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I would turn pump off as could overheat etc, when pipe has thawed need to check for any leaks, when starting up pump i don't know as you haven't said what the pump and pipe are for, my advice is just common sense thing to do

Cars & Trucks | Answered 4 hours ago

Have the fuel pressure checked next time it does this. You may have a failing fuel pump.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered 4 hours ago

The spring on startr that contacts gears to turn is bad. Buya clymermanual for shopwork. Dont replace more ignition probly ok

2004 Honda CRF... | Answered 4 hours ago

Order the service manual directly from NEC.

Miscellaneous | Answered 4 hours ago

can you disconnect the pipe at the furnace end easily ? if so i'd do that and then you can melt the ice and the melt will not run into furnace, don't know how to stop it happening again apart from having furnace running all the time

Refrigerators | Answered 4 hours ago

I would get the steering , suspension even wheel balance checked out

Jeep Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

need to know what the device is

FIRST Computers... | Answered 4 hours ago

This could be as simple as cleaning the pins that are used to communicate between the lens and the camera. Use a pencil eraser on the lens pins and camera connectors.

Canon EF... | Answered 5 hours ago

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