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  • This happens because a part in your remote is holding the input button down find what is and find a way for it to stop doing that.

ViewSonic N2635w... | Answered 49 minutes ago

pulleys not in line
belt too loose
pulley seized or hard to turn

Cars & Trucks | Answered 49 minutes ago

take to reputable vacuum/sewing machine repair shop-blet should not cost more than $10 and usually they are helpful with little or no charge.

Euro-Pro HEPA... | Answered 50 minutes ago

This does that because this is a sign that your tablet or whatever wont turn on because maybe you are using a charger for different phones.

Orange Computers... | Answered 51 minutes ago

Factory installed system? You need a new key and the dealership to program it. Have a read.

If is an aftermarket system, you just need the installation instructions for it and work backwards.

Want to bypass your vehicle security system

Ducati... | Answered 53 minutes ago

Put the clockwise - anticlockwise button to the middle 'lock' position. That is the button above the trigger that is orange. Then viewing the drill from the drill bit, turn the chuck anticlockwise.

Hammer Drills | Answered 55 minutes ago

If an engine has timing, compression, the right amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber and an adequate spark it must start and run.

The fact it doesn't start and run means at least one of those requirements is absent. Perhaps fuel is stale, not reaching the combustion chamber or maybe there is too much fuel.

A quick check of the spark and ignition can be made by cranking the engine and using an ether spray into the intake. If the engine briefly runs it can be assumed the ignition is good enough and the problem is fuel related.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 56 minutes ago

Sensor is typically located at a hot part of the engine - thermostat housing, heated intake manifold, cylinder head.

Checking a sensor isn't easy because the value changes with the temperature. The sensor is suspended into water of a range of known temperatures and ohm readings taken and compared with the specifications.

The alternative method is to read the live temperature data from the ECU and compare it with readings taken from an accurate contact or infrared thermometer. A rough indication can be made by comparing the cold engine temperature and ambient.

If the ECU is reading coolant Temperature it can be assumed the circuit (wiring) is functioning. Alternatively the circuit function can be checked with an oscilloscope or the wiring can be checked with an ohmmeter after referring to a wiring diagram.

Often the sensor is not expensive and it is more convenient to replace it and hope. Once a replacement is obtained it becomes easier to recognise when looking around the engine...

Pontiac Cars &... | Answered 58 minutes ago

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