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The printer set up procedure may reveal there is no provision for legal size printing.

HP OfficeJet Pro... | Answered 28 minutes ago

Sounds like the hard drive has failed.

HP Computers &... | Answered 4 hours ago

NO OS Stated, W10? or ?
ive no idea all your system topology, what networks.
sure sub net but what is it , consisting of what.??? vast choices.

we use wired Gigalan here 1000 bits/sec. wired. every inch.
all connected with GIGALAN high speed switches,
with wifi , all you are doing is doomed to failure (1 day ok day2, not)
i can list the top 100 reasons way, but will not.
ill do a few..., , collisions with neighborhood, or noise.
Channels are shared, and this is bad, in the concrete jungles.

WIFI is RADIO, and will fail with noise, near by. RFI its called.
google that. or wiki it. wifi is ok for chat ,email and whatsap.
iffy on, skype...
If WIFI is your mandate (bad) then move it to channel 10.
i use wifi radar app and move to where the other guys are not.!!!+

if wired tell me are you using reserved IP in DHCP of this unstated router. do so now.
make sure the media server is on a reserved IP .
then setup shares.

what are you serving
video or both.
can you see the files using the" my computer icon" , called
windows Explorer?
"this PC" in 10 now.
just because you can ping it tells you only that the ping requests are honored there, and nothing else.,
it must have the shares all set correctly.

next time tell the help the lay out of your system
even post a system diagram.
be amazing but , rare here.

HP StorageWorks... | Answered 11 hours ago

why not ask HP this. and not on the chat forums here,
this is NOT HP. not in the very least.
F2 sounds me , its the command to reload the OS.
did you lose the manuals on this server?
it tells you what F2 means, id be there in a heart beat at hP
in fact id down load all books on it now, because soon or now
there will be no PIII books at all, its a relic, pentium 3.

Can you boot to say a linux live CD.
or a window PE live cd?
your server will not boot to USB so, that out. (modern ways)
if yes your OS is dead, or HDD dead.

reload the OS. now. try that using the books for this server.
is it RAID? or one IDE disk.?

what does CD problem mean
why not tell the helper why is a CD in your hand
and how made it and if and OS install who's , HP or microsoft
we can not guess what you are attempting with CD in hand.
if the CD will not boot 3 disks,
1: yours.
2: linux live
3: windows live.
then the CD drive is dead, or you need DVD drive.
the newer OS needs a DVD drive, for sure.
i think (omg long ago) windows 2000 is on 800mb CD.
to boot CD you must tell BIOS to boot there first. force it.
true on all PCs and now impossible (near) with W10 and UEFI and secure boot enabled, (said or watchers looking here)

get a test CD with LINUX and test the boot.
this proves it can boot and BIOS is using it.

POST - memory count

power on self test or POST??????????????????
is this a BSOD , blue screen of ***** off a new CD from HP?
if yes the CD drive is DEAD< end of life gone and now reads corrupted data, as most do this old, buy a new CD drive.

this BSOD if is, can be seen on 1000000 of posts (messages about POST, LOL where the guy doing it, used CD-r disk that are pure JUNK> or a burner old that is trashed.

please post here X your P.O.S.T screen,. I always wanted to say that.
there you go.

HP NetServer... | Answered 11 hours ago

scroll bar, where is that, in the browser? where?>
Windows has a zillion scroll bars, as do all APPS>
my wild guess 1 is , the mouse is dead, is that it?

a laptop right? yes, ebay sells them used and is laptop.
where did this ALPS thing come from?
what is it , a mouse? wired or wireless USB ? what is ALPS

HP does not support this old Pavillion z laptops now.
but there are some echos there, in the forum sure.

Pavilions are made both in desktops and laptops

my wild guess, is you
dont like the track pad in the LT case top
and want to use a mouse. real , like me, i hate track pads.
but what mouse.? alps. is it USB or PS2? mouse.
the end of the cable tells you that.
or is at a wireless mouse, why not post the full mouse partnumber printed on its bottom. vast mice exist, like no other thing on PCs.

if the wireless mouse fails put in a new battery
if you use USB mouse. you must tell the OS not to use the track pad
there are 2 ways to do that.

