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no/ turn tables dont have passive sound output unlike dvd players they need a connection that is 200% more powerfull than an dvd input the only and cheapest way to fix this problem is to buy a cheap audio mixer plug the turntable into the phono of the mixer and the mixer ouput into the video input and it will work great need more advice feel free to email me

good luck

KLH R5100... | 144 views | 2 helpful votes

Dos it offer a reason visually, like with a message, or is it just stubborn?

It will only record on media specifically labeled for Music or Audio.

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Bad news! They blew due to an overload, often caused by a shorted semi-conductor acting like it was a piece of wire.

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Well, it should state in the manual what the replacement fuse is.

There might be a fuse holder near the pwr. plug. , Or near the controls for it. If not....

You might have to open up the sub unit ....and find the blown fuse, and remove it to see what you have. Be sure to unplug the unit before opening it up.

Take the fuse to Radio Shack, or your local electronics supplies stores. Replace with the same, or the correct fuse.

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Or you could just write of the built-in amp, disconnect the sub from it and run the driver's leads outside the box, buy any decent amp, connect it to the LFE feed for inout and the bass driver for output and carry on.

That's what I did when a second copy of a powered sub died the same way the first one did.

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It's fried, but you got to witness the phenomena known as magic smoke

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If it is overheating then it is being driven too hard. You need to either reduce the volume, decrease your crossover frequency or allow the amplifier more air; i.e.; if the amplifier is covered with something like a blanket then it needs to be removed.

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Check to see if sub is connected to amp properly, Is you outlet ground working properly. Should have switch on sub.

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Sure, if it's self-preamplified; or you run it through an external PHONO preamp.

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check if the speakers connected to the receiver is okay with use of an ohmmeter to read if it faulty.
Also check if an earphone is connected to the mic jack of the receiver because this may seize the output that will go into the speaker. if otherwise the audio transistor of the receiver is bad replace with the same type of value.
Good luck....

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Assuming you have a functioning turntable either self-pre-amplified or through a component (such as a receiver or integrated amp) with an internal Phono preamplifier just connect the self-preamplified TT directly to the analog inputs on the CD Recorder; or connect the CD Recorder to the receiver / integrated amp as if it is an analog tape deck (which it functionally is in this case).

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Before you go throwing money at this problem, try to eliminate any external influences like track lighting. I myself am trying to figure out why mine makes a buzz throughout my system when the lights are on. I already replaced the variable light control with no improvement.

Bad cable ground can let airborne electronic noise into the Sub's amp.

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I would fit the same type, unless the schematic shows a change, which clearly it doesn't. However I would be surprised if R42 burnt up alone! Look at the schematic, is R42 linked to any other transistor or part? If so check them if you can.
By the way is R42 a fuseable resistor, for example is the symbol on the schematic or on PC board different to most other resistors?

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There are a lot of folks who've had power supply issues with this sub. Typically, the large resistors fail, which takes out the capacitors.

If you know how to read schematics and replace parts, then these might be helpful to you:

Here are the two pages of schematics from KLH. I wrote to their tech department and explicitly asked for permission to share them here.

Here's the lower board, which has the power supply:
KLH ASW 10-120 subwoofer schematic - lower board

Here's the upper board:

KLH ASW 10-120 subwoofer schematic - upper board

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Suspect an overload in either the power supply or main amp section. Chances are some kind of semi-conductor has gone gone short circuit. You might be able to spot it with either a crack or damage or signs of burning. If it is a transistor an Ohm Meter will show it up, as it will be just like you had touched the probes together, when touching two terminals with them.

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its a 2 amp, 250 volt, slo blo. Very common. Get the correct size.

KLH ASW10-120... | 765 views | 4 helpful votes

I'm in the same boat with you on this one. The display is getting voltage, and the driver seems to work as it selects the tuner for example, so I think it's got to be a bad display, but have no idea how to find a replacement.

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Did you ever find a solution for this problem? I have the exact same thing happening with my KLH subwoofer and I'd love to know how to fix it!

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Ha9000 tray will not open

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