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If you are trying to make it colder just turn it up at panel. or if your asking where is the panel I need more info.


Refrigerators | Answered 3 hours ago | 15 views

It is located behind the temperature control knob.

Refrigerators | Answered 5 hours ago | 17 views

I would think you should run a solution of household bleach through the dispenser and the tubes. Preferably take the whole unit out of the fridge if possible.

Whirlpool... | Answered 15 hours ago | 38 views

The 25 in ED25PQXFW01 tells you it is 25 cu ft

Your manual is here if you need it

Your browser security needs to be updated

Whirlpool... | Answered 21 hours ago | 22 views

So many different things it could be. Call a technician.

LG Refrigerators | Answered 21 hours ago | 24 views

Refrigerant oil leak perhaps. You don’t want to breath that stuff in your home. Need to call licensed technician for inspection or repair. Could also be an old item in your fridge or freezer. Check that in detail before you call the service man.

Frigidaire... | Answered 22 hours ago | 28 views

not much you can check as it is a shorting problem
could be a start/run capacitor failure ore a compressor failure
call in a technician for a proper diagnosis

Traulsen... | Answered Yesterday | 959 views

need correct model number. there are 3 different versions of the 232 that start with RE. Usually have 3 letter after the numbers as well.

Traulsen... | Answered Yesterday | 38 views

2 days in the fridge

Refrigerators | Answered Yesterday | 19 views

Does the Car Start? Clicking and and a slow start usually means the battery is dead or about to die. As for the 3-5 minutes is that after the car starts or just turning on the ignition and not trying to start it?

Could be a starter going bad, ignition switch relays, alternater or many other things causing the click - let's have more info?

Refrigerators | Answered Yesterday | 25 views

Have you any means to measure the fridge / freezer temperatures, which should be 5 degrees C and -18 degrees C respectively - (put a cup of water into the fridge for 24 hours then test that temp)
If the temperatures are above that, this is an alarm code condition and you will need to look at the operation of the cooling system. For example, is the motor running constantly? can you hear a circulation fan running in the freezer cabinet when the motor is running? Does there appear to be a buildup of ice at the rear of the freezer cabinet panel?
As a first aid sort of check, try removing the food from the freezer and turning everything off for 24 hours which should manually defrost the unit. If everything works ok afterwards, but then fails again a day or two later it may be an automatic defrosting problem.
If the compressor is running 24/7 and getting very hot, you may have major cooling system faults which will require a service engineer call - or replacement!

Electrolux... | Answered Yesterday | 48 views

This is an alarm code condition, and if you are saying the internal temperature is ok, i.e. -18 degrees C, it may be a problem with one of the internal temperature sensors. In these conditions the freezer reverts to a timed on and off situation to preserve frozen food, and ignores temperature measurement from the sensors. It is possible to test the sensors from the control electronic PCB but will probably need a Electrolux technician to do this. If the internal temerature is above -18 C then could be a cooling system fault.

Electrolux... | Answered Yesterday | 37 views

From all accounts the AW's are Just Noisy. Fans can get out of adjustment, screws can loosen, etc. Other than opening it up and retightening everything you could just face a fact of life for those who decided to buy a compressor-based wine cooler.

Although they are not extremely loud, they will still tend to make some noise because of the mechanism inside.
  • But, if the cooler is not positioned correctly, especially if it is placed on the floor, the owner may notice it making more noise than it should. They should check to make sure the cooler's footing is secured perfectly as possible to reduce the noise.
  • If the cooler is properly placed, check the ventilation. Just like messing with the interior cooling, not having adequate ventilation can cause excessive noises because the cooler has to work harder to cool properly.
  • Make sure all four sides have adequate space, so the mechanism can work properly.
  • As with any problem, if none of these work, and the noise escalates, the owner should call for a servicer or enforce the warranty.

NewAir... | Answered Yesterday | 18 views

This unit is 25 years old and by now will be subject to wear and tear in the compressor, and probably a drop off of efficiency in the cooling system, which may be an old R134a or R12 Gas type unit (not legally repairable now). Does the freezer seem to run for long extended periods - or does it get very noisy and hot in use? Have you noticed an increase in you electricity bills recently? Are the internal fridge fittings and door seals a bit worn out?
I personally wouldn't consider spending loads of cash on a new compressor or regas (if permitted) but would consider replacing the unit. It may be just achieving 'normal' temperatures at the moment, but at what cost in energy usage? - do you drive a 25 year old car?? lol

Frigidaire... | Answered Yesterday | 48 views

The previous answer is spot on - but just try a 'manual' defrost first - ie remove food and turn the unit 'off' for 24 hours to allow ice to melt and drip channels to defrost and clear. If no good and the problem re-occurs, then by all means go ahead with stripping and clearing as described above.

Liebherr... | Answered Yesterday | 24 views

I believe there is a 5 year warranty on that. Call Samsung. Don't use their live chat.

Samsung RFG297AA... | Answered Yesterday | 349 views

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