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the only thing i can think of to fix this is that you have a vacuum leak 89 to 95 used a vacuum line control, if this is leaking then the system will not hold in place or not even move. check the vacuum line and look for cracks and splits in the pipes and connections. if you find any replace these parts. if you cannot afford to replace them clean them and use some superglue to repair them but i would get replacements as soon as you can. you can sometimes hear a hissing sound where its leaking from but if the engine is loud you may not hear it.

1989 Ford Probe | Answered 5 hours ago

Yep the solinoid is sticking on. But make sure ur key is not staying in start mode either. Also confirm the stsrter relay is in Good working order. It should not feel really really hot. Warm is ok. Hot not so much
U should replace ur starter n u will do fine

Ford Cars &... | Answered 5 hours ago

Check the following. Fuel pump psi and function. Carbs float operation. If eqpt electric choke funtion. Check the dis cap a. Chk carb seals. And rubber hoses for cracks n oldness.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 5 hours ago

Usually the parts store can give u that info. I use AutoZone and they did that for me twice

Ford Cars &... | Answered 6 hours ago

Before u get the answer. How did u hook the battery up. ? Positive to positive. Neg to neg. If u did. Thats ur issue. U made a 12 volt car in to 24 volt. And u fried your computer. If u hooked the van battery positive to positive and van battery neg to dead car frame. Which you should have done. My guess is you blow a fuse. One of the big ones. But from your notes of nothing works no matter how or what battery u use. U fried the vehicle computer and if the paint and body and drive train are in awesome shape id say go buy a new computer and go from there if the car needs more money to get on the road thsn a yrs worth of fuel id say scrap it get a bus pass or drive the van. But just dont offer kids candy at schools vans are so old school .... Good luck

Ford E-350 Super... | Answered 6 hours ago

On this one, You will need to know where the water is leaking from and oil as well. Sounds like a hose or Tstat gasket. The oil leak cud be the gasket on the oil filter.

1991 Ford F150 | Answered 8 hours ago

Take a rubber glove (fits ovr hand at auto parts stores) and put it on the oil filler to see if it blows up like a balloon. If so, maybe the PCV valve is bad if it has one.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 8 hours ago

indicates a cable problem
if there is a bad ground for the engine / battery the cable could act as the ground and that will account for the smell

2005 Ford Taurus... | Answered 8 hours ago

If it has an electric release or a cable release you will need to open it from the inside by use of the lever (cable) or button (electric) and the vehicle handbook will provide location details. If the releases do not work the fuse(s) might be blown or the cable broken near the handle.

If all has been tried in the car to no avail it will be necessary to open the tailgate by diverse means - in the case of an electric release it is common for the wiring to break where it passes from the vehicle roof into the tailgate and in the hope that is the fault it will be necessary to remove whatever trim is going to give access to either the electric release or the wires nearby and then provide it with a 12 volt supply and hope that opens the tailgate because if it doesn't it will mean manually manipulating the lock - not often easy for the inexperienced.

The cable of the cable release and the release itself is fortunately much more accessible as they are body equipment and not tailgate equipment.

2006 Ford... | Answered 10 hours ago

There were quite a few different 500 Sedans in here is a link.
The Classic Car Database
You can look at all of them.
Semper Fi,

Ford Cars &... | Answered 11 hours ago

Could be spark plugs an plug wires ,how many miles on the vehicle ? Fuel filter being clogged could cause this as well . Weak fuel pump pressure , vacuum leak , stuck open EGR valve . Testing for spark issues , fuel pump pressure an flow ,check the EGR valve for carbon causing it to stick open . Videos on youtube showing how to do all these test's

Ford Cars &... | Answered 12 hours ago

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