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I believe you can shoot both pellets and BB's through your airgun, if you google the model number there is a manual you can download
I hope this helps Nick

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The attractive vertical design of the Bushnell G-Force DX is a combination of high technology integrated with some features in demand that is noticed on different Bushnell models also having a 6x magnification that can be utilized both for bowhunting and rifle hunting.
Fully Loaded
Display - The Bushnell G-Force DX is featured with VDT (Vivid Display Technology). Its red screen display has incompatible with the black screen display which is targeted for their budget customers. The settings for the intensity of red display is manually adjustable to one out of four preference settings. These brightness settings aid the user to adjust with the reticle and give a visual record or display of the output from the device of their preference under any condition of lighting.
MOA and MIL - The G-Force DX displays the readings about angle indemnified relics in mil or moa and the holdover in an inch or cm when the Rifle mode is turned on. Users can set the relics to measure in an inch, moa or mil when the ranging requires in yards. Again, users can set the program to show holdover data in Moa, MIL or cm.
Angle Compensated Readings - Some of the older versions of Bushnell rangefinders displayed the view distance in line or dots at the time of Bow or Rifle mode. Next, the device displays the shooting angle and extends the number. When in Bow mode, the G-Force DX provides the compensated angle range in yardage. Otherwise, it gives the relics information when in the Rifle mode. But, the newer version of the Bushnell displays the readings of site distance at first, then it displays the shooting angle beneath the screen for not more than one second and a half before disappearing from the screen. Eventually, the device provides an important information about angle compensation.
ESP 2 - The G-Force DX rangefinder is featured with the second generation extreme speed precision processor offers precise distance measuring advantage and boosted with speed. The device can provide up to 1/2-yard accuracy out to 199 yards and 1/10-yard display precision out of 125 yards.
Housing - The Bushnell G-Force DX is coating rubberized for easy grip with a metal housing. The length of the metal housing is 4 inches, thickness 1.3-inch and height 3-inch which is a compact design of the rangefinders. This dimension of the G-Force DX allowing it to give a relatively low weight of 8oz.
Range - The Bushnell G-Force DX is a vertical-style rangefinder used for long range shooting and the maximum range of the rangefinder is 1300 yards on highly reflective objects. An expected reading on trees under good conditions is up to 900 yards where the same on deer is maximum 600 yards. But, the flat style Bushnell 1600 Elite is the right one for the users requiring more ranging power.
Legend Legacy
The new G-Force DX is developed from Bushnell's previous G-Force 1300 hundred design. Although this model is a new design, it had to leave backward many wanted features of the Bushnell Legend 1200 version. The new Bushnell G-Force DX is a featured with a Bow Mode, Rifle Mode, and Regular Mode same as its forerunner. Another feature is the VSI (Variable Sight-in) that adds versatility in shooting with the rangefinders set with integrated ballistics charts. At last, the popular Brush and Bullseye targets priority settings has added a new dimension into the new G-Force DX.
Rifle Mode - By selecting the Rifle mode, users can pick a ranging sight that they prefer. After that, they had to select from a ballistic chart that closely matches the flight path of their bullets holdover. Then the rifle icon will appear at the left-top of the screen confirming that the device is in rifle mood. After ranging the target, the line of sight yardage will appear on the display. The device will display underneath the shooting angle which will be disappeared within a second and a half, and at last, it will display a holdover measurement in any unit of cm, inches, MIL, or MOA
Regular Mode - In this mode, the user will get a line or dot of distance view in yardage from the target and it will facilitate the users in no other ways. That means, the indemnified angle in yardage, he relics data or the shooting angle - nothing can be calculated or displayed.

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hi deshwashin error vod d13 brandt thnks

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The answer depends on the purpose of your rangefinder and your own requirements. For bow hunting, 100 yards is more than enough. On the other hand, for rifle-hunting you, the range will vary widely depending on where, what and how you hunt and on your proficiency and style. Typically you are looking at a wide range of 200 yards to 800 yards. For golfing again, it depends on the circumstances. You can work with a rangefinder with a range of anywhere between 200 yards to 600 yards. The yardage described here is relative to dark trees. Do not forget to find out what the advertised yardage is relative to - specifications can vary from highly reflective surfaces to deer sized targets.

