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Gateway nv... | Answered 4 hours ago

I only have one thing to say about "Gateway connection" ITS THE WORSE / BADDEST CONNECTION EVER... here in my country Gateway already out of business they only last 2 years. So good luck if you plan to use Gateway connection.

Gateway... | Answered 14 hours ago

Its RAM maxes out at 4GB. The ms2285 is the midrange computer in the NV53 series. It either shipped with 2GB RAM or 4GB RAM. If it shipped with 4GB, it's already maxed out. Otherwise, you can add 2GB to it now.

Gateway... | Answered Yesterday

Possibly couldn't read the inserted disc or couldn't find a disc to read.

Gateway... | Answered on Oct 10, 2018

A Google search found this portion of an article that might help:

When I went to the link there were bluetooth downloads for the nv73a but not for an vn73. Two bluetooth devices had drivers so apparently you need to know which, if either is onboard.

Download and install the bluetooth driver from the link below.
Make sure the antivirus program and the firewall is turned off temporarily while installing the driver.
Go into the device manager and then remove the existing bluetooth driver from the list and then install it from the link below

Gateway... | Answered on Oct 08, 2018

Hi Crystal: You did not tell us what kind of Internet you use, is it WiFi, a network (ethernet) cable from a cable modem, fiber optic, or what? GENERAL INFO: If your Internet stopped working for no apparent reason, the first thing to do is UNPLUG everything: Cable Modem (if applicable) Router, and PC (Or, if a laptop, power it down (Not a restart). The startup sequence would be: Cable Modem first, wait for its lights to settle. Then the router, and lastly the computer. If this does not solve your problem, reply back with more details and we'll take it from there. In my many years as a computer tech, it is often as simple as this.

Gateway... | Answered on Oct 05, 2018

we know it is hard to fix PCs by reading useless posts , endless on forums.
that is because years matter and models matter
no 2 are the same, ok?
and cures are different.
my wild guess , is you read forums and see everyone yacking about UEFI and telling you to turn off UEFI, (sorry cant do that on oem pcs)
and for sure this old and is MOOT, it is a non UEFI PC.
the PC has no safeboot , disable feature so you can boot optical media , and USB media.'' its not there nor relevent at all here.

Lacking UEFI, means PC is old fashioned BIOS.
That can in fact boot from anything, (exceptions happen)
the first thing I do use take my voltmeter and read this red arrow
battery below , as after 7 years old (yours is 2 years older)
goes bad, most are 2.9 to 3.3vdc below 2.9v means it going dead fast and in all cases it will
cause TIME OF DAY and MM/DD/YY to scramble
if you see any of that wrong the RTC coin cell below is dead.
acid test. below:::::::
remove huge battery, first. (battery Pack large), snaps off bottom.
remove AC line Power pack next.
wait say 1 hour, even try to turn on PC , to discharge capacitors.
now turn on PC with AC only. leave out that useless 9 year old large battery. Until such times all other failures are cured first.

is the time and date settting wrong? bingo? RTC Dead.
ok not RTC dead battery coin..

next we do this.
most are dead this old, you know that right.?
or XP the virus magnet died, with over 700 exploits? and rising each day.?
in dog years that is 63year old HDD, (laptop years are like that)

So to test a PC next, , if the HDD is bad, or corrupted.?

what do we do , we boot Linux media. using the linux boot media.,
or get it the PC diagnosed by folks that do , in PC Repair shop.
This PC came with virus magnet XP, still running that? mess?


Gateway... | Answered on Oct 05, 2018

gateway zx6971 go to gateway homepage for the manual and see if it shows how to rest it through a series of key boot sequences, check the front lights for battery, side by the adapter for power light and front light for the hdd. If none of these turn on your motherboard needs repair. first take a multimeter and check the plug end for 19v d/c. no power light at plug in side of computer means blown power supply on motherboard.

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 30, 2018

no OS stated and is infected, sure.
no answers possible ever.
buy w7 from Microsoft and load it.
"Now when i try to redownload windows"

what does that mean, and what windows version.
install media it is called now.
and comes in only these forms not once stated by you.
let me guess, (is fact) it is 13 years old today 2005 made
and did have XP on it , the virus magnet from H3LL it is.
so is it still stinky rotten XP and you are the last person on earth using XP>? seems so, right?

