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What is a "avionics CA 4210-2E"?

Watches | Answered on Jul 15, 2018

Good day I had purchase parts direct from Invicta and found that is easier then looking around for the parts here is the info;

Message Invicta Customer Service . Mon - Fri . 9am - 5pm EST
Call 800-327-7682 . Mon - Fri . 9am - 5pm EST
Fax 954-921-2508 or 954-862-5461
Write Invicta Watch Group
Attn: Customer Service
One Invicta Way (3069 Taft St.)
Hollywood, Florida 33021

or you can also check them at their web-site most parts are really low cost with the exeption of the mechanic parts

Invicta Subaqua... | Answered on Jul 15, 2018


Mistakes made when installing a capacitor (battery) in a Seiko Kinetic

Here are some common errors I see when I repair a Seiko Kinetic watch that
someone has tried to replace the capacitor.

1) Attempting to use a silver oxide "coin battery" or common watch battery.
In a word: Don't.
The silver oxide batteries are not meant to be recharged.
They may leak. They may ignite. They are a bad idea.

2) Putting the capacitor in upside-down.
Although this seems foolish, in fact it is quite common.
The way a common watch battery goes into the typical non-Kinetic watch is
upside-down from how a Kinetic capacitor is placed.
The Seiko Kinetic Capacitor has a + and a - pole, and inverting these can result in a fatal short.
And there are copper contacts that must rest on extremely small contacts precisely.
Putting the capacitor in like is done with a regular watch just does not work.

3) Touching the copper appendages, or touching the watch contacts with metal tweezers.
Use plastic tweezers.
Wear latex gloves.
And I also use a wrist static band that I use for computer repair.

4) "Testing" the battery with a battery tester.
Don't. It severely discharges the capacitor.
You can instead install the battery, the Mylar insulator, and the hold-down, then use 1 screw only to secure the battery in the battery well, and then check
the watch, as it should be running on the new battery.
Use the Indicator button now to check the battery strength.

5) Pressing down on the central screw that holds the pendulum in place.
This can permanently stop a Kinetic watch.
The Pendulum screw pressure goes directly to the hands, and pressing on the screw while removing it to remove the pendulum may push the hands complex into the crystal, and stop the watch permanently.

The slot for a screwdriver in that Pendulum screw is very very thin, and
to avoid having to press hard I simply use a single edge razor blade.

6. Not replacing the gasket ("0-ring") when replacing the capacitor.
Esslinger is a good place for genuine Seiko gaskets.
Don't get cheap gaskets.

7. Not getting the exact Seiko capacitor for the model.
A 5M43 for example takes a 3023-5Z capacitor.
Several web sites will direct you to the right combination.

8. Buying a pre-owned Seiko Kinetic that was advertised as "New battery installed."
I see common coin batteries installed.
I see very old capacitors installed that have not been made for over 10 years.
I see the right capacitor installed but installed upside down.
A brand new Seiko Kinetic that has been sitting in a display case in a jewelry store may have a depleted battery, simply because the capacitors may self-degrade over time.
Jewelers may not have the integrity to put in a correct genuine Seiko capacitor, which may cost 30 dollars or more.

Enjoy your Kinetic. Engineering greatness.

on Jul 15, 2018 | Seiko Watches

It is unlikely that you can, unless you have the special tools required, especially for watches with screw down backs. Take it to your local jeweler, they have the tools and all the dozens of batteries in Lithium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Silver Oxide flavours. Cost is $8 to $15 and done whilst you wait.

Seiko Watches | Answered on Jul 15, 2018


Do not test a Seiko Kinetic Capacitor with a battery tester

The Seiko Kinetic watches use a Capacitor (rechargeable battery) that costs
between 16 and 30 dollars.)

They drain drastically if they are tested using a typical battery tester using 2 prongs to get a reading. It shortens the life of a capacitor significantly.

Don't ruin a good capacitor by testing it with a battery tester.

You already know if it is doing the "2 second Tango" the capacitor is depleted and needs replacement.
A lot of Kinetics sold used will tick when worn and a little while after being taken off the wrist, but then stop.
Those are depleted capacitors, that need to be replaced.

If it is a 10 second Indicator swing replace the capacitor within a few weeks.
A 20 second swing is good for months in most modern Kinetics.

The Kinetic capacitor will not be at full charge when first installed.
Either wear the watch you installed the new capacitor in for a few days,
or put it on an electric toothbrush charger for a few hours, and it will reach maximum charge.

on Jul 15, 2018 | Seiko Watches


Money saving Tip about Seiko Kinetics

Seiko makes genuine Seiko capacitors for the various Seiko Kinetic watches.
The Seiko capacitor 3023 5MZ is about 16 dollars on Amazon right now, it fits the 5M42 and 5M43 Kinetic.
The Seiko capacitor 3023 44Z is about 26 dollars on Amazon. It is for the 5M62 and 5M63 Kinetic models.
However the less expensive 3023 5MZ replaces the 3023 44Z for 10 dollars less.
And also comes with the 2 accessories I like to replace when I install a new capacitor, the metal hold-down, and the Mylar insulator.
The 3023 44Z, although more expensive, does not include either.

Both capacitors are the TC920S.

Don't waste money buying the 3023 44Z.
Get the 3023 5MZ instead. It is 10 dollars cheaper and the same thing.

(Use plastic tweezers always, and don't touch the contacts, ever.)

on Jul 15, 2018 | Seiko Watches

Take it to a watch shop and ask them there what battery do you need. There should be no charge only for a new battery.

The Watches | Answered on Jul 15, 2018

Google (casio)(wr100m)(manual) without parens for instructions.

Casio Watches | Answered on Jul 15, 2018

Google (skmei)(1009)(manual) without parens for instructions.

Watches | Answered on Jul 15, 2018

To clean your watch case (and bracelet) you have to take the movement out first. Professional cleening is done by the help of ultrasonic cleaner (you can buy one on eBay for about $50-$60).
If you do not want to spend money for ultrasonic cleaner, then use warm water with any soapy liquid. Submerse watch case and leave it to soak overnight, then clean it using old toothbrush till it's looking nice and shiny. Dry with a towel, then hair dryer. Put the movement back and close the caseback.

Rate me, please.

Watches | Answered on Jul 14, 2018

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