both are in the control panel. (CP)
on the mouse icon in CP go there and shut it off
some have a feature, no 2 , trackpad makers have same rules SORRY.
mine has , tag called mouse sharing or the like
i click , when USB mouse is found turn off track pad.
some track pads like my newer 8540w hp elite book this fails.
there is no feature like that, so had to hack the registry to fix it.
I called the track pad maker and the give me this solution
I first installed a newer trackpad driver from them and it fails too. until the hack. in REG.
way 2.
go to DM in CP, device manager.
and I have w10 here totally. so this is my answer.

click view, at top, click show hidden devices.
see many mice , sure. expand the mice pointing devices line.
now click, the one you dont like, and right click disable it. it be dead now.
if your USB mouse is dead, click right, on it. and pick update it or uninstall it, do that with the mouse removed, from the USB port
then click unistall, then exit out of DM
if you see other mice there now, long ago used and now in the trash., uninstall those too. for a clean DM.
now plug in the USB mouse, (not wireless I hope)
now pc goes dingdong, for USB found and installs the new alps mouse USB driver, be internet connected or IT CAN FAIL NOW.

Next time tell OS
and what thing in your hand dont work , the MOUSE?

HP Pavilion... | Answered 11 hours ago

sounds like a bad safety switch. just have to check them to find the bad one and replace. possible it is a connection on the switch or un hooked.

HP Garden | Answered 11 hours ago

wow, no OS stated, FROM VISTA to W10, impossible post this..
why say its new, its only new to you?, its really old, or is it and ENVY?
DV6 tells the helpers zero. or is it DV6-1000 very old ?
what DV6 ?, if you read the service tag, it has long model numer
like DV6-1234us?
that tells what it is.
Virus (1) tells you nothing, we run over 20 scanners to and malwarebytes to clean it, and more, if reloading OS is too painful
the you suffer virus cleaning pain, can take all day that.

see this list of DV6, see, it means near NOTHING.
its a notebook
and can be as old as...2009 so all are supported still, in the 10 year window of support.
the newest one is windows 8.1
example of one.
HP ENVY dv6-7300 Select Edition Notebook PC series

now Ill answer based on ZERO inputs, generic
all PC;s or notebooks
if the screen LCD has lines the LCD is bad.
if you gently twist the screen and it gets worse BINGO LCD
if not, then the LP has bad GPU. is this a 2008 Laptop
many that year had solder Ball failure on all GPUs.
if you go to bios , and press f1 (mine does to INFO PAGE)
tells you all years, there, see those years, tells you when its made.

see this one, (no ball problem here EVERY)
its 2009/10 bios and video card stamped dates.


see the read of your PC< see that VGA jack
does and external VGA desk top display fail there.
yes, GPU is bad (or the driver mangled) put back the HP driver now.
its free, on same page. as yours, at HP.com

here is a wild guess page, no pc stated so here,
see this. , go there and find yours, ITS THERE.


HP Computers &... | Answered 11 hours ago

this is HP computer forum , not BOATS

but can answer ,
bad fuel!! all boat fuel goes bad, parked, so long, ALL DO.
too much oil in fuel (is it 2 stroke engine? no year given,so.,....)
carb, filthy, im cleaning my 40 hp now, in the garage, and wheel grease.. (fishing next,cat fish... hummm)
can be bad spark plugs. ever tune it up. with new ones?
water in fuel. rust in tank if tank is steel.
wrong fuel someone put in diesel
low compression (3 cylinders like mine?)

HP Computers &... | Answered 12 hours ago

posted 4 time now, do we break the record at 5?
why do that?

HP Pavilion... | Answered 12 hours ago

sounds old, the NC , the C smacks of COMPAQ relic'izms...
let me look up what that means. 6400
yup Compaq, came with w2000, XP or VISTA
what OS on yours.???

well this old PC I think (too old really and I never liked Compaqs so )
HP PCs this year, had the F10 key , pre W7 PCs (rtm read you guide for your PC on HP.COM)

the magic F10 key loads the OS from scratch, or does repairs.
this is a BIOS hot key, that only works at power on.. just 1second after Power on press f10 , and the BIOS launches the RESTORE PARTITION IMAGE OF YOUR OS. calle HP RESTORE< but wait.

