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it may be your sound mixer's input sources settings or even youtube's own volume/mute control.

you have to check both (with youtube running check the mixer) also see pic for youtube control circled in red

youtube volume or mute-ool03cqqhgum5s0tosdyzqae-2-0.jpg

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 hours ago

fix? are you asking for parts, or asking how to.
(how, remove screws from hinge and replace them)
there are 2 ways to buy. (fix with parts)
buy new ones
buy used.
ever heard of ebay,?
all those parts are there,used, and dirt cheap. IMO

but you never posted the service tag
so real help is impossible lacking that key data.

HP Computers &... | Answered 8 hours ago

its old
hp.com has no driver page. now.
end of life for that and XP for 3 years now.
join the HP.forum
then ask for the correct SATA driver
post your PCI codes.
click CP
click DM
click your bad, SATA chip driver.
below is NIC, example, only
then post them on hp link in my 2nd post;

like this.91e9b7e0-391e-4e3e-8c90-fab2bc01777b.jpg

HP Pavilion... | Answered 10 hours ago

all 3 power packs do that?
on 3 LT.?
what a load of bull 3 new LT, hope you didnt pay $1000 each.
2009 is not new. not by a mile.

running VISTA.
they are relics sure new to you and means XERO THAT!
id bet all 3 have bad batteries.
so now remove the batteries and see it now work ok.
on all 3.
see? what does that tell you.
yes, all batteries this old do not work, now.
none do.

out of warranty
hahjahahahahahahah now that made my day that joke
it can run widows 7, BTW

hp still support it. its out of warranty after year 2010 1 year old.

here is the fix.
buy one new battery
see it work on all 3 LT?
now you know that batteries 7 or 8 years old, really are a hopeless
place to be.
non one lasted that long.
or is totally weak
or is so bad it confuses the charger chip. as all do like that.

HP NB199UA... | Answered 10 hours ago

‘The Wow starts Now’, was the catch-cry at Vista’s lavish launch early in 2007. The campaign was slick and glossy, but it didn’t take long for users to complain in droves that Vista was as slow as a wet week, a resource hog and painful to work with. The cool aero-glass look wasn’t enough to offset the pain. The verdict: Vista was a cane toad in fancy drag.
Microsoft’s infrequent responses reflected, with crystal clarity, the company’s arrogance. ‘Frankly, the world wasn't 100 percent ready for Windows Vista,’ was how one spokesperson put it. Mostly, Microsoft ignored the howls of protest because it knew that Vista would sell up a storm regardless, because it gets installed on almost every new PC sold.
By mid-year, the rousing chorus chanting that the Wow had become a mere whisper stung Microsoft into action. A new campaign was launched: ‘100 Reasons You’ll be Speechless.’ The marketing hype took enormous liberties with the truth and failed to mention the heavy slug of the Vista upgrade price or the cost of the extra hardware needed to run it.
By the end of 2007, most of the early wrinkles - including missing drivers - had been ironed out via various updates, but Vista’s poor performance remained. Those who hope for Service Pack 1 to improve things will be out of luck, as the tests at this site show. Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, on the other hand, showed a 10% improvement.
Reality bites
Vista’s advantages over XP are largely cosmetic, despite what Microsoft says, while some of its drawbacks are very real. For a light-hearted take on this comparison, check this story which uses reality inversion to great effect by introducing XP as the successor to Vista and going on and on about the many improvements XP introduces.
Bottom Line: If you have a well-working XP set-up on your PC, keep it. There’s little you can achieve with Vista that you can’t do faster with XP. If you run professional graphics applications, the lack of support for the OpenGL graphics library under Windows Vista is an extra handicap. The same applies to CPU-intensive applications like video transcoding, where Vista lags a long way behind XP.
The old XP theme doesn’t look too bad if you change the blue borders for silver ones (Control win-xp-shot.jpg Panel>Display>Themes) and replace the green lawn with a pretty picture (right-click on picture>set as desktop background). If you’re still hankering after Vista’s eye-candy, there’s plenty of it and it’s mostly free.
Vista Style is a popular choice. Vista transformation pack is another. Be warned that some of these transformations can have unintended effects on system stability.
If you still have your heart set on Vista, the best way to avoid the steep upgrade price is to buy it with a new PC. My Vista Business edition came with a bargain Compaq Presario laptop I bought on sale (twin AMD Turion cpus, 1gb of RAM, nVidia go 6100 graphics).
"Vista makes using your PC a breeze"
This is one of the first of the ‘100 Reasons you’ll be speechless’. It did that alright because, fresh out of the box, Vista Business took many minutes to reveal its full glory, the long periods of darkness relieved occasionally by the mouse pointer appearing with the circle spinning like a top.
About performance, the 100 reasons list says this: ‘New technology in Windows Vista makes your PC significantly more responsive while you are performing everyday tasks. Improved start-up and sleep behavior helps both desktop and mobile PCs get up and running more quickly ...’
Don’t believe a word of it - Vista runs many more services than XP and uses far more resources as it looks after itself. That’s no surprise, since new Windows releases have always been heftier than previous versions, and Microsoft’s architects have always relied on Intel to restore performance. Put another way, ‘whatever Intel giveth, Microsoft taketh away.’
"It’s the Safest Version of Windows Ever"
This is the third reason in Microsoft’s 100 reasons campaign. With Microsoft’s poor track record in security, that’s not saying much. Vista’s User Account Control, the great new security feature here, is about as well-thought out as Bush’s invasion of Iraq.
What is the point of forcing a user (who is also the administrator) to re-enter the same password she started the system with, over and over again, and going all dark on her every time she wants to do something? It’s worse than the constant pop-ups in XP that warn us not to open files from un-trusted sources (including those from Microsoft). At least that made you stop and think. UAC just makes you mad.
And Vista still needs the same old security software to keep it protected, despite Microsoft’s assurances to the contrary. More of that further down.
2. Optimize Windows Vista for better performance
That’s the title of one of the articles Microsoft has dribbled out of late to address the issue. It shows clearly that Microsoft is still in denial, preferring to blame the user: ‘That state-of-the-art PC you bought last year might not feel like such a screamer after you install a dozen programs, load it with anti-spyware and anti-virus tools, and download untold amounts of junk from the Internet.’
That’s adding serious insult to grave injury, but the court jesters at Redmond aren’t done yet: ‘Sometimes changing your computing behavior can have a big impact on your PC's performance. If you’re the type of computer user who likes to keep eight programs and a dozen browser windows open at once—all while instant messaging your friends—don’t be surprised if your PC bogs down.’
There you have it, you pitiful dumb users. The final insult for this user who bought a brand-new laptop with Vista Business installed is this piece of advice: ‘If your PC is rated lower than 2 or 3 [on the Vista Experience Scale], it might be time to consider a new PC ...’
The Vista Experience Index
In the Control Panel, clicking on ‘Performance Information’ leads to a panel where Vista offers to rate the Presario's performance. Taking up that option produces an ‘Experience Index’, which holds up numbers like those sullen judges who rate Olympic ice skaters.
You’d assume that the score is on a scale of 5 but it turns out to be out of 5.9, a number only the King's architects could conjure up, isolated as they are in their tall towers at Redmond. They say it's the nVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 integrated graphics chip that's letting the side down, which I’m not ready to accept. For one, the Presario handles Ubuntu’s Emerald’s aero-glass and compiz-fusion 3D with no dramas of any kind.

