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Sky rage, also called Air rage, is the general term for disruptive and violent behavior perpetrated by passengers and flight crews during flight time.

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India is the birthplace of numerous cultures and religions making it one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Here are some of the most extravagant Tourist places you can visit in India.


The Red Fort, Delhi
The Taj Mahal, Agra
Pangong Lake, Ladakh
Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer
Ghats at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Backwaters, Kerala
Old Goa, Goa
Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur
Jama Masjid, Delhi
Akshardham Temple, Delhi
Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Aurangabad

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Luggage manufacturer Samsonite offers a variety of business, personal, travel products and accessories. Many Samsonite pieces such as attaches and other bags include a three-digit, built-in combination lock. When purchased, the locks are set on a factory default combination that you can change as often as you wish.

Turn the number dials to the previously set combination, or to "0-0-0", the factory default combination for Samsonite luggage.

Locate the reset button, usually placed to the side of the combination dials.

Press the reset button and hold it while rotating the number dials to the desired combination. Set this to a sequence easy for you to remember but hard for others to figure out.

Release the reset button after you set the numbers to the new combination.

Test the combination by turning the dials to the new code to open the lock. If the combination does not open the lock, repeat Steps 1 through 4 and test the lock again. If you still can't open the lock, contact Samsonite Customer Service at 800-765-2247.

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You can go to Aliexpress dot com.

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There must be the instructions to follow.

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Best beaches in southern India -
Alappuzha (Alleppey): famous for its backwater tours, boat races, beaches, and marine and coir products industries. Alappuzha beach is a popular picnic spot for locals as well as tourists.
Kovalam: A trip to Kovalam will charm you not just with its popular beaches, but also with its long stretches of palm groves and rice paddies. Kovalam is a permanent destination on tour itineraries, especially from Europe. Kovalam offers a range of leisure activities including herbal body toning massages, cultural programs, and catamaran cruising.
Kumarakom: Kumarakom is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake. Birds such as egrets, darters, herons, teals, waterfowls, cuckoo, wild duck and the Siberian Stork can be seen at the bird sanctuary located here.
Munnar: One of the most popular hill-resort towns in Kerala, marked by vast expanses of tea plantations, colonial bungalows, streams, waterfalls and cool weather. It is an ideal destination for trekking trips and mountain biking.
Thekkady: The Periyar forests of Thekkady is one of the finest nature reserves in India, set high in the mountains of the Western Ghats, covering an area of 925 km. Charming plantations and hill towns make it a great trip destination for treks and mountain walks.
Wayanad The hidden hills of Wayanad are home to some of the oldest tribes, yet untouched by civilization. Wayanad is a bio-diverse region known for its subtropical savannahs, spice plantations, lush forests, and rich cultural traditions.
Other Destinations in Kerala: Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kochi (Cochin), Kannur, Kollam (Quilon), Kozhikode (Calicut), Thrissur (Trichur)

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1. Polo Forest

Polo forest is my favorite place to spend quality time in nature and I strong recommend spending one night here to reveal out its natural beauty. Popped between sanctified hills on the east and west, polo forest holds the stories from past. It sounds horrifying but there are ancient temples, several still carrying out their pujas deep inside this thick jungle. This forest itself is one big temple and the trees themselves are the gods. Polo forest is considered as one of the most popular weekend getaway near Ahmedabad where the government of Gujarat organizes Polo utsav every year. You can easily find stay and food in Polo forest but you need to make prior booking, especially during weekends by considering rush. Please note that, there is no entry fees to visit Polo forest as it is open and public place.

Activities to Do:

Traveler can do trekking and photography of ancient temples and forest at Polo forest. During polo utsav, you can also participate in cycling and enjoy the various cultural activities at Polo forest. You can hire guide from polo campsite who can help you to plan trekking activities around. Please note that, don't go inside forest without experience guide.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 156 Km.

2. Adalaj Stepwell

Set in the noiseless village of Adalaj, Adalaj Stepwell aka Adalaj ni vav has worked as a relaxing place for hundreds of years for numerous travellers and convoys during their trade ways. There is an opening in the ceilings which permits the light and air to come in the octagonal well. Though, straight sunshine does not touch the flight of steps or quays excluding a short-term in noon. Therefore it is believed that the atmosphere inside the well is 6? cooler than the outside. Another extraordinary feature of this step-well is that out of the several stepwells in Gujarat, it is the only one with three entering steps.

