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Try Googling (casio)(mj 12d)(manual) without parens.

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Hi Jennifer

Two possibiities here one is electronic, unlikely but possible, and one mechanical that you can check.

When you changed the batteries did you notice internally the location of the button that turns the back light on? If you pressed the light button, did the button or a spindle move forward towards the body of the watch? did you notice a contact? or nothing pressed against anything?

When changing the batteries you would have click open the battery holding frame. This frame or internal back plate has around the light button a little piece of metal, like a finger that gets pressed by the button towards a contact in the body of the watch. This finger suffers metal fatigue and quite often looses its springiness or snaps altogether and loses it ability to make contact between the frame and the EL plate that illuminates the back of the watch.
If you are missing this contact perhaps you could buy a replacement plate from Casio. Can not advise as to the costs of doing it yourself or sending it to Casio. It is fiddly job.
Hope this helps

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 12, 2017

Hi Sanen

What model is your Casio watch?

For what you describe it would appear as if there is a problem with the cockwheels assembly on your Casio watch. Most likely as a result of a severe impact. hard enough to dislodge the retaining plates or break of the bottom of the minute hand spindle.
Hope this helps

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 12, 2017


Have you checked that all buttons when pressed come in and out easily?
Sometimes the little spindles that press the contacts inside the watch do not come out completely and remain "pressed" even if the button appears to be "out"
Clean the watch, with particular attention to the buttons area so they can move easily in and out. If this does not do the trick, open the watch with great care not to damage the threads on the plastic case and visiually inspect if the buttons travel easily in and out and that all springs if fitted are sound. Remove and replace the batteries with new ones (DO NOT use bargain batteries from that "auction site")
and reset the watch.Try again, if ok carefully clean the back seal apply a little vaseline to the top of the seal and close the case. DO NOT over tighten the screws as this will damage the plastic thread and the watch will not seal properly and will be likely to flood with moisture. Good luck

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 12, 2017

Hi Dirk
Bad one having water inside your Protrek or any watch for that matter-mechanical or electronic.
It means one of your seals has failed most likely the back one.
Look carefully at the back seal, if you squeeze the back plate, and the main case between your thumb and index finger you may notice a slight movement (use x10 magnification) That microscopic gap is enough to flood your watch and the deeper you use it the bigger the flood. The problem is the case, it is made of cheap nasty plastic and over time it deforms and the rubber seal contracts. Any slight over tightening of the screws, pulls the plastic thread out and stops the back plate making a good seal between the back plate and the rubber seal in the groove of the main case. For the price one would be excused for expecting that these Casio watches had a better quality case, even better a screw on back plate (like a proper 100m depth watch) rather than the individual 4 screws at each corner and a prayer. There are ways of fixing the screw threads but it never lasts....
To get the moisture out, just remove the backplate and discard the batteries. The sooner this is done the better the chances of success. Leave the watch open, face down in a warm place, preferably loosely covered by a glass bowl to stop dirt getting inside. After few hours check if the water is gone. If on inspection of all the contacts they do not exhibit any rust or white chalky deposits. Replace the new batteries and reset the watch by shortening the reset pins. If all seems ok and you have a proper display and all funtions works. You may purchase a new seal from Casio or simply clean the existing one with a little blu-tak to remove the dirt and run A LITTLE!! bead of vaseline along the rubber top to aid the seal.
I will not use the watch under water anymore and chances are that it will be downhill for the watch from now on, sorry.
I hope this helps

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 12, 2017


What Casio model is it?
Do you still have a bright display?
Have you tried removing the battery to reset it?
In some Casio watches like the Protrek range the back light button fails to activate the display light. This is sometimes caused because the earth flange that completes the circuit when pressed has bended to far or snapped and fails to complete the circuit.
More info about the watch may help find a solution. mean time change the battery it may start working again. Good luck

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 12, 2017

seller sent me tracking number went to post-office they couldn't help me

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 04, 2017

Casio Watches | Answered on Feb 03, 2017

May need a battery replacement. My solar atomic watch battery died after 3 months. Casio said the battery was not covered by the warranty. Check this YouTube video for the battery replacement process:

Casio Protrek... | Answered on Jan 25, 2017

My Casio wave ceptor keep resetting itself like this when the bottom right (D button) is pressed. I need to make sure I reset the city code or before trying to receive as it defaults to Tokyo. Press & hold the top left (A button) and date changes to city code. Scrole through codes using right bottons.
Hope this helps.

Casio Wave... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

Try Googling (Casio)(2888)(manual) without parens for setting instructions.

Casio Watches | Answered on Jan 22, 2017

Try Googling (Casio)(WR20BAR)(manual) without parens to get instructions.

Casio Watches | Answered on Jan 21, 2017

Try Googling (casio)(model)(manual) without parens to get instructions.

Casio Watches | Answered on Jan 17, 2017

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