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Dell Inspiron... | Answered Yesterday

what are you doing, attempting, you never said that.
my guess this 10 year old PC has VISTA,
and you have the vista DELL disks still after all thoughts years>?
if you do page 42 covers ever step in that process.

lets say you said, I have W7 install media,
on DVD or USB stick
w7 does not fit on any CD ever.
so if you dont have the optional DVD drive there,
then its hopeless there, and then the stick USB works.
what you do is boot to the windows 7/10, usb stick you must make on a working PC, the ISO file is free at microsoft.
but you must buy a COA key later (30 day time)
w7 must be bought up front, no free loads at MS for W7.

the first PC sold this model can not boot to USB
so you must update bios to version A14
as DELL tells you here

next time tell the helper what you are doing or attempting
we cant guess the 1million things folks do to any computer made.

I see the BIOS updates are now long gone too. on this old PC.
just so you know, that.

Dell Inspiron 15... | Answered on Jun 14, 2018

I am guessing you have a br-reader in your windows machine. You need to channel the blueray audio via a recording app like audacity. Check this video for the steps -

Download audacity from here -

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 13, 2018

old post day, (I carbon date PCs first)
a 13 year old PC, very very old, 2005 PC. running what? XP?
or vista>? unstated by you and sounds Infected to me.

all your post discloses are 2 key facts.
  • PC slow (gee they all are but sure yours is slower now)
  • PC screen unstated issues, what?

we are not Farmville not by a country MILE.
why not talk to them directly, even call them.
why not tell the helper what OS this is? My guess VISTA.
or even the exact game you play ?
my guess unseen and blind as a bat, is this PC is bad.
Bad hardware or the OS is totally infected , like most are this old
most are 99% infected, with malware, this old. (facts)

never ask a game company of any kind how to fix a PC
nor how to fix VISTA AERO..
what you need to do is upgrade to Windows 7
VISTA and XP are not DEAD OS's.

dead and very easy to infect.
do you have the service packs loaded.(vista?)
did you run a full AV scan on it say with AVG?
did you run a full Malwarebytes (free ver) on it?>
also on all PCs this old .
  1. the main large battery is bad or shorted get it out of there now. and keep it out, run on AC only. pack./
  2. next is the NVRAM CMOS RTC coin cell bad, under the keyboard is bad, not many last this long, never seen one ever last this long, get a new one and put it in or all you will get is pain now and for sure moving forward in TIME.
good luck to you using any PC this old.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 07, 2018

old post oct 2017)
the drive IS DEAD
buy a new driver or newer good used PC. is best.
do not run XP ever. as i bet you are doing. it's not SAFE NOW.

the PC is 12 long years old now.
most this old have lots of problems, for sure if XP run.
upgrade it , fix it or buy a newer PC, with W7 up.

never never ever run XP again, or it will be all bad news.
sure you can load XP and run solitare but stay off the internet
and do not expect new USB devices to work.
Btw IE8 will be dead now, most sites ban it. you do know that right?
nor does MS allow you to upgrade to IE11.
but firefox v60 runs.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 07, 2018

old post and terry does step1 good, battery out.
you called it a monitor but is not one, its just the built in screen right?
monitors are external. (and fail same way older than 2010)

this 600m is now 15 long years old in dog years (laptops are dogs)
it's 105 years old, 30 more than me.(omg)

if I saw anyone with a working 15year old lap top ,
id be like wow it works, lets do a youtube and everyone can be amazed at any old relic like this working.
what is this XP the Virus magnet? a hopeless case that.
never run XP ever. again.

now here is the list that all 15 years old laps fail first.
1: the main battery is old and dead or worse shorted.
2: the RTC coin cell died like 5 years ago or 10 and replace 2 times and now 3rd time is NEEDED NOW.
dell calls it a Reserve battery hidden inside the main battery bay.
And is custom to DELL, non standard like coin cells are.
read, pain to find/buy.

3: The screen is black but a flash light shined there, omg its not dead, I SEE DATA, that means the CCFL lamps are now dead.
as all are now, like that this old or died 5 years ago. as most did.
4: XP is hosed, (XP sux) worse yet is IE8. (you will be banned using it)

why not ditch this pig go to GOODWILL(tm) walk in
buy any PC with windows COA sticker showing W7 and newer on the case. spend $20 and go hog wild. ?
Buy only PCs with LED screens, 2010 is the threshold there.
Buy PCs that are w10-64bit certified only, 2008 and newer, yah!
Buy a PC with a Future and WIN.
W7 is plenty good enough for most folks trying to save cash.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 07, 2018

older, end of year 2017 post unanswered,
sure, and is good post. too, lots of facts told by you. VG !
PC model stated, Very good,
OS, w7-64 (amazing you are like 1 in 1,000,000 post with this fact)
here is your answer, as is true for all PCs made

you first need the USB drivers in the PC working prefectly or the camera will be dead
then the DELL drivers for this this exact PC loaded, and only DELL has those, not fixya, nor MS< nor others.
only has them.

amazing fact 2nd google hit lands me here

go there, run the detect,
or load all the correct driver there and it will work
unless the PC is infected with virus, as that kills anything,.

did you upgrade from VISTA ,if yes, that be #1 first fact to tell.
for sure. and if yes, HOW?

