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HP Pavilion... | Answered 21 hours ago

Check the boot order in the BIOS. make sure that drive that you put in is compatible with the bios and machine.

HP Pavilion... | Answered Yesterday

there is no highspeed wifi. but yes 3/4g.

dont you mean you have wifi router
to connect you MUST match it, not husbands CPU.
the router broadcasts a wifi SSID, name
you click that and match what the router wants.
such is WPA2
and a pass phrase.
if you old A1240 is set to wep only or is so old it cant do WPA/2
then it fails.
I have no idea what WIFI card is your old PC.
and that matters big time.

what is best is login to the router and read what it wants
them may your pC do that.
I warn you the most old wifi cards are useless.
buy a WPA2 card (or usb wifi dongle new)

NO OS stated by you is this the virus magnet XP?

it will not interfere with HUSbands computer.
it will move to unused channels, auto, if set that way as it should.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

Did you have a surge protector that your computer was plugged in if not it may have done something to your power supply good luc hope this helps Merry Christmas

HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

what os is this, xp?
what were the instructions.?
at what point in the instructions did it fail.?
none of that can we guess...
did you ask them for help at the point of , what instruction failed?

HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

not shut off, right, it reboots, but never actually shuts off.
so the battery is bad.
if the PC runs ok, no big battery the battery is bad.
the all love to short why expect less from any relic battery.?
and the RTC coin cell is too relic>? yah most geek shops cant fix thing , no ports to fix them..
after all no 2 laptops are the same, (sux in my book)
buy a battery , if the AC pack runs the PC all day.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

Bad PSU day: 13 year old PC, retired, at HP and legacy status.

the A series desktops are very very old, and no support now.
the problem is there is not just one PSU now,
they evolved the PSU ATX sec as things changed. in time.
any watts over 400 is ok, unless gaming and power sucking new, GPU card is added.
point 2: ive no idea at what is inside that case now
upgrades, add-in PCI slot cards, ext.? how may HDD.
or what. its old things change,
so Ill pretend nothing changed, ok/ and tell you what it has
and what to buy, buy more watts , as the bigger watt PSU is higher priced and more quality, built in. a $15 PSU is junk class.
Q1: is the power jack 20 or 24 pins.?
Q2 does it have IDE drives or SATA.
Q3 do you really use that floppy? and its silly PSU power cable.?
more watts never will hurt you or it.

ever go here.? newegg, nice , choices on left.


and see the left side under TYPE.
that must match your needs,
  • first I buy quality,(and brand names) never china nonames.
  • then large fan
  • then type,
  • More watts gains you quality line 1 above. most times.
in that order. what matters to you , I could never guess
the large fan is quiet, if you like less noise,. bingo.
Lucky you no relic IDE Drives, inside, more pain.


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 07, 2017

Im sorry those did not come from HP, at all. prove it.!
wow that is a hard question, best is to ask HP, they designed, but id bet it was not HP disks , but from hackers sites, or?
I will not prove it is not real HP disks.

hp does not sell disks for any A series relic old retired PCs.
they DO NOT, so you did not posted your URL source of disk, wow.
here is the HP official page, did ever read this>?


if you bought disks (gee no photo posted of disk labels you,)
from 3rd parties, ??? any thing is possible truly any thing,
even a virus or worse.

tell me how any blind person on earth can read a text box and know what is in your hand (CD/DVD) we can not see it.
so can be ANYTHING

first off I know for a fact HP does not sell disks this old
they do not. in fact the STEP 6 in the offical page above will FAIL
it will tell you (no PC found, its retired now, legacy zero support)
hard proof here. clearly listed RETIRED.