but if you kick the HP HDD out , that goes byebye, gone for ever. the install partitions gone!, bad deal that, but if HDD is dead, so be it.
it's empty , 100% ! this new HDD, id have put SSD in it.
so you have 2 choice (and sub choices)
HP covers this , if you went HP.com .
  1. buy the HP install disk, called the HP media kit , end story all works like new, get Vita, if you can. XP is a virus magnet.
  2. or buy W7 (or newer) from Microsoft.com and install that. My guess is it will be missing key drivers, for video or networking.
  3. Warning some old PCs have chips that have no drivers at all after VISTA, that be end of the road there.

lets say you want to put in MS W7 (its supported is why and MS does not sell the older OS, sorry they are END OF LIFE NOW)
so you are savvy and put in the DVD drive 1 , disk called
windows PE 8 live windows.
you boot it and it works but you see many chips failing,
say its Video from Nvida, and Nvida has it. good.
if its from (wild example) S3 chips sorry its dead now, and gone.
we have list of all dead video chips, its HUGE. (we love our lists, saves me ENDLESS work and searching times, wasted)

dead means maker is GONE, or does not support w7 at all.
same goes for wifi and ethernet chips
if the chip is Intel good, if not may be not.
we can talk compatibility all day,

here is your support pages, btw, after 10 years HP deletes them.
but lucky you , its on the cusp of byebye
as the first one was made in 2006/7.

here is the windows 2000 page
ill trust you can backup one page and find yours.
if your OS is missing, buy it from HP or AS THEY TELL YOU TO DO.
they do have qualified vendors that DO that.

better is go to goodwill store and pick out a PC that is 2010 and newer with W7 on it. be 100000x better that.
but who knows maybe w7 will like it.

i read the pages, it has a VAST number of chip used , for all years made,.
btw3, if you talk to HP real, and tell them your serial number
they can tell you what chips are in yours, of the the many.
is seen newer ones made in 2009 had more intel chips, all good that.

HP Compaq nc6400... | Answered 12 hours ago

you posted 3 times ad ANON
why>? why post 3 times, why not wait for answers.
its free here we dont get paid to help here. not one thin dime.
here I answer again
no OS stated
no media stated, fail.

tell the helper now what you are playing?
where is it, we can not ever guess media sources.
vast possible, i can name 100's

FILES local. or even on your own server on a sub net.
or ONLINE , makes 3, and 10000000 others on each.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 12 hours ago

came with windows vista in 2011. says my magic, carbon dater.
sure they all worked new, but that was 6 years ago and things do go bad, on all PCs, after that long, all do, and are viruses. mostly.
VISTA is dead now, so up grade to W7 and get 10x better support.

shut down fails, via what means.?
start button shutdown
or the power button shut down, is the power button in vista control panel set to SHUT DOWN and not OFF or Sleep? that first .
or both fails? do tell how all ways to shut down fail.

on my pc, i can control +alt shift, and click shut down there.
or can logoff and got to login screen and shut down there.
there are many shut down pages, not one.

Im now Vista expert, (too long ago cant remember it )b
I have one vista Laptop here, not used and clean and perfect
to run expensive apps I have, that only run on VISTA. (cad/cam/sims and others. car software, and more....)
so can break it out of mothballs and test for you. if needed

so go to CONTROL panel
then, click power settings. (back then its power options)
ms love to change names for squats and giggles,

i set mine to high performance, i never use sleep mode
nor ever ever ever the flaky hibernate. (bad that is)
see choose on the left.
set that to turn off, with power button
if this fails after 1 reboot
then you are INFECTED ! (PC has malware and now the OS is CORRUPTED , like all do this old and not cleaned or refreshed)



HP Pavilion... | Answered 12 hours ago

dv6-7020, what OS? XP, VISTA, W7, W8. W8.1 W10 (release 1,2,3)
we cant answer this lacking , OS, and what media you are playing?

media can be.
1: DVD or blue ray or even a CD can have videos.
2 : a video file, like MP4 or 100s of other types of formats,
3: online video streaming, are you on line, if yes, where.>?
name the source , by name, netflix, or youtube or? where?

ok this always worked ok before, but not now.
sure (top reasons are what, )
1: Virus infected PC.
2: if online, the web is slow, or if on wifi, (hopeless) wifi is slow due to congestion in the hood. try upper wifi channels, to cure.

why not just start with OS
like this, (and example)
1: windows 10.
2: VLC on youtube is slow.
VLC on a local, MP4 fail is slow, chops or sounds wrong.
like that, tell the story as it happens and bingo, 10x better help.

HP Pavilion... | Answered 12 hours ago

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