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Posting this all over, common issue...

Okay, a couple of things.

This speaker issue seems to be a common problem, and I believe it most likely occurs due to rough handling of the unit. Although it seems to be fairly rugged, it should be treated gently. In general, I would only handle it as much as needed, and be careful when setting it down, and make sure it doesn\'t get dropped.

With that being said, the unit can be opened, however doing so will break at least some of the "snaps" that hold it together. If it is out of warranty and you need to get into it, this is a necessary evil.

Step one: Remove the battery cover (one phillips screw) and battery. There is a second, smaller phillips screw that also must be removed.

Step Two: At this point, you are ready to separate the unit. Using multiple flat head screwdrivers, pry the unit open (starting on the right side when looking at the unit from the front) then "wedge" the pried open area with a second flathead screwdriver as it will naturally want to close back up. Continue working your way around the unit, being careful not to crack the screen. You will break some tabs along the way, but I see no way around this as they are not visible to try and release them any other way.

Step Three: Once you have separated the two halves of the unit, the power button will have fallen out. This is okay as it will slot back into place when you reassemble the unit. Just set it aside and do not lose it.

Step Four: I do not know the exact failure mode of the speaker, however you will find that it is apparently strongly secured in the housing with an adhesive (epoxy or some sort of resin) and if you had to remove it it would be difficult and not very fun.

MY SOLUTION: I hooked the battery back up and turned on the music feature, which should play music from both the camera and the parent unit. In my case, I found that tapping hard on the speaker (it took more force than you would think) would cause the music to momentarily play. I found that wedging a screwdriver between the plastic housing and the speaker body would make the speaker play. I used a small nail (like a trim nail for small trim) and wedged it between the speaker and the housing, then trimmed off the excess of the nail.

This solution is not ideal, but it was relatively quick and worked to keep the unit functioning for now. I imagine that there is some sort of connection that has failed internally in the speaker, and that wedging it has (at least temporarily) reformed the connection. I imagine that a new speaker could be installed with some work to remove the old speaker, and then a new one soldered in and glued into place.

Once I got the speaker working, I disconnected the battery and carefully replaced the power button, then the two halves simply snapped back together. I replaced the screws and reinstalled the battery, and all has been working as it should. The case does show some damage from my prying, and it doesn\'t fit as tightly as it used to with the broken snaps, but it does hold together and doesn\'t have any issues in normal use.

In all, it certainly beat buying a whole new unit, especially since it was working just fine other than the sound. Good luck!

Motorola... | Answered on Jul 06, 2019

switch the phone on and leave it for about an hour.if you come back to see subsidy password written it, the you will need to contact its original network provider for assistance.

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 28, 2019

It's a little fiddly getting cover off as you need to gently pry the cover from the connector end, once the cover is off there is silicone over the solder connections that will need to be gently scrapped off. The old battery has sticky tape holding it down, carefully pry that up slowly, don't dent the battery or deform as it could short and melt or catch fire. but since your changing it, it's prolly already dead, but don't assume. After the battery is off the case then un-solder the connections and resolder the replacement battery. Check ebay for replacement Motorola Bluetooth batteries. any of 3.7 volt 90mah. Size: 6mm(H) x 12mm(W) x 20mm(L)4db13412-31ba-4ef2-8a3d-81e1e3a95504.jpg

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 22, 2019

Are you guys serious....

Verizon & Alltel (which happened to recently finalize the merge) use CDMA. CDMA does not use SIM cards.

AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. use SIM cards - wheter they are 3G networks, TDMA, etc.

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 18, 2019

Hello PattiPaige,

The feature to disable answering the phone when you open the flip can be found under:

Settings & Tools
- Call Settings
- In Call Setup
- Answer Options
- Set option to Off

This will disable the flip from answering the call when opened.

As for increasing the font size, i don't believe there is an option to do so. If I become aware of one I'll try to get back to you on.

Hope this helps,

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 10, 2019

sorry fixya can not assist with this . try the manufacturer

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 09, 2019

Hi Madhav,

Thank you for your question at Fixya,

The solution to your problem is as follows :-

  • The blue tooth connection depends on the fact as to whether or not the bluetooth handsfree that you have is compatible with your phone or not , a good idea would be to check it before you buy one.
  • Now if you want to connect your bluetooth handsfree to your mobile , you need to first make sure that your phone's bluetooth connection has been switch on and then it's not hidden and it should be in shown to all mode as this is a nokia phone.
  • When you switch on the bluetooth connection in your phone , then you need to switch on your bluetooth handsfree and then keep it on.
  • Then again you need to go back in the bluetooth option and then select search for paired devices option or new paired device option , then the phone will search for available bluetooth connections.
  • If it detects your bluetooth , please accept that connection and then it will ask you for a pass code , which you have to enter as 0000 and then press ok.
  • That's it! you will have your phone successfully connected to your bluetooth handsfree.

