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windows 8 to 10 have the brightness control in the action center or power settings or look in the charms bar if your using windows 8 or 8.1 (note: if brightness doesnt change it maybe due to the OS not knowing how to change the brightness let me know if that ends up being the case)

HP Wireless... | Answered 1 hour ago

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HP Laserjet Pro... | Answered 20 hours ago

read the HP documents yet?
at HP>
ask here,


HP iQ775 19"... | Answered 23 hours ago

what are you asking,?
who can fix it (any PC shop on earth)
or how can you diagnosis it and how to test PC?
what is the question?
yes, all do that , eventually. all do.
HP Envy M6
M6-nnnnn why not tell the helper, what nnnnnn is,, the full model matters. as does the unstated OS? Windows 7?
a laptop no less, my guess.
m6-1000 is 5 years old (i tossed 2 dice to get that, model.)
here is the list, and page links on tests.

  1. the battery is bad, the big one, as all do soon.
  2. remove the silly main battery and run on AC forever or?
  3. the coin cell is bad, as all do 5 to 10 years old. $2 fix.
  4. The HDD is bad. test it. ask. how. it's not hard.
  5. The power pack is dead. replace it but not before doing step1
  6. The OS will reboot you if the OS gets corrupted, or HDD bad.
  7. its overheating, does the fan work at full speed.?
  8. or worse, there is always worse, see the huge list here.

we know the PC processes and the screen works.
but resets, reboots, or even BSOD's
this rebooting usually progresses to dead black screens.
and the cause is same, leaving out bad screens.
see the stripping tests here, for the hard nut cases.


the hdd tests are here.
a bad HDD self corrupts the OS, and then resets.
HP will even on newer machines put you on the F11 recover page any time the pc does that.
i do the linux tests. booted from CD.(or usb stick)


HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

Your laptops cooling system is not good enough to keep it cool. It happens when a lot of dust stocks inside the fan area. If you have experience in opening laptops cover then open it and clean the dust. Else go to a professional technician.

HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

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HP iPAQ RX1955... | Answered 2 days ago

must be stinking XP and the F6 blunder.
so why run XP, the virus magnet.

i guess you meant something does not work
and that Something (a secret) needs a DRiver.
or you mean you are installing windows XP from scratch
and when it gets lost finding SATA drives. (as XP loves to do)
and then asks you to load the SATA driver using F6 key.
then you look and there is no floppy there.
upgrade to W7
XP and VISTA are not supported now.

HP Compaq... | Answered 2 days ago

english only
or google translate it to english,

HP Compaq... | Answered 2 days ago

hi Twjh.
it sounds like the drivers are missing
where it is showing yellow.
try and up date them drivers from the boot up disc.

HP Compaq dx2200... | Answered 2 days ago

Go to this link and you will see a youtube video on how to do this.
HP 15 6 635 Laptop HOW TO OPEN IT UP Google Search

HP 15.6" 635... | Answered 2 days ago

no photos of white screen presented or posted.
is it white in a dark room???????????
DV5-1125nr (9 years old (first made date) RTC COIN cell time? sure. page 59 tells you how.


lacking any photos , it be impossible to fix this talking in text box.
as they say ,seeing is believing, what you call white I call black.
white on sunny beach, or black in dark room, can be the same.
PAvilion dv5-1125nr

always post what a pC does in the dark, its best.
all text seen , all logos seen (hp or compaq)
any boot screens, any log in screens.
and if the "hit F10 key to enter HP setup" is missing on said screen as seen now for 9 years running.
if that text is missing,
remove the big battery in rear of LP,they short, so get it out now
and first., do that first. always,,,
then run on AC power,
do the HP long reset? (battery out, ac pack pulled
push power button 10 to 30second, not use the ac pack only
it can run on AC forever, end ever , no problems.
do so now.
got that that 9 year old text now? in the dark, ok?
The F10 is BIOS hot key, power on and quickly hammer F10
bingo for BIOS. see that? see those screens, those are first.
if BIOS is dead, it can not boot any OS made.
BIOS does the booting job, see?
here is your support page. at HP, Fixya is NOT HP. so....


this OLD PC, is CCFL back lighted, all are.
2010 year is the magic hear we went to LED backlamps.
but your PC is 2008, see?
CCFL do these things
dim, go yellow, do dead, go intermittent and blink(strobes)
if dim, AS I SUSPECT , then its that. (brightness set to max)
CCFL tubes are 99% caused
the HV inverter is 1%

here is the tube sets.

here is the inverter (high voltage inverter for HV CCFL tubes)


if you tell what it does in the dark , all things
good or bad,.
answer get 10x smaller, or in fact , dead accurate.

why not just get it fixed by a tech.
all old laptops do this, EVERY SINGLE ONE.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 3 days ago

NO OS stated
no full model stated, DV7-nnnn, what is the nnnn?
NO OS stated, this XP? the virus magnet?

sounds like the post is how to get the mouse pad on the top
of the laptop working right, that it?
first use any USB mouse made, plug it in, get it to work
then fix the PC using a REAL MOUSE.