XP also hates SATA chip. HDD SATA ports are dead
with the installer, and is tricky F6, mode, floppy drive , to install the working driver,
so that is true or the IDE HDD is dead.
your hdd is SATA disk I looked it up.
and most XP boot media can not see it.
only Gate way media works here.

buy W7 and install that. is the best cure.
in dog years this PC is 91 years old, we retire them that old.
all of them. next will be dead LCD back lamps.

Gateway MX6956... | Answered on Sep 28, 2018

so the PC is dead, you proved that.

are both fans running and PC clean of lint first
PSU fan blows.
CPU fan blows
and all top end GPU card fans blow. do they, and they MUST.
if one is dead, it is bad
if all 3 are dead the PSU is dead.

not once did you mention sounds.
silent PC, no fans ,no video ever. your tests above show the GPU card is NOT IT. (its out now)
anything inside a PC can short out and make PSU to offline by Design, (fire protection is real)

Gateway GM5045H... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

old post.
odd symptoms.
the OP never once told the full story
what works good and not.
XP runs? surely it can, 0.4% 2016 run XP world wide and way less now 2018, due to virus magnet status.
do not run XP , and the fan is not XP job.
BIOS runs the fans.
if the PC runs at 56C or so and the fans slow that is normal
The bios only speeds up facts at start,
the slows them and monitors CPU heat and GPU heat
if they rise too high the fans spin up.
this is how all PC run
my fancy desktop has 600rpm fans right now, due to cool running CPU. 4 pin fans can do that magic.

The reason for the fast spin up is easy to learn turned on fresh.
the PC ASSUMES the chip are hot.
say PC parked in a trunk at 120F
the you go indoors and turn it on
so to be safe, it runs them fast (like at BIOS machine code instruction 1 or first. it spins them up then watches CPU temps live. this can take a few seconds to do a scan, see a TREND
if the trend show low, temps, it then uses a PWM fan table in the BIOS, and set the fan speed off that hard coded table)
get that?
now say PC was hot turned on then it slows only if fast fans speeds can lower the CPU temp
then rule 2 and 3 on BIOS CPU temps
if bios does not like say 80C it can turn itself off.
if failing to do that, say fan is dead, learn that ALL CPUs from P4 up
can turn them selves off they HALT.
ALL AMD and intel CPU do that.

and did you really clean it
is the RAD clean.?

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

6 billion folks with 6 billion PCs, on earth?
and like 1/2 with wifi dead, ever wonder why?, WIFI-SUX?
use ethernet at home , are you at home ,then any Cat 5 cable works. do so then get the firewire driver you need at

google why wifi sucks, read it, its all true the endless way it can fail
ever the hood is overloaded NOW, ever go to a hotel and see that.
yah. same thing.
play with wifi last if ever, and win. really why suffer pain?
there is no need to ever.
plug the PC ethernet port to your router. wow it works and NO MAGIC or WIFI jamming, etc.

Gateway MX6214... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

that is simple
1: bad power pack, or main battery is shorted, kick that big battery to the curb and use PC on AC pack forever if you want.
2: shorted things plugged it to the mobo.
3: wrong power pack try one rated near 100watts.
1,2,3 easy as 1,2,3,
gateway has no service manuals like HP. or dell
has that is why we trash this junk brand. sure cheap but is junk.

Gateway MX8738... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

Acer Gateway it is, (owned by too)
NO OS stated,
why in the world post lacking such key fact?
my guess , you forgot and not its dead.
so reload the OS,
or F8 safe mode, load the gateway driver, from
go there get it and put it on a USB stick
then in F8 go to device manager,
and click update video chip, there, and pick my driver from my media option , go to usb stick and load your driver.

i the internet is dead, now.
use F8 Safe mode, with internet,
then click driver update on video chip and it updates from using PnP plug and pry.

but again NO OS stated, i can see its XP,vista,w8 for sure
but which one?
what did PC come with
did you upgrade the PC's OS ever.

or buy w7 from and load it.
Gateway does not sell old install disc's, no OEM does.

