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If there is not a clicking sound, it almost always means the main ignition or control unit (box with red and green lights and wires coming from it) is not getting the supply voltage. The voltage is supplied by a generator that is getting energy from the flow of water (the "hydro generator"). First disconnect the wire connector at the hydogenerator and check the voltage while water is running. The manual says you should read 1.6 VAC (I read 2.5 VAC). Make sure your voltage reader is on AC, not DC. If you have at least something like 1 VAC, then the next thing to check is the "microswitch" that allows the hydro generator voltage to reach the ignition unit. To check it, disconnect the other wire connector that is on the black wire coming from the hydrogenerator that is closer to the ignition unit. Then with the water running, stick a small screwdriver in the male plug side to short the two wires in order to bypass the microswitch (per Bosch tech support instructions). You should now here clicking and see the unit work. This is what happened with me and tech support said I needed to order a new microswitch and gave me a part number and telephone. But don't stop reading here. You can see the microswitch when looking up at the underneath of the unit. It's a small white 1x1 inch box-like shape held by 1 screw. After removing it, I noticed the microswitch had a removable cover (which is strange for a switch) and opened it to discover the internal switch can actually move inside because it "automatically adjusts" itself when it is first put in (it stays more firmly, but not rigidly in place when the cover is on). So you can mess up when putting it in. Don't bump it. It can easily get out of its working range of motion, which is why mine stopped working: it was a bad design to use this type switch in this application. So I slide the internal switch back close to the spring side ("default" position), put the cover back on, carefulyl screwed it in place, and now it works.

The purpose of the mechanical microswitch is to not allow the hydroenerator voltage to the ignition unit unless the "pushrod" has opened the main gas supply. It prevents clicking if there is no supply gas, so it is not needed (you can electrically bypass it with a splice) if everything else is working fine. But don't blame me if you do this and for some reason it ruins the more expensive ignition unit. The microswitch is turned on by the pushrod when the pushrod leaves it's default position. The the pushrod moves only about 2 to 3 mm when you turn on the water. You can see the pushrod when you unscrew the microswitch, and you can watch it move. The problem is that the microswitch mounting is not precise enough for the small pushrod movement and the pushrod's default position can change with age of the diaphragm or change in the grease. So their automatically adjusting microswitch that makes up for lack of precision in design and pushrod movement can stop working when the pushrod changes position. My unit was 2 years old.

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DO NOT EVER perform a "work-around" for a safety device on ANY device. Call for service!!!!!

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I wonder if you have this problem below caused by a drop in water pressure from someone flushing a toilet or a washing machine. I would call the company to remedy this issue.

17. What is a cold water sandwich effect? The term “cold water sandwich effect” is a term that is used to describe the introduction of cold water into the hot water supply line during frequent on/off operation of an instantaneous water heater. The cold water sandwich effect, when present, appears as a momentary drop in hot water temperature as it is discharged from a hot water supply outlet (i.e. shower, tub, or faucet). This phenomenon is present in the operation of all instantaneous, tankless style, water heaters, but is minimized with the high tech design of Rinnai water heaters.
The technology built into the Rinnai water heaters is designed to minimize the cold water sandwich effect. Rinnai water heaters are microprocessor controlled and when water flow through them ceases, they remain in a “ready to fire state” for approximately 1 minute. If water flow through a Rinnai water heater begins within the first minute following water flow stoppage, the water heater will fire back up within 1 to 2 seconds. This minimizes the cold water sandwich effect that would otherwise be experienced with a low tech tankless water heater. It should be noted that the cold water sandwich effect cannot be removed completely from tankless style water heaters. The safety standards developed to insure the safe operation of water heaters require a delay in the ignition sequence of all gas water heaters.
While the cold water sandwich effect cannot be completely eliminated from standard plumbing systems, it can be eliminated from plumbing systems that have a supply and return hot water circulating system. Rinnai has developed 2 methods to eliminate the cold water sandwich effect in residential hot water circulating systems.
The first (and preferred) method to remove the cold water sandwich from circulating systems utilizes a small electric tank water heater (powered up) that is used with a dual purpose. The small water heater acts as a mixing tank to eliminate the cold water sandwich effect from the Rinnai water heater and it uses its electric heating element to offset the heat losses from the hot water circulating system.
The second method to remove the cold water sandwich from circulating systems utilizes a small 2 to 6 gallon storage tank installed on the hot water outlet of the Rinnai water heater. This tank acts as a mixing tank to blend the cold water sandwich with hot water and eliminating its effect at fixtures.

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You can ask for emergency plumbing services at anytime from Emergency Plumber Arvanda which is one of the best site that provides you with the professional plumbers that can treat any problems related to plumbing right from simple to a complex one. And they try to come to your place as soon as you make them a call regarding your problem.

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RESET FILTER COUNTEROnce you have replaced your filter, the filter life counter is reset back to its fullamount remaining value by turning the dial to AIR FILTER and pressing the UPand DOWN buttons together at the same time. NOTE: The counter is also reset bychanging the filter setting value, as described above, to a different number ofdays.

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NGWA (National Ground Water Association) recommends testing well water for nitrates, bacteria, and any local concern contaminants. Well water testing should be considered additionally if there is a change in the water odor, taste, or appearance, family members have recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness. You should check with your local department for recommendations and interpreting your water tests - Well Water Filtration System

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I am not an expert but while it is possible the gas supply is insufficient to supply high heat from the burners and maintain a lively pilot flame, it is also possible the safety thermocouple is faulty or that the pilot fails to heat the bulb - perhaps the pilot flame shortens when the high flame starts, perhaps the big flames create a draught...

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I've ended up with a Drayton Tempus 3 when I bought my house, and I think this is how it works. It allows you to set 2 Timers (I'll call them timer 1 and timer 2) so that you can control Hot Water or Heating On/Off times twice a day. The unit has 6 buttons - 2 for Adjustment, 2 for Hot Water and 2 for Heating. The 2 Adjustment buttons allow you adjust the Clock Time, or allow you to adjust Timer 1 and/or Timer 2. NOTE: Timer 1 is the time refered to on the Heating / Hot Water Select buttons if you press "Once". If you select "Twice" on these the both Timer 1 and Timer 2 are taken into account. For example if you want Hot Water to come on Once between 8pm -10pm, but you want Heating to come on Twice between 6am - 7am, and 8pm -10pm, you have to do the following: Set Timer 1 to 8pm - 10pm, and set Timer 2 to 6am -7pm. Then select Once for Hot Water, and select Twice for Heating. Hope this helps.

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