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Solution #7 fixed my problem.
GX260 Dell audio driver problem turn on audio in the bios.

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered 7 hours ago

Lots of software out there will join video segments. Question is, what type? AVI, MPG, WMV etc.?
One of the best (imho) is Virtualdub which also happens to be free. Here's a start for your learning

Also check the Guides here too:

Dell Computers &... | Answered 7 hours ago

That GX280 is today 14 years old and came new with XP right>
still stuck at XP? if yes, doom is all there is.
XP is (as you learned) a huge virus magnet.(worse every day)
some were built with windows 2000, win2k, hopeless extreme...
windows xp recovery or restore fails because sure the recover software is corrupted and infected too, so erasing HDD is the only path as your discovered. (page 30 in your manual at dell will fail)
but not the dell disk install same page.
BTW , ive never seen an XP PC not infected, ever..... so..... bingo.
ever google.?
older post but and others will find this useful.
There are many pitfalls to OS installs I will bullet them.

  • The HDD is bad, (but if only infected it will be erased first)
  • Your PC has OEM COA license from Dell for MS windows.
  • Using most Microsoft install media will fail using your COA.
  • W7 will fail, W10 used to work this way but not now.
  • You failed to buy your DELL windows media kit long ago so is lost or gone or, never bought.
  • that means you have 2 choices, buy new windows 7 or 10 or run linux, I am sure you will not wont to run free linux. Ubuntu v17
  • SO buy windows 10-32b, (say) from and install it.
  • During the install , pick custom or advance setup and delete all partitions. click CUSTOM now. see links below.
  • then do as it says here.
  • then do the full install, as documented at microsoft dot com.
  • end story but not all pit falls,
  • Pit fall 1 is HDD is bad, fails Crystaldiskinfo , app.
  • or fails Linux demo boot, run disktests and fails.
  • on dead pc, I run this.
  • if the C6 (198.) is not ZERO, the HDD IS NO GOOD AT ALL.
  • All drives (most) end up like this, runs but has no spare sectors left and can no longer self heal itself, and is a bad HDD.
  • Better is to upgrade to SSD, for sure , you will never go back to HDD ever again I promise.!!!

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered 7 hours ago

try English?
you can see we are English only.
or go to google translate,
then translate it to English and post that?
You in Brazil?
screen to bright.
go to and ask there, they designed it and built it and support it, always go to makers site first.
NO OS stated.

Dell P1110 21"... | Answered Yesterday

the manual covers pairing
read the headphone manual it tells you what buttons do the pairing.
are you asking us to read to you? or how to find

Dell Computers &... | Answered 2 days ago

as win 8 is an operating system , the only way to uninstall it is to reformat the hard drive
If you have been spending time backing up files and folders that will not be a problem and you should go straight to win 10 from a usb stick
try control and delete to get the bios up and type in command c:\chkdsk and see if that runs
that is the inbuilt disc checker that rectifies all files and folder corruptions
otherwise take it to an IT specialist and see what can be done

Dell Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

more than own, You said desktops.?
what model dell, endless models .
if the screen is old say 2010 or older, most are dead now.
2010 is first year LED back lamps.
if it flickers in BIOS (does it) and is old dell, with CCFL back lamps
that is the end. of those.
no pc stated. impossible for me to look yours up , lacking key fact like that.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

what OS? XP? why post at all lacking such a key fact?
click start, controlpanel, click system , bingo what OS you have.

is the PC web connected , it must be for PnP to work.
this kbd is 12 years old at least, (see posts at dell that old)
are you trying to use 12year old hardware on windows 10?
vast things do not work on w10 now, like most things over 10 years old. vast things, usb things, wireless usb things. endless list.
that is because there are now w10 drivers for those things now.

google find near nothing on
T0185, it is so old. did you look in device manager?
then see keyboard devices.
then right click (be web connected) and pick update driver. first?

at dell forum , i see 12 years of folks asking for drivers on this
and not one answered with 6000 views, not a good sign that.
RIP dell wireless kbd. no manual either found. dell , has ghosted this

Dell (H2993)... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

the led's are covered in the manual at
welcome to dell.

see your manuals, the service manual covers service.
page 162 in fact.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 08, 2018

Try to uninstall and reinstall the display drivers. For the desktop icons, right click desktop->Arrange icons by->show desktop icons.

