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Good initial troubleshooting...
In addition to lubricating the fan ... check the door button that activates the fan. Sometimes closing the door may not fully activate the switch .... some piece of plastic might be broken preventing full activation of the switch.
If the door switch looks fine and the fan runs .... then check the pathway that the air flows from the freezer to the fridge. Sometimes even though the freezer does not look bad with ice ... the pathway can get blocked with ice buildup. Has the total fridge been defrosted/deiced recently?
Or of course ... the fan may be on it's last legs ... but usually they last a long time.
Good luck on your troubleshooting

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That seems a good idea.

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sounds like your defrost module may not be working, if that is the case it will Freeze up the tip then the line it also leads to a Cracking of the Flex pipe and the Water Filter lines hope this helps if you have a model number i can take a more in depth look at it

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There is a built in system of valves on the filter connections that enable changing filters without turning off the water. IF the filters are not fully connected the valves wont open and there wont be any water flow. .

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Heat guns are typically a bad idea as most people will hold it in one place too long melting,or disfiguring the plastic on the icemaker or worse,the cabinet.

Removing and using hot water is always the best way!

The usual problem for small, or hollow ice cubes is a bad saddle valve. There really isn't a good saddle valve in my opinion as they always clog either from mineral or rusting from the inside out.

What you want to do is find your shutoff valve. Sometimes in the basement, or under a sink if it is close by the refrigerator and look to see how it is hooked up. If it has a valve like the attached pic then it would be best to call in a plumber and have him replace it with a toilet style ball valve which will never restrict water flow and will always work!

The two main types of saddle valves are self pierce (absolute garbage) and drill type. If you look at where the valve straps to the pipe it will either have a round or square gasket. The square gasket ones are the worst and 99.5% of the time are the problem.

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The model# you listed is very incomplete and it will look more like this "10672002010" when you have a correct one. (Always take the model# off of the sticker inside the refrigerator section and not off the owners manual as they are often incomplete and sometimes just wrong)

You failed to say which door and they are slightly different between them.

Top right just pulls off and presses back into the track

Top left you need to remove the mullion (the flipper that pops out when closed) then pull off and press on the new one.

The freezer can usually be pulled off without removing the door and pressed back into the track.

Any gasket needs to be form fit when installed by using a heat gun to soften and form to the cabinet. Mirrors are needed to check seal and wiping them down with wd40 helps the process.( just a light coat from a sprayed paper towel is fine).

You did not say why it needs to be changed? is it torn,missing magnets? frosting inside?


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On most samsung Refrigerator ice makers there will be a button on it to test the functionality of the ice maker. Its a small button covered with clear rubber. When you locate it hold that down for 10 to 15 seconds and if it is functional it should run through its paces. Is it the ice maker in the left fridge door , the freezer compartment, or the one inside the fridge to the left?

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You should have included instructions that came with this board and the serial# is what dictates if a wire is cut or not on the main board. there also might be a wire on the harness that plugs into the wall that needs to be cut although I have yet to find one.

The provided link has pics of the instructions. just check your serial # to verify and follow the directions

GE WR55X10942 WR55X10656 Refrigerator Main Control Motherboard CB10942

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Wherever your filter is located the actual piece that you plug the filter into is either clogged or restricted it and it's called the filter head and that is what needs to be replaced. Before attempting to replace the filter head try removing your filter and see if the hammering and grinding sound goes away. If the noise goes away then you simply just need a new filter.

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only certified tech's can regas refrigerator freezers and usually find there are other problems that caused the leakage . PAY to have it tested

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sounds like either the relay easy fix, or the compressor major

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Slide unit out from wall and lower temp setting and feel if compressor is running. If it is the Freon has escaped. Best bet call a repair company.

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It would need to be checked at the main board to see if the sensor is ok. then the wires need to be checked one by one from the sensor to the main board to see if there is a problem with a wire inside the cabinet (non repairable).

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Samsung has quite a high failure/problem rate among their products. Ice makers are no exception.

Sometimes,but not often, a reboot of the appliance will solve the issue. This is done simply by unplugging/ or turning off the breaker for 5 minutes and then turning back on again.

Remove the bucket and shine a light up in there to see if anything might be jammed. Remove as necessary.

There is a button toward the front, top, right side of this icemaker. it looks like a clear piece of rubber but will push in with your finger. Light pressure is usually enough.

This will manually force the icemaker into a cycle so watch it/listen and see if something happens. If it does not, then replace the icemaker (yes they go bad after just a year and a half)

part# I found is DA97-05422A but you may want to check with the parts store as Samsung changes part numbers often!

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new unit , get in the service people under warranty to fix it

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The freon is evaporating in the tubing, this is common problem, You can report it to Frigidaire and the might be able to send out a tech to adjust the filter drier or add som nitrogen to the system. And when he comes tell you that I don't know what I am talking about, I am an authorized servicer for Frigidaire and have been an appliance repair tech for 38 years. This info comes directly for Frigidaire Technical Assistance dept.

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Maybe you put the ice maker back in wrong .Take it back out and try again.Also make sure you connect everything

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Sure, but I don't suppose this will do the trick.
The fact that is it is "blowing" out is the secret..
It probably is.
When the dealer tested it, it would have been parked, probably in the garage.
There, there was not a wind to blow it out, like there would have been on the highway.
Perhaps you could look underneath and see if a handmade baffle could be made to stop this problem.
God bless your efforts.

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its possible that since you left the door open that the fridge has over worked and froze over i suggest before calling in a teck that you empty it out and unplugg it for 2 days with the doors open incase it has iced over inside the internal walls

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what's the model number off of the fridge?

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