Activities to Do:

Clicking pictures of walls engraved for embellishment, with epic scenes with everyday extracts of women whipping buttermilk, dancers amidst musicians, women prettifying themselves and a king sitting on a stool. There is a garden outside the stepwell where you can seat and relax with the friends and family.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 19 Km.

3. Indroda Nature Park

Indroda Nature Park is a valuable paragon extent over an area of around 400 hectares on the bank of Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar. It is deliberated to be the 2nd biggest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. Considered as India's Jurassic Park, it is managed by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation and is the only dinosaur gallery in India.

Activities to Do:

Visiting zoo, enormous carcasses of sea mammals like the blue whale, in addition to a huge botanic garden, auditorium, elucidation center and camp out facilities.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 25 Km.

4. Akshardham

Be spiritual and spent your weekend at Akshardham In Gandhinagar. A place of teaching, amusement and enlightenment where you can witness the customary stone architecture, prehistoric astuteness, and the best of contemporary technology to make the most influential experience of Indian Culture ever to exist. Devoted to Lord Swaminarayan, it is a wonder worked by the detriment of thousands of candy striper. You can have food inside the temple premises in Food Hall.

Activities to Do:

Watching short movies in Hall 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 with the Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show, the Sahajanand Van, and much more.
Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 30 Km.

5. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

It is a narrow lake enclosed by swampland's on the verge and thin forest boarding the sides. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary covers an area of 7 kms2 and a paradise for bird watcher. You can see flocks of bird winging together and making arrays in the sky whereas long-legged stretched necked cranes keep pestering for fishes and small bugs. The environment gets harmoniously pleasant with the resonating of several birds.

Activities to Do:

Natural beauty, click pictures of birds like cranes, geese, flamingos, egrets, herons, spoonbills, ducks, whistling teals and self. You can go for a long walk surrounding the lake and enjoy the beautiful sound of birds.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 28 Km.

6. Nalsarovar

Before you plan to visit Nal Sarovar, please note down the time as it remains open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It holds an area of 120.82 kms2 with a lake and ambient swamplands. It is mostly populated by nomadic birdies in winter and spring. Being the biggest marshland bird nature reserve in Gujarat, and one among the largest in India, it is worth visiting. You can capture ducks, geese, pelicans and flamingos during morning and evening hours. Vehicles are obtainable from parking to the lake site for around 1km. Lake Water is almost 4 feet deep. You can also take a horse ride along lake.

Activities to Do:

Tourist can enjoy the beauty of nature and also click pictures of birds and self. The best attraction of Nal sarovar is boating operated by the locals who can take you to the deep in sarovar where you can spot the migratory birds.
Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 64 Km.

7. Zanzari Waterfalls

Zanzari waterfalls is located on Vatrak River with a series of cascades. The definite fall is around 25 feet high with numerous rocks, stones and basins. The water throughout and instantly after the monsoons is perfidious as the current will be hasty. It is only then the sound of water splashing down the falls can be overheard from far away. In summer, the river is condensed to a rivulet and there are spots to take a seat and appreciate the scenery. Visit the Zanzari falls from September to February. Be attentive while enjoying at Zanzari falls.

Activities to Do:

You can do hiking, camel ride and photography at Zanzari waterfalls.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 74 Km.

8. Lothal

Lothal is an archeological site which is having a museum divided in three galleries. The front gallery portrays an artist's imaginary idea of Harappan town of Lothal. The gallery at left side displays beads, terracotta ornaments, replicas of seal and sealing, shell and ivory objects, copper and bronze objects, tools and potteries yielded from excavations. The gallery at right shows objects animal and human figurines, weights, painted potteries, objects recovered from burials and ritual objects, miniature potteries, bricks. It is closed on Fridays.

Activities to Do:

Cherishing the memories from past and click the museum galleries.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 76 Km.

9. Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park:

Tirupati Rushivan adventure park is a well-planned theme park on the banks of Sabarmati River. Its affordability makes it a must visit place with family. The rides and slides of water park are simply fun. There are three free rides with the entry ticket. Outside food is allowed; hence you can enjoy home-cooked food in the gardens here. It being a family place, does not tolerates vulgarity. I strongly recommend avoiding this place during summer due to hot climate.

Activities to Do:

You can enjoy water activities, pools, play games and rides at this adventure park.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 77 Km.

10. Maniar's Wonderland

This snow themed fun park is among the best choice for those who want to spend one complete day and take rest on the other day of a weekend. The park is divided into 2 parts named as Wonderland and "First in Gujarat" Snow Park. Maniar's Wonderland has everything that would be enjoyable for the young and the old similarly. Park remains open on all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM. There is a food court inside the park where you can find snacks and fast food of your choice. You can plan visit here with either friends or family. The nearness to Ahmedabad makes it feasible for you to ride or drive yourself.

Activities to Do:

Rides like the Jumping Jack, Desert Bike, Zip Line, Buggy Ride, Aqua Roller, Aqua Ball, Traffic Island and Wonder Chair etc. in the Wonderland whereas Snow Park contains a snow field that proposes snowball combats and blast-from-the-past Ice Age experiences. You can also have in Water Slides.

Distance from Ahmedabad: Around 13 Km.

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Go to a online shoping Sites and choose your comfertable begs When traveling either for business or pleasure, you'll likely want to take along at least one nice outfit. Pack that outfit into a standard piece of luggage and chances are that it will be a wrinkled mess when you arrive to your destination. Pack it into a garment bag, however, and your tux, suit or dress will look like you just picked it up from the dry cleaners.

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If you are wondering if 21 Step Millionaire Coach is a scam then you came to the right place. The short answer is heck ya its a scam. I am very familiar with what this program promotes and have reviewed other similar programs in the past.
All this 21 Step Millionaire Coach program really is, is just a fake program that is designed to funnel people into another program, which they don't mention at all in the sales video or anything.
It is possible to make money with the program they are trying to get you to buy into, but they make it sound way-way-way better than the reality of it.

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1. Pull the sliding side latch to the side,
as you would if you were opening the briefcase normally. Holding the latch in position, lightly roll your fingers
down over each numbered wheel to identify which one is the tightest. The tightest wheel will give the least when
you gently tug on it with your fingertip.
2. Set the tightest wheel to "0." Check the tightness of the other two wheels; if they still feel loose, click the zeroed lock to "1" and feel the other two wheels again. Keep going in this fashion until one of the other two wheels feels tight. When one of the other wheels becomes tight, the first wheel is set at the correct number.
3. Move on to the second tightened wheel, continuing to hold the side latch in place. Set it at "0" and check the final loose wheel. Keep adjusting the second wheel, as you did with the first until the third wheel feels tight.
4. Set the final wheel at "0" and adjust it until the briefcase's top latches pop open. Make sure the sliding side latch is still being held in place.
5. Reset the combination to numbers you'll remember in the future. Write them down and store them in a safe place, just in case.

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When To Visit Kerala -
1. If you want to go hiking in the Western Ghats, stay clear of the monsoon peak, June, July, and August. Houseboats aren't much fun during this time either.
2. Just after the monsoon, in September, everything is exquisitely emerald, so a great time for hiking or exploring the hill stations.
3. Unlike some national parks in India, Periyar stays open all year round. The most popular time to visit is during the cooler, drier months from October to February. It is particularly vibrant just after the monsoon, and there are fewer people.
4. The best time for viewing elephants is during the hotter months of March and April when they spend the most time in the water.
5. Periyar is best avoided on weekends due to crowds of day tourists.
6. Sun worshippers will be at their happiest between October and February when their god makes her most glorious appearances. February until May are also lovely, although a lot more humid.
7. There is another monsoon October to November but many local people say this is now disappearing and much less of an issue. December and January brings a flood of tourists just about everywhere, however. A tailor made holiday during this time will enable you to get off the beaten track if that is what you are seeking.
8. According to Ayurveda tradition, the monsoon is the best season for rejuvenation therapies because the pores of the body open wide allowing them to fully absorb the oils and therapeutic treatments.

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The best places in Southern India to visit on a vacation

3. Idukki

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