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you should be communicating this with your supplier
nothing fixya site can do to help

Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 14, 2018

Mine did when I added branch like perches. Otherwise they did the cage climb along the front. I think the long perches didn’t fit their feet.

Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 10, 2018

There are some cases that cat flea are real life threatening for your pet especially regarding to kittens, puppies and calves.

Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 10, 2018

Yes, there are medicines that you can use to save your pet dog from fleas and don't you worry about how to or what to give because I am sure I can help you out with it. First, of all make sure that your pet is always clean and tidy and what I did was to apply the Nitenpyram, once a day to prevent Fleas. They are super fast and effective and have given my pets good results too. That is why I am recommending this to you as well, as this could nicely help you too to save your pet doggies from fleas. So don't wait, and hurry to try this out, and I am sure this is seriously going to help you, as it did for me.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 09, 2018

Hey, I am a pet lover and I have both cats and dogs in my home, as I am a kind of person who is very fond of pets. Its been very long since I had them home and it is recently that I came to know about the fleas. I have come to know that they are indeed one of the most annoying and common types of pest, which is solely responsible to cause irritation and discomfort to our pets. My little pet dog, Marcy was affected with fleas, and this almost broke down my heart at the way she was being affected by these deadly pests. These were a kind of small, weird blood-sucking insects. So I just wanted at least the rest of my pets safe, and that is how I came to know and started using the Nitenpyram. They really work, and I do suggest that all people who have a pet in their home, should for sure consider buying this product for ensuring the safety your pets!. I am sure you will really find this, working out well for you.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 09, 2018

because they are warm blooded

Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

The flea can simply make your cat feel worse and I would always suggest you to only use very trust able medicines for its treatment as well. If you are going to a veterinary doctor, then the case is different but otherwise, you should be very careful while choosing medicines for your pet cats. I would suggest you use the Nitenpyram, for best results. I completely believe that it is this product that has given my pet, the right kind of medication.This is really a worthy product to try out.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Fleas are often considered to be something that both the owner and the pet hates the most. This can be so irritating and frustrating as well. No matter how clean you keep the dogs, or how well you treat them with care, these always have the option of attacking your pets. So once attacked I suggest you to never lose any time and start on the quick usage of the Generic Capstar. These are one cool way of removing the fleas completely from your pets, and never give an overdose of the medicine. This medicine can work the worst when it comes to overdoses. So I would suggest you try out this medicine for a quick healing of Fleas for your pets and never forget to use as recommended as well.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Dealing with dogs and cats for so long, I believe I know much about them as well. Pets itch unusually if they have Fleas but your pet could be miserable if she happens to be allergic to tiny pests like this. For this case, I would say that the best thing is prevention which is much better than cure. If you try out ways to prevent, then that can help you a lot. One of the best ways that I have known until today is the Generic Capstars to prevent these dangerous fleas. Once these come to your pets, you will suffer a lot and so will your pet. She might lose her fur, and look very nasty as well. So I would suggest you to try out them!!.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Well, I have to say that I have witnessed this on my pet, and I can never forget those horrible days in which I and my pet had suffered a lot with Fleas. I had a tough time taking caring of my pet and my pet was simply suffering from pain, poor thing and I felt really sad for it. Since Fleas can consume 15 times their own body weight in blood, they caused anaemia and a significant amount of blood loss to my pet. As mine was a young puppy, it was losing an inadequate number of red blood cells and It was almost like life-threatening. I have to mention the Nitenpyram, that indeed became a life saver for my little puppy. I suggest you try it u too if you want to fight against the puppies in the quickest ways.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Hello, this is William here and I have come to share with you what I know about the deadly Flea sin dogs and cats. Fleas thrive mostly in warm, humid environments, and feed on the blood of their hosts. And it is always the Dogs who more frequently play host to the cat flea. Some common signs that give you a hint that your pet might soon be affected or has already affected your pet are that pale gums, tapeworm, Excessive itching or scratching, licking or biting skin, Flea eggs in dog's environment, Droppings or flea-dirt in Dog's Coat. So check out regularly id your pet is having these symptoms, and if you find any of these I would surely recommend you to use effective medicines for this like the Nitenpyram or even the Generic Capstar. So keep a watch out for your pets, to keep them sound and safe.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Hi, this is Louanne and I had one of my pets down with fleas. My poor little one was feeling so low, and weak and I could hardly bear the pain of seeing her not being well. It is the flea's saliva that was causing all the reaction on my doggy, so it was important that any treatment used kills the fleas on contact, not when they bite, to reduce the risk of our loved ones suffering from this. I also came to know that if the pet is actually having fleas then they are most likely to have a tapeworm since this worm is actually being spreading fleas. Fleas feed on blood and so, and I could see my pet becoming weaker and weaker probably due to weight loss.Using the Generic Capstar have indeed helped my pet to regain all its health loss, and become more healthy and good as well.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

I have used them for my only pet dog, rocky. These are really effective medicines that work very quickly and not with much of side effects as well. So I would surely recommend you to try out the Nitenpyram products for once as well. This started working within the first 30 minutes and this flea medication is taken orally, as a tasty meat flavoured capsule and I felt my pet really loved having these as well. This helped him to get quick relief from fleas and they are really worth trying.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 07, 2018

Yeah, the same thing indeed happened to me as well.I too had a similar experience wherein I used to keep my pet so clean and neat and even though something dreadful happened to it. I felt I am almost going to lose her since her since her condition had gone drastically bad and also she started responding slowly to the food we gave her. There was a lot of pain in me as I saw her, and I had no idea of what exactly I could do to make things better. As days passed by situation was getting worse and worse. I really didn't know what to do. As I lost my mind, my friends suggested me to try out the Generic Capstar for my pet, and to my surprise, they worked out quite well for my pet. Within no time, she was back into action and we all felt really happy about it as well.


Pets - Others | Answered on Feb 05, 2018

Dogs cannot have paracetomol keep the wound clean it should fall off

Pets - Others | Answered on Jan 30, 2018

No Fix ya don't not stock or sell any parts

Pets - Others | Answered on Jan 24, 2018

Hardware store where they have their specialty nuts and bolts. Sounds like "All Thread" is what you may be looking for.

Pets - Others | Answered on Jan 14, 2018

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