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It sounds like you have some had spindle bearings the next time it does that feel the spindels for heat.

Tecumseh 5hp ... | Answered 53 minutes ago

The sensor would've had to have been cross threaded pretty badly to score the threads in the block so be certain that's where the leak is coming from...they can be pretty misleading sometimes.

Having said that, if you are certain that there is seepage coming from between the block and the sensor there's a couple of options.
You can try using a liquid gasket on the threading when you reseat the sensor (be sure to use brake cleans to clean the port and threads and be sure it's dry before application) since there isn't a crazy amount of psi and if it's a narrow enough gap it should do.
If that's not enough find a compatible 'stop leak' additive for your oil and use with a new liquid gasket on the sensor.

If that's not enough and you can see where the crack/split/hole you can try bronzing the port and re tap it...but a cracked block is serious business and may be a sign of more serious trouble. Good luck!

Cars & Trucks | Answered 56 minutes ago

What makes you think it's a fuse ? Most all lights on newer vehicles are controlled by a computer - a BCM - body control module . Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair . Besides , fuse's don't just go bad . They are located on the positive side of electrical circuits to protect from short circuits . If a fuse is blown you have more problems then your going to want . So if you don't know how to test automotive electrical circuits ,viewing wiring diagrams an testing with a DVOM - digital volt ohmmeter ,do yourself a favor an take it to a qualified repair shop. Free wiring diagrams here Enter vehicle info. year , make , model an engine . Under system click on lighting then under subsystem click on tail lamps . Click the search button then the blue link . Do the headlamps work ? Power to headlamp switch also turns on tail lamps .

Cars & Trucks | Answered 1 hour ago

Sometimes you can get lucky using a deep socket and long extension but if the bolts are corroded you will be long at the task

Plumbing | Answered 1 hour ago

Not familiar with this boiler however I did some searching and believe your code is showing low pressure. I found this attachment below if it post with my answer. Credit Pete Coles

Heating &... | Answered 1 hour ago

Most Santa Fe model from that year had traction control fitted as standard. Check the dashboard centre console. There will be a button marked like the attached image. Different car makers put them in different places. It could be anywhere from next to the gear stick to up high on the centre of the dashboard.

2005 Hyundai... | Answered 1 hour ago

Contact Fitbit for return instructions.

Exercise &... | Answered 1 hour ago

Actually, you can root your lg g6 phone without a pc by using android root apps. About the details, you can check this article.

LG Cell Phones | Answered 1 hour ago

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