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Air filter is not getting air flow.air must pass thru filter or it will pop off.I placed filter against exhaust end of shop-vac ( NOT SUCTION END) untill I got air coming out.

Dyson DC25... | Answered 2 days ago | 21,372 views

dyson-dc44-animal-handheld-vacuum-keeps-ehecv3x4uj13pgwprhzrjmma-4-1.jpgThe battery falls slightly loose, so you have to fasten it securely to the body of the vacuum. I learned this from another user here on Fixya. He uses electric tape. I used one of those rubber bracelets that kids wear. Worked perfectly!

Dyson DC44... | Answered on Nov 08, 2018 | 7,832 views

As long as you don't run the battery completely flat, it won't hurt the battery.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Nov 08, 2018 | 39 views

Time for a replacement.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Nov 08, 2018 | 204 views

yeap..... i just found a fix for this ,, its mad how easy it is to fix as well...and it works 100%,,,
now dyson implemented a filter magnetic switch if u take your filter off you will see a small magnet in the corner,, u will notice where the magnet is behind it is rased platic,, now,,that the problem on the main board the transistor that picks up magentic signal from the filter is dud,!
dont ask me why it happens,, its a pain i know.,.
now take off collection pot for dust now take battery off.

now where the serial number is theres 2 hex screws that need taking out..

now u will see a small pcb board.. remove with one tiny security screw holding it in,, once removed pull both red plug off thats the digital motor plug.. and white plug which is vcc..to battery,, once u have done this pull the board down and back gently. as there is a long bit of board that goes up the back of the dyson plastic be very carefull pull this out.. now the long and thin pcb board that is hidden is what we need there is a tiny transistor,,, we need to remove this carefully..once removed,, we solder a thin wire from 2 point A+C need to be soldered together with a thin piece of wire, it will not harm the motor.. as long as u keep it clean,,

these points corolate to the transistor,,



SOLDER AND A+C WITH A FINE PIECE OF WIRE NOW,, AND WALLAH... fixed put it all back together again,,, charge the battery,, and your away,,, working again,, if not u have other faults.. but 99% fix this with flashing red led,,,!!

Dyson DC16 Root... | Answered on Nov 08, 2018 | 71,452 views

Your question certainly would be easier to answer with more details. If by "stopped working" you mean the beater brush doesn't turn, check for hair and debris buildup or a bad electrical connection in the electrical plug between the main down tube and power head.. If by "stopped working" you mean the fan in the top unit is moving air and the beater brush is turning, but little or nothing is getting picked up, take the power head off of the main tube. move the elbow joint so that the corrugated hose is straight. Use a straightened coat hanger wire or 1/4" wooden dowel to push through the corrugated hose. If there is a blockage, clear it out and the vacuum will begin picking up dirt again.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Nov 02, 2018 | 31 views

Take it to your local vac shop. At my store we have a ton of 25s in the back with spare parts we sell cheap.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Oct 30, 2018 | 31 views

Are you sure the main vacuum motor is running ? There are 2 motors. A vacuum motor and a brushroll motor. If the brush is turning but the vac motor isn't running it would not pick up anything. Could be a bad switch or a bad vac motor. Take it to your local vac shop for assessment.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Oct 30, 2018 | 31 views

what is the question?

Dyson Dryers | Answered on Oct 28, 2018 | 187 views

Maybe charger or battery is defective. If charger doesn’t have sticker explaining what beep sequences mean, then contact Dyson.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Oct 27, 2018 | 38 views

Hi Pamela, it's Jack at Dyson.

Underneath the clear bin is the exhaust outlet, where clean, filtered air is returned to the room after passing through the machine. This is totally normal and part of the machine's design.

I hope this clears things up, but if you do have any further questions please email askdysonUS@dyson.com with your contact details, and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also find help online by visiting www.dyson.com/support

Best wishes,

Dyson Online Customer Support

Dyson DC27 Total... | Answered on Oct 25, 2018 | 215 views

What are you trying to repair on the unit? Here is just one YouTube video related to the DC 39. You may want to use Google to narrow in on your specific issue.

Dyson Vacuums | Answered on Oct 19, 2018 | 38 views

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