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I wish I knew what retailer you are talking about. To answer your question the local tax rate will not show up if the customer has a tax exempt number, the product is food or is used.

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Please can you let me know how to factory reset on a Casio we-s10

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First : you have to check the locking nut it is the most important (and maybe you have to change it) my friend has the same problem and he added a locking nut to his Fender start guitar ( ) and it is a very good idea to keep the guitar in tune
Second : check your tuners using 10mm key ( ) after removing the strings

Good Luck

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You need the PC Link software for your model.
All of these manuals can be downloaded at:

sharp ER-1017 Service
sharp ER-1072 Service
sharp ER-1073 Service
sharp ER-1074 Service
sharp ER-1075 Service
sharp ER-1076 User Service
sharp ER-1077 Service Programming
sharp ER-1077
sharp ER-1077
sharp ER-1772 Service
sharp ER-1772s Service
sharp ER-1871 Service
sharp ER-1872 Service
sharp ER-1873 User Service
sharp ER-1875 User Service
sharp ER-1910 User Service
sharp ER-1911 User Service Programming
sharp ER-1911s User Programming
sharp ER-1920 User Service
sharp ER-1921 User(R) Service Programming
sharp ER-1921s Programming
sharp ER-1970 User Service Programming
sharp ER-2000U Service
sharp ER-2100 User Service
sharp ER-2370 Service
sharp ER-2371 User(R) Service Programming(R)
sharp ER-2385 Service
sharp ER-2386 Service
sharp ER-2386s User
sharp ER-2395 Service
sharp ER-2396 Service
sharp ER-2720 Service
sharp ER-2722 Service
sharp ER-2722A User Service
sharp ER-2742 Service
sharp ER-2742A Service
sharp ER-2770 Service
sharp ER-2782 Service
sharp ER-2782A Service
sharp ER-2905 Service
sharp ER-2908 Service
sharp ER-2910 Service Programming
sharp ER-2970 User Service
sharp ER-2975 Service
sharp ER-2980 User Service
sharp ER-2980S Service
sharp ER-3100 User Service Programming
sharp ER-3110 User Service Programming
sharp ER-3115 Service Programming
sharp ER-3120 User Service Programming
sharp ER-3550 Service
sharp ER-3600 User Service
sharp ER-3630 User Service
sharp ER-3712 User Service
sharp ER-3721 Service
sharp ER-3731 Service
sharp ER-3732 User Service
sharp ER-4100 User Service Programming(R)
sharp ER-4110 User Service Programming(R)
sharp ER-4100S Service
sharp ER-4110S Service
sharp ER-4550 Service
sharp ER-4630 User Service
sharp ER-4633 Service
sharp ER-4700 User
sharp ER-6740 Service
sharp ER-8700 Not Available, do you want to swap?
sharp ER-A150 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A160 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A170 User(R) Service Programming
sharp ER-A180 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A220 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A227G Programming
sharp ER-A250 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A310 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A320 User Programming
sharp ER-A330 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A410 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A420 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A430 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A440 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A440S Programming
sharp ER-A450 User Programming
sharp ER-A450S User Service Programming
sharp ER-A450T User Service Programming
sharp ER-A460 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A470 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A490 User(R) Service Programming
sharp ER-A510 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A510s Service
sharp ER-A520 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A530 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A550 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A550s User(R) Service
sharp ER-A570 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A610 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A650 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A650S Programming
sharp ER-A670 Not Available, do you want to swap?
sharp ER-A670S Programming
sharp ER-A750 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A770 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A770II User
sharp ER-A770M User Service
sharp ER-A771 User Service Programming
sharp ER-A850 User
sharp ER-A880 Not Available, do you want to swap?
sharp UP-3300 User Service Programming
sharp UP-3300M Service
sharp UP-3301 User Service Programming
sharp UP-600 User Service Programming
sharp UP-700 User Service Programming
sharp UP-800F User
sharp UP-810F User
sharp UP-820N User Service
sharp UP-X300 User
sharp UP-X500 User Service
sharp XE-A101 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A102 User Programming
sharp XE-A106 User
sharp XE-A110 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A120 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A130 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A201 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A202 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A203 User Programming
sharp XE-A206 User
sharp XE-A20S User Programming
sharp XE-A212 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A213 User Programming
sharp XE-A301 User Service Programming
sharp XE-A302 User Programming
sharp XE-A303 ? Programming
sharp XE-A401 User Programming
sharp XE-A402 User
sharp XE-A406 User
sharp XE-A40S User Programming
sharp XE-A505 User Programming

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Hi. turn key to OPX/Z mode. Press the receipt button. Turn key back to REG mode. Now when you want to issue a receipt, press the receipt button at the end of sale

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All flashing usually indicates loss of memory. Was the battery replaced within 5 years? Also, this will happen if battery is not charged by plugging in at least once per month

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You would have to use the journal (if it isn't too long ago). Look up electronic journal print (A.K.A EJ) in your manual and make sure you have a fresh paper roll in the machine when you print it. It holds the last few thousand transactions and reports.
If you need the manual, ctech has it

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WHAT is a xea507

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Visit your local Costco store in person, please.

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Haven't seen that model but EE-99 is often a printer failure warning

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I haven't worked with this model but loss of decimal point usually indicates a low battery causing memory loss. If it has replaceable batteries, try new ones. Note do not turn the machine off while replacing batteries. It needs the power on to hold memory while changing them. Other than that, a few models allow you to program the point position (most must be memory cleared and reprogrammed). If you need a manual, the big supplier checkout tech has it here

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I'm guessing it's a Casio. The L sign indicates low batteries. Fit new batteries and try it.

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Firstly, make sure there is a Z or Z1 at the top of the report. If it is X or X1, you are not resetting and that's your problem.
The register is set by default to ignore all zero balance PLUs and depts so someone may have turned printing of all depts on Z reports. Check your programming manual for a setting which details depts with zero printing or all printing in Z reports. It will normally be in the printing settings but it can vary between models.

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Make sure you have the paper in the correct way around

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First, I'm not a Casio representative.
* Check your warranty. Call for support

*** Following is for information only.***
* (Official) Setting Tax % (SE-G1/S700/PCR-T273/4);
* Tax on calculator;
* Setting Tax % (MS-80B);
* Setting Tax % (SE-G1);
* Setting Tax % (PCR-T273);
* Setting Tax % (SE400-900);
* Setting Tax % (S300-2000);
* Compatability list;
* TK3200;

Aloha, ukeboy57

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