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looking at the thermostat there is a top section and a bottom section where the spring and wax bulb is located
that wax bulb section has to face the head water or block water as it requires the water temp to enlarger the wax bulb and open the valve letting water through to the top hose or in from the bottom hose
you didn't mention the make of car so be aware that some are in the top radiator housing in the head and others are in the bottom hose housing into the block
which ever you have the bulk of the thermostat goes into the hot water.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 2 hours ago

It is not weird for a teacher to hug their student. I do think it is somewhat weird for a teacher to kiss a student. Especially since young children carry so many germs, all you would be doing is spreading the germs around. Hugs are always welcome, not only by scared little students, but also by discouraged teachers having a rough day.

Preschool | Answered 2 hours ago

readjust the channels that the window slides in
there is too much clearance and as the window is moving up , it is jamming in the channel

Peugeot Cars &... | Answered 2 hours ago

I would never use tacks or any type of sharp object in a preschool classroom. There are so many other ways to mount things that make more sense. For instance, many white boards are magnetic and you can use large magnets (avoid small ones which could be swallowed) and 3M makes dozens of mounting products that are clear, don't ruin wall surfaces, and are non toxic should a child decide they want to put one in their mouth. As a general rule if you can take an object, poke yourself with it, and bleed, it shouldn't be in a preschool classroom.

By the way, Scotch tape is not a good choice for sticking things to walls. In many cases, it's not strong enough to adhere to the wall, and if it's a painted wall, it will take the paint off the wall.

Preschool | Answered 2 hours ago

go to a reputable car audio shop and they will show you how to get the 0 number in the code
It is explained in the owners hand book if you have one

Cars & Trucks | Answered 2 hours ago

I think there is reset somewhere on the unit. Look around. Mine has a slide switch to reset. Try everything. It already doesn't work. Can't hurt it anymore than it is.

GPS | Answered 2 hours ago

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