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Why not put the car back to standard and see if it cures all these problems.
Not all cars like hids, some have to be wired in with resistors

2004 Dodge Neon | Answered 1 hour ago

These are cleared via a diagnostic computer that all good garages should by now have.

BMW Cars &... | Answered 1 hour ago

I would have though your garage would have either cleaned or replaced the aur mass sensor.
You can find this four/five pin plug somewhere between the air filter and the throttle housing or google its location.
These often dont show up well on diagnostic computers.
You can run engine with plug disconnected to see if it runs better or not. If it does then buy and fit a new sensor.
All that really controls your fueling is coolant sensor and air sensors....these often fail the most.
Good luck


Cars & Trucks | Answered 1 hour ago

it's not leaking water.. it's condensation running down the back of the fridge.. normally this is channelled into a hole that has a tube on it, that allows the water to go to a drip tray on top of the (warm) compressor, which then evaporates it.. Please re-check for a "V" shape moulding on the back if the fridge.. there SHOULD be a hole smack bang in the middle, which may have clogged up in the pipe with gunk, causing water to refreeze and block the hole completely.. best to do a full empty and clean, and use a chopstick, or better still a cheap pipe-brush from the £ shop, to clear that tube (about 1/2 inch diameter, or maybe less.)

Hoover... | Answered 1 hour ago

Call Bose tech support. They fix or replace these under warranty. I have a lifestyle 12, original model, after two repairs in. Ore than 10 years, I was allowed to upgrade to top of the line for the price difference.

Bose Lifestyle... | Answered 1 hour ago

your trying to fix a virus magnet.
why run XP, it's dead now for 3 long years. 100% zero support.
let it die, time to upgrade, or live with viruses for ever.?

if super compelled to make a dog sing?
then remove the HDD and scan it using many free
portable scanners.

there is no other way to get a virus off any HDD>
this way.
what we do , if PC has no data is reload the HP media kits OS.
from end story (well then find SP3,good luck there)
if PC has data that cant be lost. (you never said and is KEY0
we , move drive to external enclosure, USB or eSata.
then scan it and clean it. first
the move all data to safe place, (means not here)
the installed the HP media kit OS. from

that is how its done correctly.
there is more,.. if data is corrupted... but not teaching that now.
"the endless story"

learn this.
you can NOT scan and clean any HDD, booted from it.
you can try , and get some success, but it will just pop back infected. It is a waste of time.

the virus knows you are doing this. and you will fail.
why do that? why let it rule your life? 16hrs of life gone for an Iranian virus no doubt.

next time do this the correct way
get the HP disks
erase the drives.

or upgrade. (the pc or the os. your choice both is best.)

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered 1 hour ago

Not many places for these to hide.
Either mounted somewhere around the crankshaft pulley area or on the bell housing/ rear of engine block so they can read from the flywheel.

Honda Cars &... | Answered 1 hour ago

CVhances are it's very simple.. and the tell tale sign is a warmness to the front of the appliance where the two doors meet.
pull out the appliance and check next to the compressor, which will have a bit of ciopper pipe comping off it, with the end crimped up... it will also have a fan, like you get in a PC.. chances are that a wire or other obstruction (like a rodent or accumulated debris, is preventing that fan from turning.. free it up, hold back and wires with some cable ties to stop it happening again, and it should return to normal temperature within a few hours.

Refrigerators | Answered 1 hour ago

hold pedal to floor and it tries to start ! Not sure if your vehicle has clear flood mode , Most vehicle have clear flood mode strategy programmed in the ECU , PCM ,ECM .when you hold the accelerator pedal to the floor the engine computer cuts down on the injector on time to clear a flooded engine .
Fuel pressure regulator problem ,maybe ! You say there was a blown fuel pump fuse an you replaced it ? Fuse's don't blow for no reason ? Fuel pump bad , short , too much current !
Disconnect the mass air flow sensor an see if it starts !

Cars & Trucks | Answered 1 hour ago

all repairs on home appliances should be serviced by a professional and experienced technician. unplug the dryer and first check for continuity thru the thermal fuse gy50 and gy51 this is common if it is open replace it. if not check for 125vac at bk54 and rd55. if 125vac is present check wh24 and rd23 for 125vac. if 125vac is present then it's the igniter. if not you have a weak primary or secondary coil. if one of the coils are open or weak change both. check for continuity at the glow igniter. if it is open replace it. refer to you wiring diagram.

Maytag Dryers | Answered 1 hour ago

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