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what PC?
what OS? stated,
nobody can help you , unless the whole system is stated,
in details.
guess :1:
it wont work as supposed to because you have added other non HP software related to CAM, and they are in conflict.
remove that conflicting software
or do a HP OS refresh. using HP restore.

HP w2558hc 25.5"... | Answered 4 hours ago

xp was never designed to do that ever. my guess... and is true in vast cases with XP , XP is DEAD, as will be getting new drivers for new devices, see?
When I plug the USB what does that mean.

all i can tell as would HP, take that USB thing above
go the the makers web site, see that software, there,
do they have XP software, NO.
i bet they do not support XP

not only that all said was,.
bose multimedia speakers.

what does that mean>/ its non specific so is useless. input
the only word there good id BOSE(tm)
they make lots of things, most things do not run on any XP
unless real lucky,

my guesss is the BOSE(tm) has its own sound chip
and needs its own SOUND chip driver to work
and if even you had that chip driver,
XP would get real confused having 2 sound chips in one PC
try this , go to DM , device manager,
and turn off the normal sound chip from HP.
on windows 10 we click the task bar speaker and kill the onboard sound chip that way, letting head phones USB work.
or USB external devices that have, 2nd chip.
see? running 2 chips at same time (sound) is never going to work
like having 2 TV's playing same time, chaos.

HP Computers &... | Answered 4 hours ago

go to BIOS screen
boot see that prompt there on the screen in first 3 seconds power one.? that is the BIOS prompt (rom bios)
hit ESC, see bios screen then hit F1, info page has all that
as seen here.
hp 8540 (modern LT rugged)

HP Computers &... | Answered 4 hours ago

Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password and after the third unsuccessful try it reads, System Disabled {88023826}. I am not certain if if is Windows 8, 64 or 32 bit. But is is an HP Notebook Model number, 2000-2b44dx. I was wondering if someone could provide me the eight (8) digit code that is required to get back into her laptop. She just purchased it in 2013, but has only had the pleasure of using it for 7 months.for more info or resolving any other query contsct @ HP Printer Customer Support number

HP Computers &... | Answered 10 hours ago

I would check for firmware updates. Basically make sure you have all your updates. I would see if the Key is working at all. the 2 or the SHIFT key. It may be a hardware issue if its just that key. Which would result in needing a replacement keyboard.

HP Computers &... | Answered 22 hours ago

what PC, HP, then what HP model
what OS< what operating system. on that PC.
did install the C5580 software, packing from HP.com
matching your OS?,
how is the 5580 connected to that PC.
USB connected?
Or blu-tooth connected.\
the manual.

the software is here.
XP throught a w10 software is here, match what you have.


if running XP, make sure SP3 is installed, service pack3
if USB fails try different USB port on that PC.

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

get malwarebytes from malwarebytes, never cnet, they infect it.
here is the only safe source, the maker,
gee.... why must i say that.... sad no>?

get rid of norton (its horrid buy Eset)
and XP is dead now for 3 years, why run that? its a virus magnet?
run linux, on old slow dogs like this.
memory is complex.
sw when did you get those Dimms, 10 years ago or yesterday
when did it go from 1 to 4. and now, and what brand and number.

let me guess, its the wrong memory. I bet.
finding good memory in 2017 for such an old pc is not easy
in fact its hard to buy, and if you find it, its sold by scalpers.
used, memory.
the memory must match the needs of that OLD CPU
and or its mmc controller, that be a hard cold fact.
and no PC now uses that old memory, why not buy a PC that is 10 years and newer and ovoid fixing and dumping cash on any XP puter made>? be super wise that.....
the pC is 2005 years. 12 years old.
it runs a Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz
came with 2x 256mb sticks. new, and are special.
4 gigs max, 4x1
PC3200 MB/sec
the PC is a Presario (key name to find mem)
but wait there is a DT and LT Presario, must I guess that too?>
ill answer desktop DT.
the top maker is KINGSTON, and they stopped making DDR2.

does that new memory show up in BIOS?
does it pass the BIOS memory checks?
i bet not.
but get rid of norton. youne

all you said was norton dies, with excess memory
nor what else works with full memory, what works and not works
is key to all diagnosis.
you do know norton sux, and will charge you 50bucks to reactivate it right?
not only that but norton is very heard to remove back when./
I use pro grade, RevoInstaller, to kill things like this.
next time post what works with full memory.

if your memory worked for years, say so.... we cant guess
what happened when nor what upgrades done when

HP Compaq... | Answered 2 days ago

why use this old HP pocket PC? (nobody does now, right>?)_
even a $20 old smart CELL phone works better, cheaper...
there is no HP support now. its obsolete.

but if really compelled to live in dark-ages, (like me)
note the product is SO OLD the forum is locked
read only


see this page, see the word in red, click here?
do that (create and account and post for help at HP.com)


HP Jornada 928 | Answered 2 days ago

what PC, ? we can not guess, what you have there.