Dell Dimension... | Answered on Aug 06, 2018

which XPS is it you named 3 above , only show what model yours is exactly. please.
remove the large battery 1st
then run on AC power only. (now what does it do)
do the BIOS screens work??? this is next, not the OS>
does BIOS work,
the fan must blow and vents be clear, if not there is no power.

there is not one XP laptop with the big battery sill good this old.
not one. remove it. 2007 is 12 year old battery. hopeless that is.
it this a Dell XPS M1730? actual??????
11 years old. this one is. (2007, as old as)carbon dated by me.
The fist thing on any old M1730 is get new RTC coin cell.
or nothing but bad happens.
this OLD PC loves to break the fragile power jack on PC side.
The next failure, is HDD dieds
and also CCFL lamps dead. these back lamps never last.
all are dead now.
intermittent lamps.
yellow, most do this.
or dead.
CCFL Laptops are no good, as class. buy one 2010 or newer.
with LED back lamps and have future.

forget telling what it does so go when good. we all know what PCs do right, good. (Like it ran good before, sure it did. sorry)

tell exactly in detail what you see on the screen when it fails.
all logos, all text. on screen, when dead. (battery large pulled)
a PC running the first thing you should see are the BIOS prompts.
"Hit, F2 to enter setup?" seen for 11 years, but not now?

the m1730 manual is still there
see this screen every power on, sure you did
but not now? tell what you see, battery big out.
hammer f2 , does bios work?
yes, pick maintenance and run memory and hdd tests>?

Dell XPS 1330... | Answered on Aug 06, 2018

7737 it is,
NO OS stated, why post lacking that, (OS and drivers match) need to.(example XP drives dont work on w10) ok?
ever think to get them from DELL, no really.
they made it, I guess plug and play fails, did you wire the Ethernet port to the router first, so it can do PnP the most easy way of all.?
they (Dell) only support w8 to 10. ! here is your page. easy no,

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 06, 2018

windows 10 HOME edition (crippleware)
so run the DON'T_SLEEP program.
do that. and it can work.
do know that LEnovo and Dell are not the same company.
They both set the rules. here.
nor do they have the same drivers, nor same settings.
nor the same chips inside.
only That W10 HOME ,in name alone is the same.
if your PC goes to sleep there will be issues.
one issue is the KVM is not waking the Dell.
because it does not know or try all modes to do that.
as the KVM wiki shows.
a good KVM holds and emulates the USB port. to the PC does not drop the USB connection. switched off that PC.
the sure way is to not allow it to sleep, this is first.
if it was Pro version this is easy, but it is not PRO
it's HOME.(home = pain) windows 10, Pain edition.!!!
and home has no tools to do that.
so use the DON'T-SLEEP app. this is like 1minutes work here to run that and us it.
if this fails that means the USB ports are going dead on the DELL. (sleep or ?)

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 04, 2018

are you sure it has this option, did you look inside too??
we can install any of 100s of differnent drives there, we've not clue as to what is there now, UNSEEN.
many are sold with a filler plate there, no dvd at all.
what OS, windows what? XP? we can no guess what windows. ever. ok?> w95 up. possible, mostly.
there are 2 ways.
push the button on the tray.
2nd way
is in My Computer (called as generic local explorer)
see that DVD drive there.
Mine is D: (blueray) , right click this and pick EJECT

read page 18 in your manual
if not clear , ask.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 03, 2018

the answer would be the same as.
I dropped my PC to the concrete, , how many pieces did not break.
same answer (only GOD knows that).....
the answer can be :
1: yes, if lucky, if the motor spins and can hear it , does it?
2: no if motor silent. Impossible unless pay $1000's bucks recovery services (google that. "clean room HDD recovery services")
3: yes and no, some files can be recovered,
ever seen a record player turn table,?
Imagine deep scratches, killing one song or 3, or?>
but the other tracks still play on the phonoGraph.
same deal here. but tracks are called cylinders here.
but if the heads are dead, NO,
what you do is listen the drive , if the motor inside, is dead, it' s a dead HDD.(RIP)
if not, then move the HDD to other PC as second drive.
and copy your files, that way.
if possible it will work. (luck happens, fate, entropy ,etc)

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 03, 2018

it is in the manual, lost that? or can't find
or ask dell at
or RTM at (read the manual yet?)
here ill type for you in google
1st hit.

a 9 year old PC I bet the RTC coin cell battery is dead.
5-7 years is the spec life time says pink bunny,(makers datasheet)
read page 12 see all those LED status lamps
they all have meaning, one of the smartest home PC made,
unlike most.
p12 (no beep codes?)

one of the best manuals in print for any PC.
lots of details and facts, unlike cheap PCs with zero info.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Aug 03, 2018

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