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Replace the battery, it must have a problem of some sort.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 19 hours ago

I had the exact same problem so I called HP support.The instructions were- remove power cord from lap top if power cord is connected, then remove battery, connect power cord to lap top then turn on lap top by holding power button down for 30 seconds. It booted up, no problem. The proceedure is to remove static electricity.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 20 hours ago

ok, an A6512p0b PC desk top.
HP media kit,? a real kit not using home made kit? from HP.
New HDD causes the F11 key to go dead (or F10 older PC)
F11/10, is the VIRTUAL install CDs/
HP put the install CDs in its own hidden install partition.
making the f10/11 key run that virtual CD installer.

now you have a new HDD, and guess what, all that is gone.
so step 2 is what, REAL MEDIA KIT. from HP.

HP has a huge pages on this, every step every way possible to restore, at hp.com ever see HP.com?

what worries me is this statement by you/'
"but cannot open BIOS." this is serious all screens must work.

you can remove the HDD and CD drives and BIOS always works
BIOS IS IN ROM, it always works or it has very very serious problems if it is DEAD. BIOS DEAD.
the screen is not dead, you see its works.
  1. PSU bad.
  2. CPU overheating or heat sink bad or fell off.
  3. memory bad, try 1 stick at a time?
  4. other things plugged in to mobo that are shorted..
  5. mobo bad.
  6. GPU card bad or has problems if it has one. see #4
  7. desktops can have lots of things added, i cant see yours. inside/.

the correct kits are from HP, here.
comes with all drivers, and all HP apps. and is turn key.


there are other ways to do this, using MS disks and long day of work.
ill not teach that here.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 21 hours ago

Page 194 of the manual states the following.
I know it mentions microtower... but it is the same for SFF too.
HP Compaq Pro 6300 Series Microtower Maintenance And Service Manual Page...

HP Compaq Elite... | Answered 22 hours ago

what is a tx2, circa 2007 device?
its a very old laptop.
right> super old running XP, right? is it/? or Vista 32?
HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC

no OS stated, what operating system is running,??????
has the OS been upgraded, or changed? we cant guess that.
The Drivers on this touch pad are failing.
if you go to HP.com you can get the correct drivers.
but they will ask you for the full model number not just terse tx2

see them here.

there are 4 , classes of TX2

failures like this are software or hardware caused.
if software can be virus infected, that both vista and Xp worse
will be... and endless. pain there.
or someone loaded wrong OS, or wrong drivers.

all that is called OS corrupted, in one form are another.
Id reload the OS using real HP disks.
or try the drivers seen here.

i guessed VISTA 32, if not vista 32, tell HP what it is now.


HP Computers &... | Answered 22 hours ago

its infected.
reload the OS as HP directs.
cleaning it would take days or impossible..

asks here.

read the restore pages

id get the recovery disk and use them , real disks HP.


HP Laptop... | Answered 22 hours ago

why ask here and not HP forum. for 100x better help.
your failure is not known what ebay needs, nor its rules. nor its methods.
my guess is java script failures, or adobe flash issues, or the like.
i have no idea at all what a Compaq 236076-001 Touchpad

post the service tag on it, and what OS it runs.
HP asks that first, and is not stated here. so all answers will be wrong.
its old for sure with that Compaq moniker.
google says you rare the first person ever to post the funny numbers.
why use that number?

  1. What PC name it , use service tag.
  2. is it a old IPAQ? hand held portable device
  3. a desk top
  4. a notepad,laptop, or notebook, or netbook.? what is it ?
  5. HP has 1000s of PCs, from 1984 to now, vast.
  6. The bottom of the device shows the service tag and real name of this device, called a full model number, like dv6-1234us.
  7. jailbreaking is Cell phone term why ask this?
  8. even posting a photo of your device or URL link to one is a small wonder here.. rare...
here ask at HP

here they are, best of the best in PCs and printers


HP Compaq... | Answered 22 hours ago

install the driver for that monitor on the laptop

HP Pavilion... | Answered Yesterday

Press the blue Connect button on the bottom of the mouse or keyboard and hold it down for 10 seconds. Synchronize the wireless devices as follows: Turn the computer around and find the wireless receiver on the back. Pull down on the USB receiver to unplug it from the USB slot, and more if you can't do your self call us +1-800-204-4427 usa toll-free number

