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Break-up with him that's the only solution, I'm available n have 8 inches.

Municipality | Answered 49 minutes ago

That's ok, I'm available I will replace your boyfriend.

Sony Ericsson... | Answered 52 minutes ago

Bitcoin is the first child of the Crypto revolution. No one knows what the longer term future is but the shorter term looks promising for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the other well known altcoins.
Gold hasn't covered much ground in a few years so why does everyone expect Bitcoin to go straight to the moon in a few months. Bitcoin itself is the future of modern banking and financial transactions. Imagine that you will see the Bitcoin icon next to the payment options available for online shopping.
I recently saw an announcement on the window of my local supermarket stating that they accept bitcoins. I expect to see more of such announcements made not only by the supermarkets but also by the giant global companies (like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc).
Microsoft, Wikipedia, Tesla and OkCupid have already joined the lead. So don't expect your cashier to make a sad face when you ask him/her about the possibility of paying for your cigarette with bitcoins in the nearest future. Bitcoin will become a mainstream (and maybe the leading) payment option in the future, but it will be a bit different from the ordinary currencies we usually deal with.

The Computers &... | Answered 59 minutes ago

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