so given that fact, what can you do.
easy, buy the ms w7 real disk and try that.
there are vast solutions, endless .here is a sort list
  1. upgrade the PC hardware to 2010 or never
  2. then up grade the OS to w7 or newer.
  3. or buy new PC.
  4. or buy windows 7 retail and hope it loads, ok, it will but some parts (chiPs) may be dead,(not supported now) see? but on many cases (ask) i we can upgrade functions, like VGA,Sound,LAN or WIFI easy and for cheap.
  5. last go to every scalpers on the net and find your unstated OS and try them all,, my guess is this is what you did not, and when it failed you fail to ask the scalper for the cure, only they know this, nobody else does. only them. i
is this XP, VISTA , W7,W8, W8.1 or w10 disks
surely you know at least that.

and they are not HP real disks
at the least they are cloned disks,
so only you can tell use what they do.... fail.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 07, 2017

Typically; it's the boot sector of the hard drive that fails. That's why it asked for the OS disk. If it won't even boot now; but appears to charge OK, then you are correct in suspecting the motherboard... could be over heating. You're beyond what you can trouble shoot and it needs to be looked at by a technincian

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 06, 2017

Are you sure it's not listed by another drive letter? Perhaps drive D?

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 05, 2017

You may need to flash the BIOS to correct this problem. If your "Failed" drives can be "seen" and you can identify files on them, the problem is likely not the HDD but a problem in BIOS regarding a corruption of the BIOS itself. This should be looked at by someone familiar with the BIOS setup for your machine, and they need to look for the Boot Path order to see if it makes sense. This is not a disk issue from the description you gave, and should be correctible by renewing the BIOS program in NVRAM on the system board. A qualified tech should do this job unless you know someone who is familiar with this level of computer technology. My guess is you have no one who you know that can diagnose this problem and correct it that you know, otherwise you would not be posting this question. You can download the BIOS file from HP for that specific model, and put it on a USB drive that is bootable, and then refresh the BIOS yourself but I am assuming you have no experience in doing this, so your best bet is to take the failed drive/s and the computer to a tech and have them determine the exact issue and resolution. That has to be less expensive than buying hard drives annually, perhaps a different solution will be better than the ones you have already tried. If your PC is able to use a solid state drive you may want to consider this option instead of a traditional HDD.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 04, 2017

Replace the processor betray.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 04, 2017

a1514s are relics now, called LEGACY by HP
with the old Intel Pentium 4 (2006 release date)
so you think a P4 can run 2 monitors? wow.
means zero support from HP, and omg XP
XP is dead, now, MS and HP do not support, XP and is a virus magnet.
learn that old HP did not HAVE the magic auto switch in bios back in the dark ages.
you must go in to BIOS and flip the switch there.
1 binary bit.
the oldest made A1500 is now 17 years old we scrap these
or sell them to N.Korea so his stinking nukee/ABCM controls fail.
old old old box
in bios, hit F10 go in to bios;
and turn off the local GPU chip
then with the card inserted, boot the pc and it can work
if not, try all Xpress slots there.
deep in the parts surfer shows
that is your mobo type.
hp has only these pages on it, using deep searches at HP old archive .

so is only 1 X16 slot there.
there is no service manuals free
no bios manuals, i can find, zero.
so you get to do like all techs do , is look in the bios
and find it and flip the bit,(onboard vGA/GPU OFF)
and if there,set search order, GPU.
to slot /onboard.
that is all on relic mobos

it will not make a gaming system, at all,
its too weak if that is the unstated goal.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 04, 2017

all old laptops, 101. asked here 100s of times,1000s, and answered as much,in IN DEPTH,
the pc will run for eternity on AC power no battery main
you do know that right> so do that first.
the fan is working, that is a good sign. sign of power may be ok.

1: the screen never shows text, like it did for 10 years.?
2: take out that old bad shorted main battery , does it run on AC now?
yes, no. (yes do the HP long reset, posted 1million times at HP and here,....both here and hp real forums.
(battery out, ac pack out, push power on, for 10 -30 seconds)
there 1,000,001 times.

