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No. Your Talkabout radio operates on UHF and your wife's walkie talkie is a VHF radio operating on exclusive business frequencies.

Motorola Radio... | Answered 23 hours ago

Pop it open and install new battery. $10 on eBay. Simple.

Otherise: Headset is not functional while charging.
Note: This product uses a lithium ion, rechargeable,
non-replaceable battery. Under normal use, the expected life of the rechargeable battery is approximately 400 charges.

There should be a seam around the headset where you can insert a fingernail or a small screwdriver to pry the case apart. I would try to open the case before you buy a new battery, because if you pop it open and break it, you haven't lost anything cause it's a one-shot deal anyways.

This isn't the same exact earphone, but the procedure to open it may be similar.

Good Luck!

Motorola Radio... | Answered 2 days ago

Try a different cable and charger. If that does not 'cure' the problem, the battery in the device is bad.

Motorola Radio... | Answered 2 days ago

I'm having similar problems. #15 flashes on the display and I get a rapid beeping sound. The other Walkie is fine. Have changed batteries and same thing happens. Ideas?

Motorola... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

FRS & GMRS frequencies have been preset by the governing bodies where these radios are licensed for use. They consist of Ch 1 - 14 for FRS or Family Radios Service (the new "CB" radio) and Ch 15 - 22 for GMRS or General Mobile radio Service. GMRS frequencies may be repeated 5 Mhz higher - the repeater input of channel 22 (462.750 Mhz) may be heard if close to the transmitter on Ch 22, but if a repeater has been set up to repeat signals in range on Ch 22, they would also be heard on 467.750 Mhz. The repeater will likely have one or more of the following: a high vantage point such as a hill or mountain top, may increased output power of up to 50 watts, or have an antenna with gain properties. Any one or combination of any of these benefits, will result in a significantly increased area of coverage.

FRS Frequencies Channel Frequency in MHz 1 462.5625 2 462.5875 3 462.6125 4 462.6375 5 462.6625 6 462.6875 7 462.7125 8 467.5625 9 467.5875 10 467.6125 11 467.6375 12 467.6625 13 467.6875 14 467.7125 15 462.550 16 462.575 17 462.600 18 462.625 19 462.650 20* 462.675* 21 462.700 22 462.725

It is important to note that only Ch 1 - 14 may be used without a license. Transmitting on any of the GMRS frequencies (Ch 15 - 22) shown in red in the chart above, requires an FCC license if used in the U.S.A. Other countries may or may not have laws for licensing the use of any or all these frequencies, so check before transmitting. Modifying an FRS / GMRS radio is a violation of FCC rules and if caught; can result in fines, prison or both.

If you'd like to be able to tune actual frequencies - and not be limited to specific channels, you ought to look into amateur ("ham") radio. While not in the FRS or GMRS bands, there are literally hundreds of thousands of frequencies to use once licensed. The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) has a great deal of info about ham radio.

I hope this helps & good luck! Please rate my reply - thanks!

Motorola... | Answered on Dec 04, 2017

A 01/90 is a hardware failure. Sometimes, it goes away by simply turning the radio off and then back on, again. If it remains, then it could be a fuse or it could be a loose connection or it could be a bad control head or it could be a bad cable wire or it could be a bad circuit board.

Motorola Astro... | Answered on Dec 02, 2017

The battery is no longer taking a charge properly and needs to be replaced.

Motorola Mint... | Answered on Dec 02, 2017

Google! May you be lucky and get the instructions. I found lots of people and makers of things put the instructions on the Internet.

Motorola Radio... | Answered on Dec 02, 2017

Have you tried receiving with a EARPHONE? The speakers in these units are VERY poor and do fail easily.

IF the earphone works(!) try a external SPEAKER/MIKE instead of trying to find and install a replacement speaker!

See the link below!
$8.99 US


Speaker Microphone for Motorola talkabout T5022 T9500 T280 T270 T5800...

Motorola... | Answered on Dec 02, 2017

My Telecom Te-157 is locked - hos Can I unlock it. I dont have tre manual

Motorola Walkie... | Answered on Nov 28, 2017

Mine says key failed, too, because it's expecting to find an encryption key, but there isn't one. I ignore it. I could make it go away either by flashing a key into it or else by unchecking the Secure Hardware Equipped check-box using the computer software for programming the radio.

Motorola Astro... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017

My Impress battery charger has a sticker on the bottom of it showing that flashing green/red means that it's about time to replace my battery.

Motorola... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017

The model number for a VHF radio has a letter K in the position where a UHF radio has a letter R. For example,
AAH50RDC9AA2AN = UHF while

Motorola CP200 ... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017

It really depends on the charger. Does it do this for your brand-new batteries, or just the batteries that are more than 2 years old and, therefore, need to be replaced? If it's happening to a brand-new battery, then maybe you're trying to use a nickel-cadmium battery charger for lithium-ion batteries or for nickel-metal hydride batteries, and you're dealing with a chemistry problem which requires Ni-CD batteries or which requires a newer charger.

Motorola Radio... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017

What does the little sticker on the bottom of the charger tell you? It seems to me that a blinking red light means that the battery is so old that it will no longer take a charge and that it's time to replace the battery.

Motorola Radio... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017

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