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HP Pavilion... | Answered 7 hours ago

IF you are saying that you have the desktop and the laptop set to share, make sure that you have the same home group name in both and check that password too

HP Computers &... | Answered 7 hours ago

U made some stu-id mistakes and have no bread for recovery disks. Basically, you are screwed.

Get the scratch.

HP Computers &... | Answered 7 hours ago

There were many laptop video chips made a few years ago (millions made and sold HP, DELL, Lenovo, Toshiba, and many, many other laptop manufacturers sold them), w/ low temp (no lead) solder for years that caused the dreaded "Black Screen No Video" problems and issues, due to the chips cracking or desoldering by themselves due to heat buildups inside, and there were many common manufacturers that used said chips There was a small recall window after a massive class action lawsuit. (The solder reaches a certain fairly low temp, and the hundreds of solder balls crack between the chip and the mobo connections).

Can be repaired by special heating of the motherboard to resolder the chip and then gluing the chip to the board (the cheap fix, sometimes works, sometimes fails later)...or the correct fix of complete removal of the vid chip and resoldering or reballing w/ better high temp lead based solder. Or replacement of the motherboard itself w/ ATI chips if avail. (they never used that low temp solder to begin with it appears as I have never seen the problem rear it's head w/ an ATI vid chip yet, though I still install shims and other extra cooling on them too).....Plenty of choices for repair at e-bay, and youtube has many vids concerning the issue. (I have repaired thousands of laptops that showed the problem). Cheaper than a new laptop though. I always also install special aftermarket copper shims and cooling materials on all laptop units for both the vid chip(s), and the cpu chips to further help cool those units internally better than OEM heatsink cooling methods (amazing what copper shims, arctic silver and a few heat transfer cooling pads will do if properly installed. Cleaning out the unit by complete disassembly often really helps a lot too, just too much hot stuff all stuffed into too small a space, too much dust buildup...looks like a felt pad between the fan and the fan exhaust heatsink often on disassembly, and too much constant heat buildup inside the case causes those chips to overheat & desolder more times than not. Some units like HP dv7 Series also created a special BIOS file to turn on the cooling fan continuiously, so heating issues are much less frequent (if also cleaned out often enough), but that causes more continuous noise, especially if there is dust or that felt pad like buildup between the fan and the external heatsink. (Hair dust, carpet or blanket or clothing fibers).

To determine if it an LCD problem or Video chip problem, do the following firstly;

If the computer boots at all (turns on, you can hear the hard drive spin up, fans are on, no video still though, and the hard drive light seems to flash a lot like it is loading the OS normally...allow it to load fully until the HD light pretty much stops blinking. Use the FN key and the internal/external monitor button to see if the LCD comes on w/ video.....No? Then Turn it off. And then attempt to hook up an external monitor after shutting it down again (do not plug it into the laptop while it is running), using the blue 25 pin port on the laptop, then reboot again, and use the FN keyboard key after boot up, and the External/internal monitor keys again (one of the F keys usually around F5 or so...2 pics of screen/monitor together on 1 F key top of the keyboard), on the keyboard together to attempt to switch between the internal LCD screen and the now installed external monitor. (If he gets a picture on the screen using the external monitor, then the problem is not the actual video chip, but is a problem w/ the LCD screen of the laptop...Broken screen or damaged LCD cable, unplugged cable, bad backlight or LCD inverter, etc....But that can easily be replaced or fixed also).
If he still gets no picture on the external monitor, or on the LCD, it can be and usually is the dreaded vid chip black screen issue (or sometimes a failed CPU). That can also be fixed. I repair them often, motherboard needs removal and diagnosing. Some units though were later made w/ overtemp video shutdown if the fan does not cool immediately, and sometimes a simple thorough cleaning and re-assembly solves the issue. Some HP units (and others), have a diagnosing keyboard light flashing sequence on boot up (between the CAPS LOCK and the NUM PAD LOCK lights), that will diagnose a no start issue also, which can and should be done before any disassembly.....Some I have just replaced the CPU after diagnosing w/ those lights and the video comes right back. (Those few I actually thought were vid chip problems, but the light flash sequence said CPU failure...sure enough it was). And cheaper fixes too. ($17~$20 Used CPU's lots cheaper than a $125.00 motherboard vid chip reball +shipping).

If he wants professional help I repair and am quite reasonable. But I send out the motherboard for repair if that is actually necessary to someone who has a re-ball machine. Usually a new or repaired mobo is actually cheaper and faster if avail. on ebay for less.

