS.

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I think the keypad of your phone is not working. You may need to replace it. Hand it over to a skilled person to do the job

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It is overloaded because it is the weekend and every kiddywink in the western world is on it. Reboot your device, make a cup of tea and try again in 30 minutes.

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The battery has been drained too much. You'll need to get a new battery or the battery needs to be externally charged to at least 50% externally

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Use original cartridges.

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this is not a programming forum, (really the polar opposite if ever)
why not look on a developers forum
what software language.

microsoft "C++" that?
there are many.

are you asking us to do your school home work , that it?
why are you doing this>?
to what end.

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the only thing i can think off is there is a problem with the head sensor, the heads move back and forth on a rigid belt but the head case also runs along a see through plastic strip, this has lines in it and tells the printer were it is, other thing i can think of is the head cleaner, they can get stuck in them sometimes and cause misalignment and damage the reader. also anything they like to use on printers is a inc use chip that can make faults come up so you have to buy a new printer. this has been in a few articles. business printers don't have this feature. hope this helps

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No one will because it is not a technical issue on Television & Video.

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Hi Hfrohman, This may sound crazy, but, press and hold the power button on the TV while unplugging it, continue to hold power button for 60 seconds or more. Release it and plug TV back in. Sometimes that will clear the settings.

I hope that works for you.

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adjust the spring tension on the ratchet assembly as you are supposed to be able top pull it back against the drive action

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