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Spotting scopes are used for several purposes which includes hunting, birding, nature viewing and landscape observation and targeting any distant objects. If this device is used for capturing photos, then the combination of a spotting scope attached with a camera would be helpful for the users. A spotting scope can also be used fort target shooting on which scoring targets on a rifle or archery range. If anyone wishes to buy a spotting scope then one must.
Angled or Straight Scope
Going for a spotting scope based on the users need, the thing that will come first is choosing one between the two - angled spotting scope or straight one.
Here is the Advantage and disadvantage of spotting scope:
Straight Spotting Scopes
  • Easier to quickly find and track moving targets like birds
  • Easier to use if you do most of your birding or game viewing from hides or using a car window clamp
  • Easier to view objects below your own level eg at the bottom of a cliff
  • Can get uncomfortable during prolonged observation periods
  • Digiscoping: depending on the weight of your camera and adapter, gravity can make the set-up less stable and there could be more chance of harming the eyepiece
  • If you're above average height, it can be more expensive to buy a tripod that needs to be stable at 170cm high and above. The larger tripod is also harder to carry about.
  • Harder to view birds in the sky
  • Harder to use if you also plan to use your scope for astronomy
Angled Spotting Scopes
  • Generally more comfortable for prolonged observation periods
  • Easier to view birds in the sky
  • You don't need to raise the tripod so high and often depending on which tripod you have, you don't even need to raise the center column which makes a big difference regarding stability
  • Many prefer an angled for digiscoping, as you can set it at a lower height on your tripod, making it easier to keep it stable, especially in windy conditions
  • Gravity helps keep the camera in place for digiscoping making it more stable and so there is less chance of harming the eyepiece
  • Easier to use if you also plan to use your scope for astronomy
  • Beginners will find the angled scope difficult to trace and detect the moving targets but they will overcome the difficulties over time by being able to handle it. It is more difficult to use when an user utilize this device mostly for birding or viewing game
  • Harder to use if you do most of your birding or game viewing from hides or using a car window clamp
  • Harder to view birds or anything else that is below your own level eg at the bottom of a cliff

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That would depend on the size of the shot in the cartridges and the spread of pellets. See the link

Firing distance of stevens 58 bolt action 16 gauge shotgun Google Search

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try bushnell -sporting / hunting shops --online search using make and model

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Google (tasco)(8v)(manual) without parens.

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The Ideal Way to Select a Spotting Scope for Birding

Binoculars are fantastic to get close-up birding and certainly will be beneficial for providing you with clues to birds who are far away. Ll, respect complicated plumage details you have never watched before. And in the event you have a smartphone or even a digital camera, then you are Ll have all you could want to relish dig scoping.
We'll cover a few critical ones, and supply you shopping pointers that will assist you in making the ideal option. Their magnification is normally overly much, they are Re tough to sight during, plus so they're frequently not weatherproofed.

To modify magnification power, they will have either inter-changeable fixed-length eyepieces or one zoom eyepiece.

Magnification power has been affected by zoom lenses out of 20x to 60x using as large as one, easy modification. T gather lighting along with adjusted lenses.
Powers which high magnify the consequences of haze and glowing heat stimulation. 20 decades before, that a fantastic contact lens was not hard to discover, in addition to the expenses (both optically and dollar-wise) were large. Now, many mid-priced dividers have zoom lenses which were superb. At high ability, top-quality zooms provide clarity and image sharpness nearly as proficient at low magnification choose the highest-quality scope you're going to have the ability to afford.
You should base your final decision whether to proceed with higher quality.
Determined by the version, this value is between 100 millimeters and also approximately 50 mm. larger objective lenses that provide brighter graphics generally, nonetheless they create scopes tougher and thicker to package in the bag.

Eye-piece Placement

Still another factor when choosing a spotting range is eye-piece positioning. Some extent models have configured to get straight-through viewing, which makes it simple to track down and stick to an area. This looks like a design that's natural, but a whole lot of bird-watchers prefer a different strategy, the 45-degree angled eyepiece.
Eyeglass wearers ought to look closely at the sum of attention relief. Hence that the eyeglass wearer could observe a comprehensive field of opinion longer eye relief, so the more optics guide the center point supporting the eyepiece. Eye relief is offered in millimeters from the model's specialized specifications. Broadly speaking, 12 1-5 mm of eye relief is more sufficient for some eyeglass wearers. With a kayak which has been focusing, the whole barrel rubber or from this range is knurled and you also twist the whole barrel. The other layout employs a more compact focus knob installed onto the top of this range near the eyepiece. All these are somewhat slower to make use of, however, enable more exact focusing. Dexterity along with your palm size could possibly be a concern, therefore decide to try each style.
Tired of spotting scopes. The menus the maker made to generate a low-cost product will provide you with a splitting headache along with inadequate field operation. A couple hundred dollars will give you an excellent range that's good, and you're going to find a superb optical device that'll last an eternity if you are ready to pay for one million or longer.

Purchase a tripod that's good. The smartest, crispest, many effective scopes won't supply a superb image if it's installed onto some flimsy tripod. Search to get a rigid, sturdy tripod for spotting scope having few leg alterations potential. Twist hinges onto the thighs are an excellent, fast technique to stretch and retract the straps and also to correct for uneven ground.

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