I diagnose properly first before doing any of that. It is usually much cheaper than a new laptop and loss of that data though to simply repair the existing laptop and apply/install cooling shims to stop the problem from re-happening again. Extra cooling and proper cleaning does absolute wonders.

The make and model of the actual laptop helps determine what diagnosing features are available per the individual service manual and internal built in diagnosing features...Always include the info in a question off the laptop labels on the top & bottom of the unit, it looks like: *Each unit will be different specs. though.

Toshiba Satellite L455-S5975 Serial No. X9141XXXK Part No. PSLY0U-00VXX1 Service Tag: VNX756L
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
Intel Celeron 900 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 15.6" HD Tru-Bright Display, Matte Silver (AMD/ATI/N-VIDIA) Video chipset.

All that info can usually be determined w/ the unit off by reading the labels and tags, and all the info is important to be able to research Black screen issues and all other issues.

If he decides not to fix that issue, that laptop is still worth much as individual parts (together whole or in pcs. sold 1 at a time fully disassembled. I personally buy lots of pcs. to fix other peoples laptops, and whole units each yr. to fix and then sell). ebay them do not shelve them. We always need lots of good used parts.

Good Luck.

HP Computers &... | Answered 9 hours ago

that is like the 64,000 dollar question, no>
like W10 has like,1 million defaults.
gee, turn off discovery.(unless sharing a printer, connected to YOU.
turn off sharing,why risk private data,ever?????????

why not state a problem.... or a question on security ?
and not defaults.
they may very from pC to PC
if you had install the OS your self youd have seen all those
endless questions then, and know that ,all that is setup at the
install time.
wish I knew your worries,or goals
none stated, at all,
im not on the same page as you, due to that. sorry

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

They all work fine. Get the largest drive you can afford when it is on sale and you are good to go..

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

You can put anything you like into that field. It wont affect the server operation. The asset text is only for network management purposes, to assist in identifying the server from a remote location.

HP ProLiant... | Answered Yesterday

paltalk messenger unable to connect tc-2120

HP Server Tc2120... | Answered Yesterday

what makes you think
we use DIP switched after the millennium.??
PNP replaced DIPs
and jumper ended in the 86s... was a pro then ,on jumpers 101
why not post all symptoms and ask for help.
the HP site, has all this.
HP is top maker has best docs in the business !!!

not old came with w10
the driver show 2016 oldest, wow its NEw



HP Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

The first thing to do is go into the computer and bring up the Device Manager to see if the camera is installed and the driver is installed. I suspect you have no driver and need to go to the computer makers support site and download it.

HP Compaq for... | Answered 2 days ago

new router . be like jerking ruG out from team of clown jugglers
is printer on wifi? some can be connected 3 ways.
but not one word on this.key fact.

learn find true cause
use say a real PC
any real PC (no a kindle is not a real PC its a toy)
then get the PC to print, load driver. lean.works.
see printer works. end, goose chase?
proves router works, and pc, and the printer wroks
the printer will have to be rejoined to the router
all in one printer

chapter 7 , in users guide here?

click chpter 7, how to setup printer to new router
just start at step one, like you bought all toys new

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

Anas Mghribi wants more answers to this question 2017
HP shows no such product
why do that.
here is
ask them?


HP Server Tc2120... | Answered 3 days ago

no computer stated
zero inputs.

sounds like you lost the book on what ever HP device that is.
i went to hp.com
got ZERO hits
goggle 1st hit ( shows not HP at all)
i have american greetings, creatcard plus version 1.01, 1995.

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

enterprise level HS switch,
how many open
my guess, is what is the defaults
never using the cable for setups.
well why not RTM, read the manual.

page 121
says all off, (if you think about that, its for security and major companies, off is SAFE)
thus the word enterprise solitions.

to use something this complex,we read the manual


next time
go to hp.com
and search j4121a
bingo, 1second,flat, the book.

HP Procurve... | Answered 3 days ago

IP address lease time set wrong
in router.
log in to IT and correct it
also routers have TIMED RULES
Get the book and read it,all and learn what YOURS can do.

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

sounds like class room ,HTML questions
is this.
are you cheating on a test?
browers support, depends on whos and age
1: text.
2, means linked text. 1 +2 = Hypertext
3:supports images
4: supports, page complex structures ,tables and CCS.
5: today can run java script to do, ANYTHING mind can think up.
#5 us optional but needed for like bank logins. etc.
even this page goes dead lacking #5

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

beth? ok name

lost PW?

what is extension,name it
what is screen demanding?
say it?
what does screen show frozen , photo it?

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

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