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Lenovo 3000 Y410... | Answered 2 days ago

Isn't the Lenovo P70 a phone?

Lenovo Computers... | Answered 2 days ago

hello mr, Matt the hyjacker?
why not ask using all your facts, and not OPs
my wild guess is the OP inserted to the docking station
and bent pins, and now will not work.
the word unlock here is poor choice of words
as many docking stations have option key mech. KEY lock.
so if NOT a key lock !
then it is just mechanically jammed
why not get someone to fix it
or try to unjam it your self , I am sure the OP did 8 long years ago.
or sold it or scrapped it.

invert the whole thing, LT and doc.
upside down not press ******* the LT bottom
near the Connector end.
then unlatch the dock using the latch now.
this relieves pressure (gravity) and can aid in the cure.

Lenovo ThinkPad... | Answered 3 days ago

no photo of screen presented.
so fails.
photos can in fact be worth 1000, words.
this web site you are on has the most simple photo upload there is.
but nobody uses it. and fails. (vast posts are wrong just for this one fact.
here ill try for you, THIS?>
the admin pw can not be rest by you. (I can but 1 chip must be reprogrammed TPM)
google this and you see others doing this,
the BIOS USER pass word can be reset if admin is known.
the SVP (super visor pw) is chip, we call that TPM.
today. and must be reprogrammed to reset it. or unsoldered and replaced.
google lenovo T series,SVP reset
i like this one, (nice setup)


Lenovo ThinkPad... | Answered on Aug 15, 2018

if the fan is too loud.
(which fan, PSU., CPU, and case fans) or all 3 too loud.
all you can do is:
  1. if CPU is too load(fan) then clean the heat sink of lint.
  2. if is clean the fan maybe too small or the heatsink grease is bad old and cracked. CPU fan upgrades are endless choices.
  3. four pin fans work best ,then runs very slow, until the device it cools gets too hot, right now mine are turning at 600rpm slow.
  4. buy new PC that is quite. (or if rich a fanless PC)
  5. A bad fan with bad bearing make noise as do broken blades.
  6. Fans with old non= curved blades make noise. upgrade them.
  7. One can buy fancy upgrade called independent fan controller and use that to regulate all fans (but not the PSU)
  8. last and obvious, (captain?) ask shop to do this.?

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 15, 2018

I deleted the rant on spam, all forums in the world are rife with spam. (one of my jobs (free lance work) is deleting SPAM
Spam is Unstoppable but I give it a hair cut daily. (same stinks sure)
It like saying I hate taxes. (***** ,taxes and SPAM,and Phishing)
also learn that the fixya engine thinks it can match your post to others, the silly thing thinks it's AI magic works and does not work.
no AI can do that, ever, it takes humans and techs to do this directly,
Sure robots in 2050 as seen in , ("Ex Machina") scary and will take over you day job, (warning)
I guess you are here because your tech is on vacation cruise.
like I just did. (Grand Cayman's wow) LOL < GRIN!

old post from JAN 2018
but I'd like to help you, (im retired, not Lenovo nor fixya admin)
but not dead yet, close but not .
The screen is first. what does it show exactly.
Screens matter.
You did not state what OS you are running,

The PC boots to the HDD and let me guess windows
one day it does not,
usually that means the BIOS can NOT FIND a bootable MEDIA.
if you inserted a bootable linux demo disk in the DVD tray
I bet it boots now for sure.
take the big battery out now first. (the short out and muck up power)
now boot to linux and run disktest.
if the HDD fails disk tests, then HDD is doomed. or dead.
if that passes
we then use the OS startup repair modes. that fix the hdd boot
but how do that that varies by what OS YOU HAVE and is unstated.

Laptop failures. top 3?
1: the big battery bad, or worse shorted, remove it. (even 1yo)
2: the coin cell ended life at 7 years (says pink bunny ) and did.
3: the HDD is dead, laptops worst in the world, get SSD and it.
hdd can die here, at 5 year mark or first drop to floor, oops.

the rest can last 100 years (with due care)
I have vast electronics here, some as old as 53 years old.
that run as new, some with zero service others with full overhauls.
the top killler(sic) of electronics is heat, or impacts.(or ESD or lightening)
keep it cool and it lasts longer.

if all this sounds to hard
pop in a new SSD
and load w10 fresh.
bingo. just 2 steps no AI no testing , just that.

