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sayings mean different things in different cultures
IN England it means to "leave the area now" or "that is a lie" or I want to be alone so **** leave now
basically it is not an insult but a command
you will have to get the culture to get a definitive meaning

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It's hard to tell from your photograph, but I think that's a Delta Children's bed. If so, you can get extra or replacement hardware by calling them at: 1-800-377-3777 M-F 8:30am-6:00pm Eastern

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Inspect closely while spinning the ball looking for a rubbing or restriction. Look for a crack or debris that could be causing it. Remove the ball shell to inspect it looking for cracks, check the bearing and the area the ball shell connects to the vacuum to try to find the cause.

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when in camera mode you will see a circle of arrows click on that and the camera moves from back to screen or from screen to back

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Yes it's wrong to hit a child, especially in the setting that you described. You cannot hit a child in a daycare, preschool, or school setting. In fact doing so can get you put in jail, make you lose your teaching license, and/or have to take child abuse classes. You do not have the authority nor the right to lay a disciplined hand on anyone's child but your own. Some would argue you shouldn't hit your own child, but that's something your family can decide and no one else.

Children learn by example. If you lose your temper when the situation gets rocky, they will be quicker to lose their temper. They can also "smell fear" as they say, if you start to panic in a situation, they are going to take full advantage of that situation and your state of panic to continue acting out/trying to get their own way.

Ways to handle young children without hitting:
Time out - don't just stick a child in a corner, but stick them somewhere away from the other kids. The idea is to isolate them so that they will want to behave to rejoin the fun. Ask for a genuine apology when you put the child down for time out, and make it clear that the child cannot participate until they are ready to apologize. The recommended time out length is one minute per age, so a five year old gets a five minute time out. Make sure that distractions like toys, doors, etc are away from the child so that all they can do is sit there

Make them a helper-you would be amazed how many wild children can be tamed by turning them into a helper. If you start to see a child acting out, say something like "Kristin I could really use your help passing out the crayons" or "Josh do you want to pass out the napkins for snack". Many times a child acts out because they don't feel important and assigning them a task makes them feel important

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I think you will find that hair and lint is much more effectively removed in a dryer.

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call the tax office but if you get in early it can be with in weeks, within months if more involved

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Seems like you need beaucoup parts and with what they charge for parts you just might be better off getting a new machine.

If you go to the attached link you can find out the part numbers and prices of the parts you want - if you ask them your question they will have the answer for you right there.

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use the remote to bring up the onscreem menu
scroll around till you find auto tune , click on that and sit back to let the tv do the tuning
then click ok then exit

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You did not really ask a question, you just stated looking for Mega Million. What about it? Do you need the winning numbers? The winning numbers can always be found on the website by visiting:

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shady mechanics are every where but you can protect your self to a certain extent by first having the fault codes read --- autozone or like auto spares shop do it for free
now armed with the fault codes revealed , find an accredited professional service center that has experience on your make of vehicle
ask they to again run the codes ( probably charge you for it) and if they come up with the same codes at least you have knowledge to work with
next get a quote for the repair and if it sounds excessive , ring around any repair shop and ask how much to repair/replace the items shown by the codes
Prices will vary but you will know if the accredited shop is in the ballpark figure
basically accredited shops have to answer to an association for their actions and that is why I suggest them rather than a corner garage

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There are so many cultures in today's society that it's hard to keep up with what is and what is not allowed. It's not so much Muslims, but the religion of Islam that has a problem with music. SOME people who practice Islam believe that music is forbidden. This includes listening to music, playing musical instruments, and singing songs. There are some Muslim parents who have decided that their children should not listen to music, because of their religion.

While I think it's wrong for a parent to make that kind of religious choice for their child, there's not really much that you can do about it as a teacher. A couple of solutions to diffuse the situation and keep the parents happy:
Talk to the parents - have a conversation with the parents about music and the role that it plays in your classroom. Explain which days you listen to music or have music themed classes and advise the parents that they may wish to not bring their child on that day

Talk to the child - explain to the child that their mom and/or dad does not want them participating in music activities. Offer the child a quiet alternative that will not distract the other children for him/her to participate in while the rest of the class has music time

Take the child to another classroom - if you have another classroom with similar aged children nearby, arrange for the child to go visit the other classroom for the period of time while your class will be participating in music activities

Finally, if all else fails, tell the parents it's your classroom and if they cannot agree with your policies that your class may not be the best place for their child.

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