HP (5187-1755)... | Answered Yesterday

the manual covers all that.
some you have to reset it, with special steps in said book
to get it start like new ,then set it up as you want.

ask here, or get the book same place.


the is not some new HP printer with built in WIFI
no. it uses this older technology.
including print servers...
it has no wifi direct, its only USB and gigalan ethernet
but can be setup using the below options.
the x suffix model has all options. (inside.)
here is a warning if using todays 2017 browsers or
todays, windows, 10, much of the old ways to do setups are now booked, IP direct blocks and port blocks vast.
so reading old books , in todays new cyberattack world
is a hard row to hoe, I use Firefox portable v20 now (old).


I do recommend asking only at HP.com
join there forum
and tell them what you are doing.
including what OS you run, and what browsers.

there is 2016 software

HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

no model HP drive stated, no link to it, fail.
NO OS stated, so all Answers are IMPOSSIBLE.
A720n tells me only what hardware can be there.
nothing else.
the huge 40pin rear connector on the rear.
that iS PATA drives.
so buy a PATA drive.
new pata drives are rare now, and $100 new.

used are $5 a pop and a PIG IN A POKE SACK. (lotto)

now answer#2 , new hat.
ive done this vast times,
go to newegg, buy a PCI addin card, called SATA
it then ask my OS who are you in system link in Control panel
it tells me , omg your running XP, only 1% run XP in the usa.

if you tell the OS you run i can give you a good answer. what to buy and all choices.

i the find a SATA (PCI card) supports my OS,
VISTA newer, Vista btw dropped MS/HP support last month.
I then plug in the new PCI card
and the NEW DVD SATA drive to my new card.
I also had to by a PATA power cable to SATA power cable adapter too..
I load the "comes with" driver, and bam, I now have SATA up and running, did this vast times, back in the day...,
this is what makes Desk tops shine,, addin cards of vast types.
Sata began live in 2003, and many PC the next year had the chips. 2004 more and 2005 lots more.
Evolution is real.

you have 3 choicesfind a not dead PATA used drive, good luck there.buy the PCI-SATA card and any SATA drive on earth.buy used PC 10 years or newer, and put this PC in the landfill. Goodwill (tm) has vast newer PC for near $0

HP Pavilion... | Answered 2 days ago

Appears that recovery disk #2 is bogus. U can try to get a new set from HP (fat chance!) or you can do a reload from a normal, retail OS disk.

HP Presario... | Answered 2 days ago

a desk top PC?, what is it? use full names of things.
you never said what the screed did, is it black all the time.
if yes, does BIOS screens work?
F11 key, (the magic key) on older HP its F10 older still (none)
what year PC is this, full model number , type it out full off the service tag.... i cant guess omni this is. there are 29 models and subs.

The newer HP systems, all have this F11 key
this is the magic key as you boot, you hit it fast (tap tap tap)
and it goes in to recover mode. My 2006 Laptop does.
the HDD if still working and corrupted,
will run the virtual installer disk, via a hidden partition on said HDD>
if that is confusing, try to imagine 3 ways to install.

HP recover disk called the media kit. (uses on replace HDD )
MS disks, wrong, and will fail., ask how if must,,,,

if you and gone to HP forum or the support page
you'd have seen there is may different omin100s, lots
sorry cant guess yours...

you asked for help and cant muster up the service tag words
full model at least.

if you had id have pointed to the page that tells you what to do step by step, at HP.com
even what to do when it dont boot,all ways from SUNDAY.
the oldest one supported is 2010 year.
here is 100-5000 omni ,series, many in series.


and last
no start actual pages... i see it covers most ways, (weak on hardware causes, there are vast cause under that topic, ask)


HP Omni 120-1125... | Answered 2 days ago

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