3: no text?,got text? yes/ no. (if yes, does BIOS work) f10 prompted for 10 long years, still on the screen yes, then.,...read this.

no text means the screen back laps are burned out or the AC pack is bad (or 20 other reasons seen in the link below)
(this is the most cheap fix of all)
4: the coin cell, RTC CMOS , is it 10 years old too.?
this kills the BIOS dead, so will be all things dead if BIOS is chaos.
BIOS uses the RTC ram to save settings, so.........coin must be good, 2.9v and more ok. less bad.
5: i stop here and show a link.

no beeps, no caps lock key blink codes..... RTM?
the pc here can be as old as 2007
if yes, then it can have CCFL, backlamps that love to fail now or sooner.
see this.
part of black screens of deathh(sic) pages....


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 04, 2017

learn to use device manger
Control panel, + device manager,see any read/yell or unknown
marks there, yes, then those are bad drivers. DO TELL.

the first question is always, did HP support that camera on win7.
so lets all go to HP now and see that, fixya is not HP.s
here goes. but G61 is not the full model number on the service tag so how can any one help? windows 7 32bit or 64bit?
you posted to dv6000z why?
G61-100 (or dash 200,300,400,500 or 600) must I guess
ok ill toss my magic dice land on 600
and land at here


easy no? just type in the model fulling and bam HP has your page of support.
first make sure all usb ports work on the PC, using test mouse
or test keyboard , because that is how the CAM works.
next load the camera software there
I load all there, but BIOS.
power on the PC and hammer F11 to get the HP Recovery
if the PC came with VISTA, then you wont like that at all
ive no idea what PC you really have nor what was shipped day one, so... advice is this.
1: what is the full model number and p/n on the service tag.
2: did you buy it new, if yes, was it w7 then,? or not.
lacking those 2 key facts, makes accurate help, impossible
even a danger to your data.

the camera will need 2 driver working and 1 app.
usb drivers
camera drives
and the HP camara App.
all that is before you at REAL HP

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Nov 30, 2017

1264nr NB240UA#ABA (is this your ABA number?)_
no url to chumpions, stated, so I must guess that and its minimum configs. wow.
i see 3 games there, none stated, so Ill pick at random #1
never winter.
there pages stink on this. (no min requirement page) 1st page..
ok doing deep google site: searches, for ARC
i get this. (dang they cut and paste fails)
see photo below
my guess is your laptop is not fitted out with
a GPU, that is.Radeon HD2xxxx or above.
or not running w7 or above
why in the world post lacking OUR OS. XP and VISTA ARE now dead OS.
no OS stated is this VISTA?
if your GPU is nvidia go there and get them
if ATI/AMD go there (bingo)
if intel GPU go there.
let me look yours up first.
DV7-1264nr is clear.
we go now to HP parts surfer, p
dv7-1264nr only answers 1/2 the facts, what you have
the service tag tells me the model number p/n too.
and that matches a mother board.
and that matches a video chip, of many used.
it shows m86 (i looked at 1 of the 50 sub models of DV7)
well that is ATI.
so in the device manager, click video card
is it ATi then it is ATI
so go here.
tell them what OS you run
and the chip , m86 .xxxxxxxxxxxxx
or run there autodetect

picture in your mind
a matrix.
of OS (xp to 10) and 1000s of chips GPU
we cant guess this, your OS, ever, must be SAID.
only DM can tell me that, or looking on the mobo read the chip lid.
or run a PCI scanner, and see it using that.
yes, I know all 4 ways to do this and did so since 1980s (IBM day1)

arc-dcgbt0akq1ng535ovltoebn4-1-0.jpg post a photo of your DM
Control panel click device manager.

deep searches at Hp finds
NB240UA#ABA (hp model PC)
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics RS780M
HD2000 up.
so yours is HD3000 class.
so ask ATI for that driver.
end story.

well hd3000 for w7 32 bit is here.


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Nov 29, 2017

have you tried rebooting in safe mode, or using recovery dvd., or changing memory, or reset bios?

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Nov 29, 2017

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HP Pavilion... | Answered on Nov 28, 2017

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HP Pavilion... | Answered on Nov 28, 2017

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