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this website is not connected in any way to a service depot of any kind. youd be best off if you contact a local repairman in your area. also never never post your phone number on an open website... bad bad idea

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By "ice maker isn't working" do you mean it isn't filling with water, it isn't freezing the water in the ice maker, it isn't dumping the ice cubes into the bin, or it isn't dispensing ice cubes?
Was it previously working and it is not working now?

Typically one can hear the valve when it opens to fill the ice maker with water. Can you hear it attempting to do so? If so, and there isn't any water in the ice tray, check that there is water supplied to the valve at the wall and the valve is open. Is there a water filter? Has it been replaced per the manufacturer's recommendation? (Typically, the water filter should be replaced every six months.)

Is the "full" bar pushed up? It shouldn't be. The bar above the ice cubes should not be in the horizontal position. That position tells the ice maker the bin is full so it should wait until the bar goes down, indicating some ice has been used.

Can you hear the bayonet turning? Is the ice maker attempting to dump out cubes whether or not they exist? The next issue after you confirm there is water going into the ice maker that is being frozen and the ice maker knows to dump the ice, is the bayonet. There is a motor that turns the bayonet and a mechanical connection. Either could be at fault.


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It is generally attributed to defective defroster which might be caused by a resistor. Same are located behind the inner back inner panel of the refrigerator
What happens is that the defroster is not able to do its job and ice builds up within the inner back panel thus, not allowing the unit to perform.
I own a Samsumg refrigerator and recently had the same issue.Techinicians fixed it at home so I had the chance to see what the issue and fixing was.Parts cost was $87.00 + labor
You may have to call a technicial to examine, diagnose, set price and fix

Samsung... | Answered 3 hours ago | 17 views

Try Googling (telefunken)(TSB-70S)(manual) without parens.

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Depending on the age of your unit, having to skin the unit to get the coil out, remove the bad coil, weld the new coil in, pressure check it, pull a vacuum for 4 hours, then charge it could cost upwards of $2500. More depending on the fridge. When your replacing coils, it's time to go buy a new fridge. It's not cost effective and the waranty would only cover the coil

Maytag... | Answered 10 hours ago | 17 views

Is it getting water? It will still cycle but no ice will be made. Is there ice in the catch bucket? If so it might be plugged.

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There is a solenoid valve that operates the water flow. There will be a switch in the door that you press to get water out of the door. That switch activates the solenoid valve. Check that switch and the solenoid valve (usually located in the lower back of fridge) with a meter and you should be able to trace it down in a few minutes.

Daewoo... | Answered 11 hours ago | 20 views

possible defrost issue. May be caused by non-sealing doors, broken defrost heaters, bad thermistor, bad control board.

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If the compressor is humming and clicking on and off on its overload relay, it would normally be a faulty relay and or the overtemp device. As you have already replaced these, it could be that the compressor has failed. It can happen if the compressor has continually been trying to start. Its probably got very hot and cooked the windings. On most fridges these days, its often not much more expensive to buy a new fridge.

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No. Crisper lights are a convince, not a requirement

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The ice maker fan is located in the freezer and is part of the Grille Assembly ( LG part Name) Which is the removable back panel in the freezer. If you have an error code on the display such as ER/IF the fan is not rotating due to failure or ice accumulation in the fan blade. If you have no error code and the ice maker is not producing ice 2 things to check are...1. On the bottom of the ice maker there is a Test Button. Press and hold the button and the ice maker should rotate, Dump ice cubes and refill with water. If the ice maker does not cycle replace the ice maker. 2. Check freezer temperature. Freezer Temperature must be below 15 degrees to make ice. Ideally freezer temp should be 0 Degrees. If you have warm temps in the freezer there may be a sealed system issue preventing proper cooling.

Hope this helps.

LG Refrigerators | Answered 22 hours ago | 34 views

sounds like the paddle you push to dispense the ice and water is sticking,if there's a rubber pad there try moving it to see if it frees it up,if not it looks like you have to replace the whole part 242100018 go here to see it

Electrolux... | Answered 22 hours ago | 48 views

what's the model number send the full model number off of the machine

Whirlpool 25.6... | Answered 23 hours ago | 32 views

i would say you have a bad jazz board,do this open the right hand side door of the fridge,you'll see on the touch pad the up and down arrows,hold the light switch in and press the down key three times,let go of the light switch press the down button again and i think it says like s and p can't remember but press the down one more time and you should see 4 and 4 or whatever settings you had if you see this close the door,open the freezer by doing what i told you you manually put it into defrost,if you hear the compressor running the board is bad part WPW10503278 and i have to tell you i've changed quite a few of these boards.also if the strip between the doors are hot check you coil on the bottom,usually when this happens the condenser coil is blocked with dust or the condenser fan isn't blowing,if you ever find the fan not blowing you can get a house fan and blow it onto the compressor and coil this will keep it cool until you change out the fan motor and you won't loose any food but that's another day.your coil might just need to be cleaned or the jazz board could be causing this because the compressor is running longer than it should.if you unplug the fridge,melt out all the ice off of the coil as best you can but the more the better you'll be able to use the fridge like normal for like 10 to 12 days then the coil will freeze up again so order the board melt out the ice with a hair dryer and you should be fine,if you need a hand programming the new board let me know i would tell you how to do it but i don't know if people are getting my answers nobody writes back,so open the freezer door,open the right side door,hold the light switch in,push the down button three times,push it again and one more time you should see settings again,close the door,if compressor is running the board is bad.

Jenn-Air... | Answered 21 hours ago | 29 views

if it's running look at the evaporator coil,if it doesn't have an even frost pattern on the coil you have a freon leak and it would be cheaper to replace the fridge,usually if you have a leak and it's not cooling you might see a ball of ice on top of the coil just on the lines there isn't enough freon to cool the whole fridge down and put an even frost pattern on the coil.hope this helps you out.unplug it,take out the food and shelves,remove the back inside wall of the freezer,if you have a defrost problem the coil will be covered in ice,if you have a freon leak the coil won't have an even frost pattern maybe just up near the top but not covering the whole coil,also make sure the evap fan is blowing,but if compressor is running and you don't have a defrost problem i would say you have a sealed system leak or freon leak same thing.only way to tell is get in there and look.

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Vacuuming powder like sanded drywall should only be done with a shop vac and only if necessary because the drywall powder will clog and cake the bag and all filters. Remove all visible powder and change the bag, if your vacuum has one. If it spins the air then disassemble that part of it and wash it. Finally, all the bagless vacuums have a sponge or hepa filter that will need to be cleaned or replaced. Search the internet for your vacuum model's manual and see where the filter is located.

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its the filter. light resets whenever the filter is removed

Amana SXD524VW... | Answered 24 hours ago | 67 views

found this..
If you have a Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate or Kenmore defrostable refrigerator, that is leaking at its bottom and building up ice, you may have a plugged bottom drain line. This video will show you how to unclog this line.
hope it helps.

Estate... | Answered Yesterday | 17 views

a number of things
1. too warm
2, door adjar
3. bad door switch.
try unplugging/or turning off the breaker to it for 5 min then plug back in to see if it'll reset.

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