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The only type of work boots that can be soled are those with stitch-down construction, where the upper part of the boot is swen to the outside of the boot.

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 29, 2013

A lot of countries have laws now that say you have to wear a high visibility vest if your car breaks down on the road somewhere and this has helped reduce the price of them.
Take a look at amazon for some cheap options. you probably wont' be wearing it that much so i dont think quality is a big issue.

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 15, 2013

Wearing goggles when you swim is a personal choice. Some people can swim under water with their eyes open and it doesn't bother them, others get really sore from the chemicals in the water. It's probably kinder to your eyes to use goggles when you are swimming in the sea or in a pool and it definitely helps kids to feel comfortable in the water.

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 15, 2013

I found this site - The National Terror Alert Response Center - it looks like it's run by Homeland Security. They have an article about obsolete gas mask models you should avoid that you can find here:
They also have lots of preparedness guides that you can access on the site.

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 15, 2013

More than likely, they WW2-era gas masks won't be effective. If a gas mask came into contact with any type of chemical substance, the gas mask will no longer protect the wearer. Other environmental factors like moisture and heat can also affect the effectiveness of the gas mask. Also, many gas masks used in WW2 were manufactured with blue asbestos inside them, which makes them less than safe to begin with. Taking all that into consideration, I'd recommend buying a new one,

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 15, 2013

Sure, you can find old ww2 gas masks online. Try ebay for starters:

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 15, 2013

Yes, but it will require upfront money to hire a lawyer. It will be very expensive to find medical experts who will say 1) the resulting condition is 100% caused by the actions of the doc/staff/hospital, and 2) that if not for their negligent action you would have been 100% fine. There are too many variables in your actions, like proving you followed all care instructions perfectly, didn\'t exert any pressure, bandaged and took meds exactly as instructed. Bottom line is that even if their care was bad, you have to show that it was completely outside the standard if care of what most doctors would do in the same situation. It works if you had the wrong kidney removed and now you are on dialysis for life, or they gave you wrong medicine/dose that killed you, etc. I\'d go for disability pay from employer, unemployment benefits from state, and worst case scenario is to apply for social security benefits on the basis that you are 100% disabled and can\'t hold any job. You could probably be more successful on the mental illness aspect, but it would take lots of time and money to find doctors to say that (depression, hopelessness or another mental illness) mental illness renders you incapable of holding a job. You could do it on the injury itself, but you need a thick medical file and many doctors willing to document your inability to work. Sorry the news is not better, and you could try suing the providers hoping bad public relations/press would lead them to settle quickly, but it would be a small settlement based on the fact that they know most people can\'t finance legal team and medical team required to prove medical negligence in court. I\'d look to community benefits to provide temporary support, while building a big medical file documenting every medical problem, drug side effect and trying every prescription alternative, that you did every physical therapy and occupational therapy option, and reporting to doctor that every job got, but you couldn\'t do because of your injury, meds, transportation, etc.and how those things lead to loss of income because you tried everything and there were no other variables/factors leading to disability. The final kick when you\'re down is that saying and/or documenting that not being able to afford all the medical care is not a defense for not doing it. in the end, finding a job you can do is 1000% easier than proving the malpractice and/or disabled status. The emotional toll is huge for you and all family members, and the likelihood of settlement or winning in court is nearly impossible. I\'ve been through this many times, with auto insurance companies, health insurance, doctors, etc. and it was never worth it. The only way out for me was to suck it up, know that medical care in the US is designed to be pro-doctor and anti-patient, and get on with your life. Easier said that done, but I\'ve been there 3 times. Do everything to empower yourself, yoga, physical training in areas not injured, mental and spiritual strength building, intellectual skills, volunteering by computer instead of by physical presence, advocate for rights for kids, education, environment, or whatever you have both skills and passion to offer. I hope this helps you figure out where to go from where you are. Being mad at doctors is justified, but our legal system and health care system favor their protection in all but the most egregious cases.

Work Safety | Answered on Jul 03, 2013

Although some companies choose to have all of their employees wear the same color hardhat, different color hardhats are usually worn by people with different jobs at a construction site. White hardhats are usually worn by supervisors, pink/orange hardhats are worn by new employees or visitors to the construction site. Blue hardhats are worn by technical supervisors and green ones are worn by safety inspectors.

Work Safety | Answered on May 01, 2013

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