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take too shop, that rebuilt the tranny. see if they cant do a better job. they may tell you the problem. lol.

1996 Chevrolet... | Answered 22 minutes ago

It sounds like a wiring fault - an earthing problem. Have a look around the lights/inside the lights themselves.. rear and front lights, brake lights, etc ...check the wires for corrosion/splitting. In particular check any black earth leads where they attach to an earthing point.

1997 Chevrolet... | Answered 2 hours ago

Crank sensors and camshaft sensors are regular culprits for starting problems.

Best option is to get a mobile mechanic to do a diagnostic check on your car. Those guys are usually very good and it's worth paying for a diagnostic test rather than buying replacement part after replacement part in the hope of curing a fault.

2002 Chevrolet... | Answered 2 hours ago

Starter motor relay , transmission range switch , wiring ! Do you know what a wiring diagram is ? How to read one ? How to use a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ?
How to voltage drop test starter motor circuit
do you know what a relay is ? how to test one .
VEHICLE RELAYS Operation Diagnosis
You can view free wiring diagrams here enter the vehicle info. year , make , model , engine size . Under system click on engine , then under sub system click on charging system . click search button ,one link will pop up , click on it . First diagram is starter circuir . If starts jumping at the starter the problem is on the control side . trans range switch , starter relay ,blown # 6 40 amp fuse in the under hood fuse / relay center .

1998 Chevrolet... | Answered 3 hours ago

Remove from vehicle and drop washer jet in hot water for a few minutes.

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

no car with A/T starts if it cant CRANK.
my stick car , push starts and gravity hill starts easy, too.
but not yours.
are head lamps dead, anything else dead, key on?
step 2 is (after key turn) is jumper cable starts.
ever do that, no, then call AAATOW>
or try to crank in NEtural as the operators guide tells how.
ok fuses good, we test them....

no cranks. 101 (i use a voltmeter and dont guess)
  1. battery just discharged or bad.
  2. battery lugs green with corrosion.
  3. battery cables all 4 ends loose, 1 or more.
  4. starter bad, if hotwire test fails now.
  5. starter ok hot wired, key line is dead.
  6. key line dead , PRNDL switch bad. or wire to it, (aka TRS )
  7. bad wires end to end, all this section,. key switch last.
if you read your cars starter schematic you can see all this.
its very simple system, unlike EFI.

got a meter?

2007 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 hours ago

That would be a symptom of a crankshaft postion sensor going bad . Shorting out when heated up . But unfortunately thier are other sensors that can cause the same problem . Plus the ICM - ignition control module could cause that problem as well . OH yea , almost forgot you vehicle has two crankshaft position sensors . You best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop that has the diagnostic tools to trouble shoot the problem .
The electronic ignition (EI) system consists of the following components and wiring circuits:
• The ignition control (IC) module
• The ignition coils
• The powertrain control module (PCM)
• The 24X crankshaft position (CKP) sensor
• The 7X CKP sensor
• The camshaft position (CMP) sensor
The EI wiring circuits listed here use the following service common names. Between the IC module and the PCM:
• Low resolution engine speed signal
• IC timing control
• IC timing signal
• Low reference
Between the 7X CKP sensor and the IC module:
• CKP sensor (1) signal
• Low reference
Between the 24X CKP sensor and the PCM:
• Medium resolution engine speed signal
• 12-volt reference
• Low reference
Between the CMP and the PCM:
• CMP sensor signal
• Low reference
• 12-volt reference
The IC module also receives power and chassis ground through the following circuits:
• Ignition (1) voltage
• Ground

When it stalls check for spark , pull spark plug wires off the same coil an crank the engine . Is thier spark jumping from one coil tower to the other ? Make sure it's a lack of spark problem .

2002 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 hours ago

strong noise of piston striking like a rattle during the driving

crank angle sensor faulty
dropped a valve ?
check if the timing chain has skipped a tooth or timing belt or broken

weak coil packs

compression test gives you a better answer


Chevrolet Impala... | Answered 10 hours ago

If you can't turn off the headlamp's maybe one of the relay's contacts or stuck closed . There are three relays , head , dimmer and DRL . I wouldn't go condemning the DRL control module before testing it .

1998 Chevrolet... | Answered 12 hours ago

driving in 4wd on hard surfaces produces what is known as torque wind up as the wheels cannot slip so the variations of distance going around corners , dips in the road etc place considerable strain on the transmission , transfer case , drive lines and diffs
that is why it is difficult to get out of 4wd unless you drive with 2 wheels on a grass verge to relieve that torque wind up
as for the noise check wheel bearings and the cv ("U") joint at that wheel as there appears a proble where the dog teeth in the hub are not engaging properly or are jumping out of engagement

2000 Chevrolet... | Answered 12 hours ago

Radio codes for any make from any country for a small fee by contacting this link: Car radio codes in Uxbridge London Gumtree

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered 13 hours ago

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