Hope that helps ...:) In case you have any queries, feel free to contact me.

Motorola... | Answered on Jun 06, 2019

I would search google for "file recovery" software and run that on your microSD disk, just like you would a floppy or hard disk and see if it will find anything.

Motorola... | Answered on May 27, 2019

Could you finally fix it? I have the same issue and would like to know how to fix it.
Thank you

Motorola... | Answered on May 17, 2019

You can read this article-How to Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola , which provides two ways to recover deleted photos from Motorola.
Or you can try Android Phone Recoery.
Some videos on Yutube may also help you.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola Atrix Droid Razr
Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Motorola... | Answered on May 13, 2019

After typing your password incorrectly a few times, android will display a "Forget Password?" button. Click that and provide them with your google account information, and it will be unlocked.

Motorola... | Answered on May 07, 2019

From the home screen, press the Menu button (1st one on the left with 3 bars) then tap settings, then location and security, then set up screen lock, pattern. There you should be able to turn it off/on

Motorola... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Hi Sohil,

Sadly, if you're unable to get past the lock pattern, you'll have to perform a factory reset. Please follow the steps below to factory reset your device. Keep in mind this will delete all content from the phone.
  • Power off the device
  • Press and hold the R and M keys while pressing the Power button. You will see the red M logo on your screen then the screen with the Android-bot and a blue exclamation mark inside a white triangle
  • Once this screen appears, press both Volume Up and Down keys, then release to get the Android system recovery
  • Use the Volume Up and Volume down buttons to select wipe data/factory reset
  • Choose Yes -- delete all user data to confirm that you would like to wipe all data from the device and press the Return key
  • Your device should now cycle through the wiping/reset process and return to the Android system recovery screen
  • After userdata is cleared, the "reboot system now" option will be highlighted by default. Press the return key to power off/on your device
  • It will take a few moments to arrive at the initial Android Welcome screen.

  • Your phone will reboot and be back to factory settings. You can now set everything back up on your phone again.

    Thank you,
    Motorola Support
    MOTOROLA PRO PLUS Factory Data Reset

    Motorola... | Answered on Apr 26, 2019

    To Unlock Motorola I870 model phone use unlock code...Visit the site get the unlock code and get free Unlocking instructions at
    and Unlock it step by step.........

    Motorola... | Answered on Apr 22, 2019

    Nupe there is no software who can lock the tuch screen apart from your phone's side key..

    Motorola... | Answered on Apr 19, 2019

    If you want to unlock your Motorola Moto Q9c mobile phone from the network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from Unlock Zone Unlocking the Motorola MOTO Q9C mobile phone at reasonable price and unlock it using the unlocking instructions given for your mobile phone from Mobile Unlock Guide .

    Motorola... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019


    Many of our phones are now sold unlocked. If it isn't contact the current service provider. Some phones, based on their service provider cannot be unlocked.
    Motorola Support

    Motorola... | Answered on Mar 15, 2019

    Have you tried to perform a HARD RESET on your phone?.
    to do this you first need to power off your phone.
    With your phone POWERED OFF press the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN keys AT THE SAME TIME. Once you have depressed BOTH VOLUME KEYS press and hold the POWER key.
    Once you have depressed ALL 3 KEYS ON THE SIDE OF THE PHONE the "BOOT MENU SCREEN" should appear.
    When the "BOOT MENU SCREEN" appears, release ALL keys select the "RECOVERY" option, the phone will re-boot and you will see the "Motorola" logo. Eventually the "Motorola" logo will be replaced by the "ANDROID IN DISTRESS SYMBOL" (the "ANDROID" with an exclamation point in front of him). Press ALL 3 keys on the side of the phone once again, tap and release the VOLUME UP key, you should then see a BLUE MENU SCREEN,
    oNCE YOU SEE THIS blue menu screen SCROLL DOWN TO THE "wipe data factory reset" OPTION.

    Motorola... | Answered on Mar 15, 2019

    I need my Motorola i870 cell phone to be unlock so I can be able to use it while i'm in the caribbean please and thank you in advance.

    Motorola... | Answered on Feb 28, 2019

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