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 07, 2018

im doing post this year , not answered, back to jan1,
if fails when dropped and drowned. wow, that is some test , LOL>
At least not shot from a cannon, no?
get it repaired, pops to mind.
foxconn, what is that?ok the mobo maker is that.

is not this PC a relic of 20 years ago?
why mess with relics, no parts for them. hdd yes. battery yes.
the keyboard ribbon connector is not connected
so plug it back in, if the jack is damage, put the PC in the trash.
easy no?
no need to buy expensive parts to fix a $5 not working used PC.'no?

what I do is carbon date PCs then see if last sold for price
last one was $14 whole whopping bucks, or 1buck at the typ, garage sale, H3LL even free. like you.
laptops are like DOG years, and this one is 70 years old.
2008 made, not too old but is dog. based on values now.
the problem with PC is not being able to run w10-64,
if it can't than it has no future. IMO, after all Viruses stink. so....
w10 is the answer. 64bit is best. 32bit is END OF LIFE products.

read page 27 here, at dell, real dell not fake not spam, real.

shows how to replace a keyboard ,just like all service manuals show. wort salt and not from china.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Jun 02, 2018

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Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 29, 2018

The problem is either the Hard drive has failed and needs replacement or the hard drive is operational but it lost the OS. (Operating System). If the OS is gone, you need to re-install it again..

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

you were right. There is a hidden partition for recovery purposes when your computer has OEM OS. You can see it by using partition tools such partition wizard home edition and you can download it for free. After you run this program you will see a recovery partition which is hidden from your sight. Hope this will answer your question.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

it is 2 days old have it serviced or replaced.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

that is either a dead pixel or a failing horizontal filter. it is caused by hardware faults. nothing you can do to prevent it.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

partition magic should show the hard drives if not then it has more likely failed.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

it can be fixed, most things made by man can be fixed.
that is if not too old and no parts sold on earth. happens.
any old PC of any kind, the maker has no parts.
(mechanical) after maybe 3 short years, (sux yes)
leaving only one place.
ever see them?> find a new base with no hinge mounts wrecked
is the only way,

no its broken
lots of laptop fail like this, its only cheap plastic base.
if its forced to hard or lid closed with objects in the way
the cheap plastic mounts snap,
it needs new bottom case.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

old post. PC is 16 years old today, (junk and not worth $10 used)
1: run it on line power only main battery out. now.
runs now,yhes, then the battery was shorted, get new one.
or run on AC only for ever.

2: RTC coin cell is dead, buy a new one and put it in.
no RTC COIN lasted 16 years, not a single one, impossible!!!
so get rid of this old coin cell., buy a new one, spend $2

3: Now the CPU fan works, and stays on, in some BIOS you can check a box say fan is always , on do so and now it only changes speed. if the fan is dead still then it may be bad. this old easy.

4: CPU overheat, I have never seen any CPU to heatsink
thermal compound last for 16 years, (mine does but not yours)
I use very top quality thermal grease (compound, no aging) ask.

5: The Power pack can be bad. (if PC dead with main battery out the pack can in fact be just bad.
6: is the screen 100% black at all times? no text ever?
most PC this old the CCLF back lamps are dead.
that is why most PC this old are worth nothing until year 2010 made. a fact. get a newer PC with LED back lamps.
ask for advice on this, have lots.

My posts can be all wrong ,after all I can not watch your screen
and do simple tests.

but the fan dead is very very serious matter.
I even strip off all modules in the Laptop, to prove there are no shorted modules in the PC. shorts cause power to shut of.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 27, 2018

Go on ebay and buy a new inverter for less than $10. Go on youtube to see how to replace the dell inspiron 1526 lcd inverter or the dell inspiron 1526 lcd screen. I put the lcd screen on because sometimes the problem might be your screen. If things don't work after installing the new inverter board, then buy a new lcd screen off ebay. The inverter board and screen are easy to install. Just go on to find a video that walks you through it. The inverter sits at the bottom of the lcd screen. Some are screwed on, some are welded onto the screen, some are held by a small piece of tape. Even if you have to pry the old one off, just put the new on on held by a small piece of tape.
10results for Dell Inspiron 1526 inverter board

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 11, 2018

well that is catastrophic failure. have the motherboard replaced.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on May 06, 2018

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