well its sleep mode bug , right?
and sleep and hibernate both are very hard to get working perfect.
some folks just avoid those 2 modes, and live their lives
other spend weeks fixing it.
The auto-drivers are bad. in the PC that fails.
no PC stated, or OS stated, so how can anyone help.
here reload windows from HP media set. or F11 recover mode
or go to hp.com and download all drivers
and reload them all.
or just audio. but do know other chips work in concert with audio
sound chips, so.. all related drivers must be good.

pretend W7
pretend you googled
Windows 7, audio driver fails coming out of sleep.
or ask on the HP forum
tell which PC failed, and its model # in full.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered 2 days ago

sure, (reload a fresh new video driver)
what game, name it ?
are you using an external screen,all the time or part time?
does device manager show all drivers for GPU and Screen ok>?
DV6929WM has hot key for external screen, mine has on/off/auto, turn it off.
this pc is only supported at VISTA. says HP.com
so you changed OS right?
that means only non HP drivers now work.
so that takes hard work.

here is what it came with

when you upgrade with no HP support, problems will be plenty
we have to fix them 1 by 1, the hard way,
getting each driver 1 by 1, see. ?
go to nivida.com and get i.
its a Geforce, (i have one of their fastest here now,)


HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

Call +1-800-204-4427 to Our Technical Support Number for hp_officejet_6700 For Instant Resolution of Your Query. To speak technical support representative dial +1 (800) 204-4427 (U.S.) 6 Am to 6 Am, (24*7 hours) Pacific Time, Monday through Sunday. If you needs a technical diagnosis you can call on our tech support team 1-800- 204-4427, which is especially open round-the-clock for online assistance.

HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

Try uninstalling reinstalling the drivers for both and see what happens.

HP 2140 Netbook | Answered 2 days ago

tell what you have first , HP makes 1000s of things
1980 to now, huge numbers of things
what are you working on?
what are you doing
what works and what don't work right tells helper what is wrong.
even post screen shots, omg, useful.

HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

In order to fix this error message you need to fix registry errors of your system, you should apply a professional Registry Repair tool to deal with all of your system errors including dll error, registry error and more.
For more you should visit: Fix Computer Errors Improve Its Performance

HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

My HP notebook died like this because the HD was worn out, because of the constant updating. remove Windoze 10 and/or replace the HD, i threw mine away....i recovered the HD on another pg using a HD-usb adaptor they cost 10 bucks on ebay ;)

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

well that is so easy to answer,
first off you are not using real HP disks are you.
sure. its old Blue Microsoft disks right,
and when you do that wrong, you get no HP chip drivers and lost more missing, even top row, fn keys dead, not just audio.

XP is a dead OS. for 3 years now, zero updates and is now a virus magnet extream.
nx9010 note book shuts down, all 3 os install different. !
old XP runs a very old and very DUMBB seteup.,exe
the newer OS run WINPE for setup.exe. vastly better and boots and loads the OS totally different.

Xp can be installed many ways, not one stated by you.

1-insert, HP install disk in CDROM drive and click, setup.exe running in a XP explorer window, live install
2: boot to HP install disk.
3: boot and hit F11 run HPs on HDD restore partition.
4: same as a above 1, or 2, but is Micro soft disk (wrong, you did it wrong, do not use mS disk) if must ask how, its a long long long story. ive done it all ways, 1000s of time. now since first PC.s ever.

if booting to XP , right or wrong CD. (its a CD right<)> or a stick
that too not stated,
it boots and you answer questions, then it starts copying
if it stalls that means, the CD is bad.
or PC is bad, you do know there are 3million transistors here to fail right? bad HDD, bad Mobo, and more. lots more
even the CPU can over heat and will shut down.

Personally I avoid all CD nows, they sux'd then and do now more.
make and ISO of your CD, (ask its easy and free)
then burn the ISO to a 4GB or bigger uSB memory stick using free RUFUS app.
boot to stick. on my HP hit F9 and pick Udisk USB. boot
bingo no more CD errors ever again.

i bet bad CD. seen it vast times, endless , but not today. too savvy now. to mess with any CD, if you copy it to ISO and get CRC errors
its a bad CD.
end pain.

the problem with real old PC most cant boot to USB
or must be BIOS flashed updated to get that.
ill now ill try to learn what yours can or can not do.
lacking ,what is there now.
but id do this first. go in to BIOS BOOT PAGE

What is the default boot order? The default boot order settings for the computer are configured in the factory. The default boot order for HP notebook PCs is listed below.
  1. Floppy disk drive
  2. Optical drive (DVD, CD-ROM)
  3. Hard drive
  4. USB device (see this?) bingo, can boot and install any OS here
  5. Network adapter

HP NX9010:... | Answered 3 days ago

I would not post your ip address to either of these online. someone with a small amount of routing skill could cause some damage with that info. just saying. i have no answer to you question just trying to help you otherwise.

HP LaserJet... | Answered 3 days ago

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