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n1800 lost
the n100 to recompense the neighbour
the n800 in change + the n200 for the original purchase + the value of the goods

Watches | Answered 4 hours ago | 17 views

Click on your watch. Click on Operation Guide.


Watches | Answered 10 hours ago | 15 views

Try Googling (TGHK)(model) (manual) without parens to get instructions.

Watches | Answered 11 hours ago | 17 views

Lots of battery powered items including some watches I have seen have a battery fitted but insulated with a small piece of thin clear plastic that must be removed to allow operation.

Manufacturers want the original battery to provide a reasonable lifespan even though such items are often in transit/warehouse stock for a while before being sold.

In the case of a waterproof or water resistant watch the back would need to be removed for access and that usually needs a wrench and sometimes a holder.

Watches | Answered 12 hours ago | 15 views

Take it to a jeweller and they will tell you free of charge. They can tell as soon as they take the back off.

There are resources in the main link to help you, but removing the back and having an expert look is the only way. China is making lots, but they have a cheap Chinese watch movement inside them.

It can be quite difficult to tell fake Cartier watches from genuine Cartier watches, but there are a few guidelines you can follow:
Inscription The simplest way to tell a fake Cartier watch is to remove the caseback. A genuine Cartier watch will have "Cartier" inscribed on the movement.
Weight Like most luxury accessories, genuine Cartier watches are quite heavy, especially when compared to the lightweight fakes. This solid weight is due to the watch's quality materials.
Glass A genuine Cartier watch has scratch-proof glass, which won't be found on the fakes. This is something that's fairly easy to test. The sapphire-quality glass of a genuine Cartier is also non-smear, so if you drop a few beads of water on it, they will roll off. On fake Cartiers it will smear.
Cabochon stone The winder of a genuine Cartier watch features a polished gemstone, called a cabochon stone. If there's no stone, it's a fake Cartier watch. The gem should be securely fastened, not glued on.
Serial Number This should appear on the back or side of a genuine Cartier. The number will be engraved as a number of fake Cartiers feature a serial number that's barely etched onto the watch.

women Cartier watch Google Search

Cartier Watches | Answered 13 hours ago | 18 views

The indiglo technology is time limited (it dims over the years with use) and cannot be repaired - have you had the watch a long time? if so, I'm afraid it's time to get a new one. Sorry!

Timex Watches | Answered Yesterday | 5,313 views

New batterys can go bad, that is why they have a warranty. Replace the battery

Timex Expedition... | Answered Yesterday | 138 views

There is no separate battery for the indiglo,maybe indiglo circuit is lose or defected already,just open the watch and check for lose connection.If happen the circuit is tight and still not working then replace the indiglo circuit.

Hope it may helps you;


Timex Expedition... | Answered Yesterday | 4,729 views

Do you mean the U.S. Declaration of Independence, or do you mean some NWO (new world order) "politically correct" propa ganda dribble?

The Watches | Answered Yesterday | 17 views

That watch might take two batteries when it's open there should be a big battery which is a lithium but under it will be a silver oxide batter that needs to be replaced if there is not then the analog has to be lubricated and spun out the worst case senerial is u will have to replace the movement remember all was change ur batteries asap when the go dead. Digital batteries always last longer than the analog batts do

The Watches | Answered Yesterday | 26 views

Just google that watch and ask for the setting instructions u should get the answer if not let me knoe

The Watches | Answered Yesterday | 18 views

If the battery was dead too long the fumes from the battery might have damage the electronics and that's not good it will have to go back to tissot for a new movement What I'm going to tell u is very inportant. Never let a watch set dead I don't care if it's a windup or an automatic or even a battery watch. U must always keep the running because all the lubriactions will set up and not performed properly. Just like a car setting dead too kind In ur case the battery has cause the problem

Tissot Watches | Answered 6 hours ago | 28 views

What is the issues ur having if it'ssetting issues google on how to set that specific watch and be sure u enter the model so get the right instructions

Watches | Answered Yesterday | 19 views

If u don't have the instructions for setting it contact the mfg because I'm not fimilar with that Brandi service all WatchESPN she I come across one I don't know that's I do if I can set it or google on how to set that what and some times u will get a video on how to set be sure u ask specifically how to set ur watch so u get the right video

Watches | Answered Yesterday | 619 views

The hands are sliding at the base. set at 3:00 and a drop of crazy glue should move them when set.
good luck

Watches | Answered Yesterday | 16 views

Take your Skagen watch to a jeweler who will open it, identify the type, and perhaps replace it.

Watches | Answered Yesterday | 16 views

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