HP Compaq... | Answered 11 hours ago

know one here can answer any of that.
if the power pack is good, 19vdc in to the mobo then its GOOD>
if not not.
if the battery is bad, it can cause a dead system. shorted batteries do that, so leave it out. and run on the power pack
why not do that?
lets say battery out it still fails..
so the power pack is bad or the jack on PC is bad.
ive seen cloned battery packs from china fail in 1week
many. if you watch the news ,some catch fire, and lots of recalles.
even hp.com has recalls.... for this... as do all makers....
Batteries by there nature are problematic, for 100 years now...

whats the point there? use HP packs?

why not have 2 batteries , so when one fails the other yells
see I WORK>?

HP Pavilion... | Answered 11 hours ago

bad switch i monitor.
fix switch
or new monitor.
its just a switch, it closes and OSD pops. on demand by said switch, OSD is a timing processor in the display that has the OSD code in it , "program"

HP Computers &... | Answered 11 hours ago

Insert your XP disc and repair your system.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 11 hours ago

Looks like an LED screen to me. No inverter in those.

HP VM114UA... | Answered 11 hours ago

so you plug this display in to any other DT or LT pc
and it fails too?
if yes, the display is bad
if not your PC is borked. (needs service, )or bad display card.(chip)
or drivers wrong or bad. up date the video car. drivers now.

we cant do both here, but you can test this why and tell us
which part is bad, display or PC>

HP La2405wg 24... | Answered 11 hours ago

no ops system stated,? windows 7? or VISTA\
circa 2008 to 2011 old.
every post with Compaq in it is long. why is that?
answer, it old and sux, tops list. sorry'
its dead. and the onboard recovery fails too.
reasons, all.\

1: its virus infected ,so up dates or startup fixes or refesh fails.
as expected with all virus. (dah)

so why not use the HP.com media fresh install kit
google that, and win or ask HP. they will help, for sure.

only that works every TIME. unless.......
2: bad HDD ( a 10 year old hdd, what is its chances.. up grade to SSD now, sure)
here try the test
get a live boot CD/DVD, windows PE 8 or 10 , or linux live boot anything, (google live CD and learn)
does PC run good now, off CD/dvd drive? booted ?
yes, good, there is hope, see? see you can boot off
DVD or Usb sticks now.(UDISK)
so do the full fresh install of w7? next> if PC is good.?

as seen here


here is the recover disk or stick page


there is no lack of HP help or documentation.