the mouse pads fail because the driver, is missing or wrong.
NO OS stated, at all so how can any one help you lacking such a key fact.
but if you did use the mouse external USB.
and did go to device manager using the mouse
and did change the driver on the MOUSE pad, to the one
that is on HP site, it would work (if not damaged)
no full model stated so cant show exact pages

see here why DV7 means Zero">

29 models made.
lets say you said - dash 1000.
id say
go here
then you said, windows 7-32bit.
and id show this. (show at tell , like kids do)


then find the mouse driver,
HP has the here. click mouse

sp45623.exe (27.6 MB)
my best guess, lacking all facts but DV7 terse

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

The PDA toy, 17 years old now, who uses something this old?

in what country, DLS varies by country and state
and the rules changed here, in 2005. (wiki it)
it's winter here, in USA< so.. you are on other half of earth. (lower)
most computers made for 42 years, , ALL use a RTC chip
same chip as in a wrist watch( close to same, very close)

this chip does all that magic even to the level of a
perpetual calendar ! wiki that.?
so the BIOS can set (all real PCs) all that and the OS too.
when you change the OS time and date it then goes to the
BIOS RTC page and changes it there so they are in sync.
they Sync, up,

I do not know where Any OS stores time, after all it be different in all 100's of OS made, and your old relic PDA , gawd knows.
your manual for Jornada
tells you on PAGE 13, when you reset the Jornada, or or run it the first time, it asks for time city and time zone.
what makes you think this toy device even does daylight saving time, (it have to do every city on earth to do that , no easy thing)
on a real computer here, we can set our clock to WWV time.
via the WWV or WWVH, radio site, here, "atomic time"
then it sets you per the daylight savings (bit set selection)
That is how it works best on a real PC. or notebook.
maybe your Toy PDA is set this way (page 101)
Using ActiveSync, you can synchronize information in Microsoft Outlook
or Microsoft Exchange on your desktop PC with information in Pocket
Outlook on your hp Jornada."
but wait MS shut all that down long ago......

I googled for you and found very little on the RTC functions of you PDA. (but it is too old now, really)
the manual only has very little on topic, (so is limited in features)

my guess is you are looking for something that DOES NOT EXIST.
seem so, no? not in the official book
HP forum zero hits.
google zero hits.
last Jornada sold on ebay for $5 ,gets you 7 of them,
71cents (USD) each, less than 1 PEACH, here
they are not considered here, just trash.

HP Jornada 568... | Answered 3 days ago

Yes. as long as the interface of HDD matched with mainboard of laptop interface. compaq nx7010 use SATA interface so you should use SSD drive with SATA interface . :)

HP Compaq... | Answered 3 days ago

HP did not say you can do that go to w10. so what makes you thing a sound chip works.
no sound from internal speaker or head phones and earbuds?
the service tag shows the full model and p/n
the part number tells the helper what sound chip of many was used.
Windows 10, 32 bit or 64.?
2006 PC, 11 years old, most dont do 64 that old. ever.
nor on this OLD DOG Celeron M 380 (D) 1.6 GHz
HP relic pages, Legacy pages (terse) shows SOUND AS:
Realtek ALC 880 chipset

so lets to go realtek , HP does not support w10 on old old PCs.
lets see of the chip maker supports w10 on this 11+ years old chip

here they are USA side,(not Taiwan)

shows nothing.
my guess no w10 drivers ever existed, nor will they
leaving (my guess 1, is Vista was last one)
trying any VISTA/W7/w8 drivers found, the MIGHT work.
or buying a USB sound dongle device, plug it in and have sound.

that is always to do that.
unless you can fit a new sound card in that slime line case.
id have to see inside it , go, will it fit or not. (size matters)

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 13, 2017

you lost the driver for that. key, its HP only key.
HP driver,
BUT NO PC stated, by it has full product name and number.
are you the only one on earth running XP>
MS shut down the driver server service 3 years ago.

here ask at HP, real, not fixya we are not HP.


warning, they will ask you to tell them what you own.
name and model, etc. or all bets off, XP is now LEGACY,

HP tc Computers... | Answered on Dec 13, 2017

why not get Cell phone and dump this in the trash like 99.9999%
of everyone else has, what good is it? its has zero value.

or why not ask HP , we are not HP we are Fixya.
here they are, ask the REAL HP.



HP iPAQ H1940... | Answered on Dec 13, 2017

so , you meant ? "where can I" ? as in a real question?
Abdellatif Ziati wants answers to this question , hyJacking 2013 posts to the wrong forum D530??
NO OS stated, and drivers match, OS, windows what.
and what fails, what feature fails,,
the PC D530 is obsolete and HP has no support now for it.
so google all day long and find it, and get the PC infected.
ive no idea what pd1069p is.... nor does HP searches find it.

the D530 is 14 year old now. an old Pentium 4 box.
some came with windows 2000, (17 year old OS)
here is the old data sheet on this Relic PC.


we take these to the dumps, and give it the last rights. RIP

HP Compaq d530... | Answered on Dec 13, 2017

here you go disassembly guide

Download manual


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

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