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call the manufacture, or go to where you bought it, and they will do it for you.

Cell Phones | Answered 44 minutes ago

Low refrigerant would make it inefficient but if it chills to 28° it can't be that bad. I think you have a control issue. The compressor runs when you reset to off & on, then chills until it satisfies the thermostat, then shuts off. But then is not starting again when the temperature rises. You'll need to follow the control wiring to see what contacts are open and not passing power to the compressor. Control wiring is typically 24v ac or 115v ac. There's also the possibility that the compressor is tripping out on overload at 28°. You effect a reset when you turn it off, then on.

Beverage-Air... | Answered 45 minutes ago

in excel ?
if each row has to be individually * 0.012 add a column and put in this column each row cell * 0.012. example new column G then g6=f6+f6*0.012
a screen print of what you are trying to do would give a clearer indication of exactly what you want to achieve ?

The Computers &... | Answered 46 minutes ago

Request instructions from the place of purchase

Furniture | Answered 50 minutes ago

Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to highlight the letters on the alphabet screen!

Computers &... | Answered 53 minutes ago

Is it a 4 cyl or a 6 cyl? Is it showing a code? If so take it to Auto Zone so they can read the code. Try running one tank of premium gas through it and see if that helps. You might also try a full Synthetic oil change at Wal Mart with Mobil one. It is only $44.00.

Please post back results.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 55 minutes ago

The destination FAX System is out of paper. Contact the

Kyocera Office... | Answered 55 minutes ago

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