HP Computers &... | Answered 11 hours ago

if you have windows 7 or 8 right click on "my computer" and choose device manager look for Bluetooth on the list it will probably be there with a yellow triangle with an ! in it right click on that and choose update driver then let it install it for you

HP Computers &... | Answered 12 hours ago

windows 98 in year 2017, why/?
good luck,
why mess with this old box.
why not get a 10 year newer box for near nothing at GOODWILL.
really this box is land fill fodder. now. know body beats there head on w98 now....
mx.com no support
hp.com no support its on the no support page, seen here
Compaq Presario Media Center SR2030NX Desktop PC
so if a driver is bad (hell the hardware is too)
then go to the chips that fails home page

the mobo is ASUS>
may be the they have 19 year old IDE drivers for win98
 GeForce 6150 LE chipset
the IDE is nforce , (old)
the only hope is Asus, old pages or nvida relic pages.


HP Compaq... | Answered 12 hours ago

step one after checking DC supply voltage to spec
is does the BIOS key works
BIOS must work or the system is dead.
or video out port dead.
is this your first PC failure? experience

see if this dead screen page helps.
your post is not clear at all
start at the power switch and then go into BIOS
can you do that, if not find out why, bad screen>?
bad VGA port? lost DC power, try 2nd known screen
we can see you work and what all you see or saw.
lacking more clear results, and tests.


HP Compaq... | Answered 12 hours ago

wow, my guess this is a 1 PC home, ?
no router stated, or if its yours or ISP (junk) I run my own gear.
try my steps for best fast correction of the problem.
is the router with WIFI, what is name of router and model number.
and get 10 times better answers.
  1. try another cable yet,or other router RJ45 Ethernet port?
  2. try 2nd PC here< or a friends,? work now? no then router issues....routers are complex, and no router stated so....
  3. if router is wifi try a pc yours or others or cell in wifi to connect does that work,???? you need to set up the router to use wifi.
  4. Ok there are 2 diagnostic paths here. 1 is router and your one and only PC and no friends have a PC, right? lets to that next.

Friends pc dead. on cable. (new cable not yours)
that means the router is broked.
even the lease time wrong can cause that.
did you reset the router to see if the connection comes up
that be first first.
if the router is still dead. you need access rights to check it.
so this help now ends.... lacking whats there or how owns it.

way 2 , 1 PC dead now, on 2 either net cables and all router ports dead. but other PC work on your router, simple no?

if just your pc is dead, it can only be 2 things
a: bad hardware (blown NIC chip) network interface chip.
b: bad software, or INSTALLED WRONG !!!
C; NIC parameters wrong called the STACK.

lets work B: (a; is hopeless, needs NIC new)
first off what PC is it and what does HP support.
the deal with HP mobo, is that the underlaying chips must
also be right for the NIC chip to work
many HP have up to 5 nic chips used there new.
(options) that right, up to 5, and the HP page covers that
if you had read it

first ill carbon date this beast 2007 it is , on the cusp of zero HP support,(10yr rule) get the software while you still can.
HP says
HP Pavilion dv2500t CTO Notebook PC

HP told me only Vista support.ed!!
well ,why leave VISTA. ? vista runs NIC ok for sure,!@

now you must find all errors it the system for drivers.
that can mess up the NIC.
since now on W7 you are committed it seems.. ouch
and you used a real windows disk to do that, not HP disk.
so there will be missing drivers doing that. or wrong.

the NIC here is
Marvell Yukon 88E8039 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Driver

here are the only drivers that can work
off marvell site
if you use CP control panel
and RC right click the NIC, you will see what chip is there
but be warned, other chips may need w7 drivers (correct)
to allow the NIC to run right, that is why never upgraded
with out HP , support,
but i have vast times but GO THE DISTANCE on all drivers
called HARD long work.
as seem below.:

if the network stack is all good
and your pc runs on your neighbors router with same cable
then the parameters in the router are wrong.

at he elevated command prompt type, (winkey+x) (admin)
IPconfig , enter

see that IPV4 , that is your router assigned IP, using its DHCP server. mine is set up with 10's on purpose.
the gate way must be correct and not blank


HP Pavilion... | Answered 12 hours ago

cira 2008 +
Vista. now that is old and support ends in a few days MS.com
vista 32 or 64, we cant guess them.
this box is supported up to w7-64 , just looked for you.
er1:so no hp disk
er2: did not go to hp.com and read. its all there to read,.
if product is 10 years or less young.

HP Pavilion G60-235DX

i toss coin land on VIsta 32
and see this tab multimedia and your cam
took me all of 1min todo that. why cant you?
hp.com is hard to remember sure.
get the install disks now, while its still under 10 years old or never. later.


solution, if softwarel
remove all driver, (right click remove, in cp+Dm)
add above.

HP Pavilion... | Answered Yesterday

call Hp.com yet. no
post to there great forum
why not?




there is NO LACK of HP support ever
this fixya chat forum is not even close to real forums.! a fact.

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

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