Lenovo ThinkPad... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

same what as whos?
the PC has the early forum of TPM lock. T series Stinkpads.
the BIOS lock out chip.
it can not be simply reset, (by design)
the BIOS user pass word yes, if SVP adimin pass word to BIOS PW is known. The manual for this PC states this.

The trick of killing all 3 forms of power works on USER BIOS pw ONLY.

the 3 ways are here (besides new mobo) SVP reset.
1: using eeprom programmer connect 2 wire and erase it.
2: replace the chip , sold on ebay by man(solder skills max)
3: at wits end,? just before the mobo hits the trash bin

one can do this. (personally id never do it but ...)'



good luck

Lenovo R61 T7300... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

older post not too old. no the speaker are not blow out, not 2 at same time. how can that happen? (sure play rap )
all things can be fixed, but firsts is drivers.
a THINK PAD it is. 8 years old 2010 made it was. (can be)
the hardware is useless lacking the matching OS driver.
let me now guess, windows 7?
you posted lacking the most key factor possible the OS>
we can't guess that, and must be stated.
and if upgraded to w10, is it? or w8.? or downgraded (horror)

wow cost new 7 times what my gaming desktop cost. wow.
$2000 (wow, just wow)
cp + system = what OS is there. just 2 clicks.
its at least 7 years old, see posts that old.

at lenovo forum all links to manuals are now dead (HP disease)
btw dell has x10 better support , for doc's and no endless dead links.

manualsdir.com has this 410 manual squirreled away.

ok googling for 5 seconds i found official drivers at real lenovo
here is the link
i pick t410s, then pick OS.


Conexant Audio Driver for Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP
Conexant Audio Software for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad T400s
as you can see no w8 or 10 support on Audio
clear as day
did you upgrade to 10?
if you run w8 or w10
you download, w7
then right click the EXE
and pick compatiblity mode, W7
this is the only way to make this work on w8 or 10
and is pure luck if it does,

before upgrading any PC, learn to go to the PC makers site
then see if the OS of your dreams is supported,
in most cases 10 year or older PCs w10 is noT SUPPORTED.
As microsoft too, clearly states. 2007 is gray line

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

Idea Pad?
Is this Pad, internet connected? so PnP can do its job?
20 questions (no os stated so....)
did it work before? ('other shoe drops' effect) ever, if yes when/?
is the cam port , covered in black tape like mine is?
no OS stated, why post lacking such a key fact
no application stated you are using to us cam, SKYPE?
join the club here, 99% here never say it, and the answers
are all wrong, or goes sideways, ever wonder why.? this.
1: did you buy this PC brand new or used. if new, what windows?
2: did you change the OS, upgrade to w10 during the free upgrade?
3: in DM, device manager, are USB ports dead? if yes learn that many cameras use port 0 USB just dedicated to the cam.
if the usb driver is missing,, then bingo. dead cam.
That is not a hard fast rule, only the engineer that made it knows.
but i can in fact dismantle to driver to learn it. but refuse here.
if the camera software from Lenovo is missing same.

now lets go to lenovo, and guess what they will ask OS>
after all the OS and hardware must match. (rare exceptions)
is see with 10sec google searches the webcam is bundled with the card reader module. and driver.
i also is in 1second it has 3 camera's used.
Camera Driver (Bison, Chicony, Liteon) 1,2,3,
so like all PCs made, the full laptop service tag is the only why
to learn what came with PC new. as an option.
or run (load) all 3 drivers, pray one works.

lets backup
power on the PC, be web connected, now, Ethernet cable Cat5 cable to router is best (hard wires is always best)
then see if the PC will plug and Play (PnP) the driver for the cam.
this pc is 6 years old today.

now real support at Lenovo off there Download site REAL


again note the 3 cameras used.
learn now, that other driver may be a predicate to making it work
USB tops my list.

2 common ways for any device in any PC failing( not bad hardware)
upgrading from older windows to newer.
then not loading the missing drivers, all.
at above link.
in DM , are other lines in DM showing RED marks, yellow marks
or UNKNOWN marks,
if yes BINGO,

In Linux we have a thing called dependencies, that MS nor Lenovo ever show or tell,. making windows sometimes a pain to get all devices working.
Not only that but many devices inside may be Lenovo custom.
(unlike anything else on earth custom) see?

go there now, tell it (check box) your OS
and bingo load that. cam driver.
i see for w10-64 its unified, 3 drives on one load.
but no OS stated by you.

run box, click control panel
click system.
bingo OS is before your eyes.
if w7 "? are all 350 update loaded and present.
w7 is a pain loaded fresh, now. takes all day go finish the updates. so is it? and IE7 updated first??????

