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You may face the "Error code-20′ with your printer installed in your Windows 7. The cause of the display of "Error code-20′ may be due to the following reasons. The desired printer may not be the default printer for your prints, issues with the USB composite device, and file missing or file corruption with the printer software supplied by your original equipment manufacturer.

Kodak ESP 3... | Answered 2 hours ago

If you are having trouble playing MKV files, may I suggest downloading VLC and using that to play all your media files?


Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

and who is YOU in this question?? seems to me that YOU might wish to address this with support folks not fixya

Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

You do not state which HP printer you have but the 57 errors all indicate a problem with one fan or another. For instance, on an M4345 the 57.01 error would indicate that the cooling fan for the DC controller is not working.Here is a list of 57 errors by model Hp Error Code 57 Service Errors Codes 57 Tech Support

Office Equipment... | Answered 2 hours ago

To unblock a number from the blocked number list follow the block number part but delete it from the block list

Cell Phones | Answered 3 hours ago

You take it to a qualified repair shop an have the problem fixed , nothing you can or should do.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 3 hours ago

Open it using your current code. Using a coin or screwdriver in the notch on the end cap, turn cap clockwise to the diagonal position. Line up your new letters/code then turn the cap back to the vertical, done!

Cycling | Answered 3 hours ago

It means you need to take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop.

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered 3 hours ago

Try to reboot the machine. The damage might already be done. Turn machine off, remove usb. Turn back on. Was the design the proper format?

Janome Sewing... | Answered 3 hours ago

Go online and type the above as you asked, then download the corresponding link

Sharp Office... | Answered 3 hours ago

oxygen sensor, should have 2 of them needs specialty tool to remove available at most part stores

2003 Saab 9-3 | Answered 3 hours ago

To get to that panel, you must remove front cover. Thing is, unless you have electronic circuitry repair experience, you can only replace that part. See your local sewing machine shop

Miscellaneous | Answered 3 hours ago

  1. Remove the toner cartridge.
  2. Unscrew one screw and remove developer unit. Check if developer is evenly spread on mg roller. If its ok then go to 3.
  3. Remove drum unit and check the upper slit glass and wipe. Return everything back and check copy quality now. If its Ok end there, if not proceed to 4.
  4. Remove the laser unit and clean the glasses if you are a qualified technician. Don't if you aren't.

Sharp Office... | Answered 3 hours ago

. After having the oil changed it rain rough ?????? rain rough ??? RAN rough . Who changed the oil ? I'd be looking to see what they did wrong before thinking about a fuel pump issue . I'd would also hook up a scan tool an check sensor data input's to the engine computer , check for code's etc..... Your best bet mite be to have a qualified repair shop check it out , before you start replacing parts needlessly .

Chrysler Cars &... | Answered 3 hours ago

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