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Adobe products are not freeware.

Adobe PageMaker... | Answered 2 hours ago

many seem to be able to clean that sensor
in case you mess it up , there are plenty of good cheap sensors at the wreckers/junk yards
you were never told a fault code so go some where else and have the fault codes read as it may not have even been that sensor at fault

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered 2 hours ago

I've faced this problem on my C301dn, I've tried to reset it but no way (I've also broken several plastic part doing it!!!), finally I've solved as below:
- I've bought another fuser (oki original), installed and used for a couple of days, then I've re-installed the old fuser...and it works perfectly!!! Not the most economic way but at least you have a spare fuser for the future

OKI C5650n LED... | Answered 2 hours ago

It's generally not recommended to disable password prompting when logging in as a privileged user and/or elevating privileges as it would defeat the entire purpose of security. If you must, you will have to edit the sudoers file (/etc/sudoers). This can be edited using "visudo".

Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

Most application and library packages are available in their official repositories. You can access them through an "app store" which is searchable on Mint's "Start Menu". Alternatively, if you're not afraid of the command line, open up a Terminal session, and APT would do the same work ("apt-get search PACKAGENAME" to search, "apt-get install PACKAGENAME" to install, "apt-get remove PACKAGENAME" to uninstall)

Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

Go to their website and download their installer (will come up as a *.run file). Open up a terminal session, and run "cd ~/Downloads", then run "./" where NETBEANSINSTALL is the filename without the extension. If it comes up with "permission denied", enable execute permission with "chmod +x", then retry it again.

Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

good --now every hacker in the world also knows it

Computers &... | Answered 2 hours ago

at the front of the engine , what ever make it is

Cars & Trucks | Answered 2 hours ago

pull it off and see what brand and model it is
It will be either a Walbro or a Zama then you get one from e-bay or your local mower shop parts
probably all it needs is a new diaphragm kit

Miscellaneous | Answered 2 hours ago

you state that it is an ELECTRIC scooter therefore it will not have a spark plug

Motorcycles | Answered 3 hours ago

perhaps you need a little more air pressure

Makita Roofing... | Answered 3 hours ago

there was a previous president impeached and removed from office and he was the only one gone

The Computers &... | Answered 3 hours ago

the abs light is there to let you know that the system is not working
could be a broken wire to a wheel sensor , fuse or other serious problem
Take it to a brake shop for a proper diagnosis

Cars & Trucks | Answered 3 hours ago

see a dealer is only option you have SORRY

Cars & Trucks | Answered 3 hours ago

try asking the manufacturer not this repair forum

Cars & Trucks | Answered 3 hours ago

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