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Hi, Steve, I would love to help you with your engine or chassis noise but I just loaned my brand new pair of listening ears to your local dealer's chief technician so he could take your bike for a test ride and give you his professional opinion and estimate about your noise and repair cost. If you are a little short on "DRACHMA" and a Dealership is not on your list of fun places to visit then perhaps the list below will help soothe your worried mind so you can make an informed decision.
1. Bearings---SCREECH---WHINE
2. Belts---CHIRP
3. Brake Rotors---BUZZ
4. Cam Chains---CLICKIT
5. Clutches---CHATTER
6. Cylinders---PING
7. Fairing Panels---WHISTLE
8. Fenders---SCRAPE
9. Fronk Forks---Plunk
10. Fuel pumps---WHIRR
11. Gears---WHINE
12. Head Gasket---HISS
13. Hydraulic Lifters---TAP
14. Instrument Clusters---BUZZING
15. Kick Starter---GRINDS
16. Pistons---SLAP
17. Power Valves---CLINK & RATTLE
18. Radiators---GURGLE
19. Rear Chains---RATTLE
20. Rear Shocks---SQUEAK
21. Relays---CLICK&BUZZ
22. Shaft Drives---WHIRR
23. Shifting Trans---CLUNK
24. Solid Lifters---TICK
25. Speedometers---bzzz
26. Starters---CLICK
27. Starter Clutch---GRIND & WHIRR
28. Rods Go---KNOCK-KNOCK---who's there, it's me "*****"
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TAOTAO QUANTUM 150 Owner Manual

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Hi, Bob for this scenario you will need your service, parts fiche, and owners manual if you can't find the best tool you ever bought for your Honda, despair not, for a mere zero $0 you can download another one. For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
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TaoTao 50cc Scooter DIY Air Filter Replacement PT 1
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TaoTao ATM50 A1 Owner Manual

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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Believe it or not, Home Depot, whom I despise. A low/bad chip should not cause slow engine crank, if that is what you meant. Show crank is low amperage. Weak starting battery or electrical connections at either the battery or the engine.

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The alarm you hear may be the overheating alarm... but, if it is, it won't run too long with it on before the engine locks up...Is there evidence of water coming from the witness hole in the back of the motor? Good.. otherwise,, you may be hearing the low oil alarm..or the oil pressure alarm...My bass boat oil system alarm goes off every time I crank the engine..but it uses oil and runs great...(been doing it for years - I am too lazy to clean the sensor in the oil tank)
The RPM and faster alarm is something that puzzles me?

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call around the ford veteran and modified car clubs to see what information you can get
they are the most likely people that can help you

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Hi, Brad for this scenario you will need your service/owners manual if you can't find the first and best tool you ever bought for your TaoTao, despair not, for a mere zero $0 you can download another one. For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the links below. Good luck and have a nice day.
Taotao ATM150 Evo scooter replacement of fuel and vacuum lines
Taotao ATM150 Evo scooter fuel tank vent line gas leak fix
Eagle Atv Parts
TaoTao ATM50 A1 Owner Manual

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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  1. Seat height.
  2. Size.
  3. Tires.
  4. Weight.
  5. Brakes.
  6. Turning limiters.
  7. Footrests.
  8. Frame materials.
  9. Grips.

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Call around, the one that is busy is the one you want.

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Hello David,
There isn't much you can actually do for it,, just keep the air filter clean and treated, keep a fresh spark plug in it.. its about the best it will be like it is..

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Smoke in the exhaust is a result of either too much gas or something other than gas being burned and there are a couple possibilities of what else could be burning. So there's a chance that either you mixed something in your gas you put in, or your engine is burning oil, you are burning antifreeze, or you're just burning too much gas but the engine wouldn't run very well. You didn't say anything about other how overall the engine is running but the engine could just need a tune up?

But antifreeze usually burns white so because you said it was black smoke (usually more blue colored when oil is the cause) I don't think it's antifreeze.

Black smoke can appear due to an engine that needs a tune up but it's usually not that noticeable.
The most common reason for heavy smoke coming out the tailpipe is because you're burning oil.

If you find you have to add a lot of oil regularly to the crank case and there are no obvious leaks (look for spills on the pavement where the bike is parked) then you're probably burning that oil and with the smoke you see...that just about nails the cause of the smoke.

How do you fix it? Usually you have to change the rings on the cylinder/s. Cold be one Cylinder or all of them. But generally if you do one cylinder you do them all since while you're doing it...why not do them all?

So based on what you've said...that's the best I can do.

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First of all let me tell you that it is a myth that you can not go back and forth between conventional oil and synthetic or in your case synthetic blend. They all mix very well together but why on earth would you not use a full synthetic in every thing? It will keep your motor so much cleaner, and last way longer, new or 150.000 miles used, does not matter. They refine the synthetic oils way way longer to get the impurities out. Other big thing [ OILTEMPERATURE AND WEAR COLD START UPS ] Exceeds and blows conventional out of the water. plus a real full synthetic you can run a lot longer just spin a new good grade filter on or change it. Me my self Ill run Walmart full synthetic in my grand prix and ROYAL PURPLE in my 2013 mustang. I think there all full synthetics are good compared to the old dirty sludge and if all the new manufactures are recommending it now its good. Do you have any motor rebuilders or trucking builders close to you? Just go look at the oil pans to compare the too . I guarantee you will be sold that day and never run conventional again.... PERIOD.

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Assuming the cars are of equal calibre, just hold the pedal to the metal for longer, brake later & accelerate as fast as possible if not braking or cornering. That is the winning formula. Otherwise get a faster car

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Means the engine is either running lean due to a problem or that the o2 sensor is malfunctioning. You will need to use a scan tool to read live data and check the wave length of the o2 to make sure it is working. If it is not, replace it. If it is working you will need to diagnose the problem, could be anything from a clogged fuel filter to a vacuum leak.

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go to they should be able too help you .

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Blown head gasket, cracked block take your pick. Tear it down to confirm problem.

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I hope he does. I use to kinda like him but got tired of his rude obnoxious attitude.
Now he mu#der someone and got away with it. The power of the $$$ from all his sponsors and followers was the reason he walked away, funny how that works.

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great mercadolibre com mx

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I have a video that I hope you find helpful: best, Joe

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go to see if it is there.or go to lol.

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