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

remove the battery large.
then run on AC pack only
#1 top failure of all mobile PC is that battery, so unplug it
then test with AC pack only.
work now.? and all vents must be clean, end to end. not just fan.
there i no fuse it uses current regulator, imagine genius magic electronics fuses that never blow out, and bingo.

OK big battery out, an RTC coin cell fresh.
then fan blows.
next is BIOS, do the BIOS screens work if not the mobo is dead.
have 2 RAM stick on the 2 slots>? try one at a time
run the PC with all modules removed, (options)
remove hdd?
remove, dvd drive.
think like this. Get bios working first
learn that modules can short, and when they do the power regs shut down.
so we unplug all things to the mob,
until only 1 ram and cpu remains.
see? (this is called power overload fault isolation tactics)
even the screen only can be dead, you never mention text showing
you can test the mobo with external screen via that rear (?)_ VGA jack what if that worked, did you learn something here, sure.
this pc has tons of modules to pull, even bluetooth. wifi, sound and more. if you look at all parts inside or sold by ebay, bingo. lots

Lenovo ThinkPad... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

reset what?
there are lots of things in any PC that can be reset.
endless really, both hardware and software and even apps and browsers and more.
why not say 1 problem you have first.
so we can be on the same page, and know what you hint at.?

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

ask farmville this yet? a 7 year old web site program.
maybe the channged the rules.
is this PC running XP or VISTA, most web sites now ban these OS.
no PC stated, just Computer. (endless models made)
i guess you need a facebook account. and farmville account
and must pay to use it. $10 a month it says.

here is the answer , ASK THEM its there game server/service.
they have a web page, and a form, ask there.



Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

we'd need a photo of that.
so we can see what that is and what it is doing.(and what you did)

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

no pc stated
on most PCs the BIOS has info page.
on mine i hit f10 info page and all you need is there.
read your manual yet,
go to lenovo.com
then search for your unstated PC,
then read the manual.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 11, 2018

try new batteries.
magic happens with those.
99% of all problems with devices like this (mobile)
batteries, batteries batteries.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

drag them to any usb stick thumb drive.
works on any PC.
lenovo , shows, nothing on there web site for this model.
even the forum is dead. not sure why? is this thing that old?
ok see one for sale on ebay
i see a usb port on the bottom
so connect that up to a real PC and drag the files off it.
jpg files?

or using the CE0700 use email them to anyone, even you.
i guess this is 10" android tablet best i can tell...
im sure you have web mail somewhere, us that?

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

well it needs service, what are you asking here.
how to do service?
powers not dead.
BIOS works,
but will not boot to windows what version?
i most cases of this ...
the hdd is dead.
what the shop does (i guess you question is really that)
the boot to usb linux
and run full smart tests on the hdd.
if fails the hdd is bad.
and new one comes(BLANK 100%)
so reload your unstated OS> is next or better upgrade it.
put on w10 and pay for the license.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

German posts to USA forum,
Mein = "My" in English,

here ill do what you forgot to do, use google translate.
"My lenovo yoga tablet model 60046 does not start, i hold power button u. volume button e.c.t there comes Chinese script. what can i do? thank you very much suse."

here is my answer in german, using same google deal.

288/5000 ok es ist nicht tot tot. Es hat dort Text.
Chinese ist ein bisschen seltsam. Nein?
Die Lenovo-Website zeigt keine solche Produktunterst?tzung
aber das Forum dort zeigt dasselbe Versagen. dieses Model.
Ist es erst 5 Jahre alt?
Android-Ger?t v4.2
Ich w?rde sagen, die Batterien sind jetzt nicht gut
Sie ersetzen.
und versuche.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

WHAT IS THAT? what are you attempting, be nice to say that>
but did not.
Ah, lenovo bios button, (i guess they fear fn keys)
e580 is a stink pad. (sarc )
old PC was:
"Next to the power port there is a small button with an arrow counterclockwise.
That is the NOVO button." now GONE forever.. i guess. thank gawd.

the manual is free to see and read.
need me to tell you the page number sure. I can. in 1 minute flat.

page 46 in your manual covers, how to gain BIOS page 1.
the key is F1, there is no novo button on this modern pC with UEFI and TMP chip security,
RTM , it covers every button on the PC,
googled for you e580 manual and 1st hit was...... this.

Lenovo Computers... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

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