Gateway MX6025... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

2007 monitor, 11 years old.
what lock? name it? the OSD menu button dead? why not say what is locked, or does lock mean dead screen./???

hold the button. down for 10 + seconds and release.(most mon./s)
lets read your manual.... bingo there it is.

btw first google hit, amazing no?
no button lock on this model.
so what does lock mean,
power on the monitor it glows and shows a logo
and tells you there is no signal if the data cable is missing
if during (no PC) monitor power on , you press the OSD buttons
you will get a OSD menu, from the monitors cpu brain.
if not the monitor is dead.
many 2007 monitors up to 2010
have CCFL back lamp, and most are dead now.
end of life dead, the flash light trick proves this on an stuck black screen (see data, yes, CCFL are dead) RIP.

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 21, 2018

what does nothing mean.???????
fans dead>? both?
PSU fan must blow, and CPU fan, if both are dead that means there is no power. (that download didnt do that)
if fans blow say that, that is SOMETHING.
silent or not?
some folks call nothing , (windows dead)
this is not true, ever. (windows wont boot sure common)
PCs do lots of things before windows happens.
power on
fans blow both, not packed in lint, not overheating
then text happens or the monitor tells you errors all by its self like (no sync, no sig, out or range, going to sleeP and more) the monitor is not dumbb, it tells you things.... watch for them.
then BIOS POSTS, shows errors and for sure prompts you
with "hit X key for enter BIOS or setup"
this must happen and BIOS works by entering bios.
then you go there to bios and see if time and date are correct in BIOS. if not the coin cell is dead.
called the RTC CMOS memory coin cell battery.
they die from 5-7years (pink bunny facts)
if you get this far, you can boot from lots of things
your HDD if not bad.
a CD Disk, (learn which disks boot and not ask)
A dvd disk. ditto
a usb linux demo USB thumb drive, (ask)

those are the steps and is a serial process.

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 20, 2018

every PC has a spec. 2012 PC, it seems. (carbon14 dated) lol
and memory is the most complex of all.
The rules are .
so lets read your manual together, ok?
btw Gateway died and is now (same with packard bell)
i looked in Acer, and zero. (is this thing a relic?) y/n no, acer search engine sux. big time, so... Im forced to use google on to
a DESKTOP PC. the spec page shows....
  • Memory Speed 1333 MHz
  • Memory Specification Compliance
  • Technology
  • 16 GB max ram
  • DIMM 240-pin
that was the first google hit, on spec. google is our friend.
not mine but yours. I use real manuals.
DDR3 in DIMM form factors, come in varying heights,
by RAM size and what chips are there, ok?

if you wiki dmm you see all that. full spec. on DIMM
ive never heard a tech ever in my life ask Physical size.
this perplexes me, why this is asked. ok?
the length is fixed, no variances , only height, so my wild wild guess
is you are afraid of hitting gamers grade CPU heat sink, that it?

here is the wiki page, it shows all you need to know.
the PC can not use all DMM3 made, it must be fast enough,.

the spec is here.

why not attempt to buy the DIMM at the top maker
and see the sizes spec there, no 2 are the same tall.
some memory chips are huge or there are 2 rows tall.
that is all allowed.
30mm is common sizes. tall.
like so.

click sheet
1st stick I see is 30mm tall.
there are lots of makers and lots of sizes of DIMM.
I cant review them all but you can.
acer runs a gateway site , seperate.
here is your full manual.
RTM. but , oddly does not cover ram,ddr,ddr3, or memory at ALL.
wow. what a trash PC, and maker, buy dell by HP, never acer.
that is all I can dig up,, I'd sell it !

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 20, 2018

you did this wrong.
step 1 is run full HDD tests, smart test too.
we use linux demo disk,
NO OS in the world loads to a bad or weak HDD. never !!!

Gateway NV5378u... | Answered on Sep 08, 2018

why not ask gateway this we are not ACER>
only they know this, it is their design end to end.
only they support it.
why mess with BIOS name one reason.
here it is

the BIOS box is empty, what else to you expect from underdog maker, answer nothing much.

Gateway... | Answered on Sep 08, 2018

we on planet earth do not run XP now.
end it;.
XP is virus magnet.

use W7 install. ok? nothing LESS now./
XP internet exploder is now dead on the web. banned.

Gateway GT5404... | Answered on Sep 08, 2018

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