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Hi Mate,

1) On your iOS device, go to Settings ? General ? Language & Region.
2) Tap Temperature Unit at the bottom.
3) Select if you'd like to have quantities of temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
4) Launch the Weather app on your iOS device.


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Helix Jump Hack Apk

Maybe you've heard that playing video games will rot your brain or lead to other negative consequences. While sitting in front of the screen for hours a day may take time away from other positive activities, the mental stimulation of game playing has proven benefits. Helix Jump Hack Apk, fighting games and other fast-paced adventures can actually help your brain.


Benefits of Helix Jump Hack Apk

Studies have shown that playing Helix Jump Hack Apk can improve sharpness of vision, accuracy, alertness and response times. One study showed that gamers made accurate decisions 25% more quickly than those who don't play. Oddly enough, fighting games and shooters have demonstrated more positive effects than strategy based games. The fast action provides a high level of stimulation that keeps the brain active and engaged. The ability to focus on a task at hand while ignoring distractions is enhanced by playing these types of games.

Features of Helix Jump Hack Apk

It has long been known that puzzles and games are good for aging individuals, with the benefits of improving mental fitness and reducing the cognitive decline of old age. Contrary to popular opinion, research suggests that video Helix Jump Hack Apk may be more effective than the old-fashioned crossword puzzle or card game. Maybe it's time to pit Grandma and Grandpa against each other in a fighting game!

helix jump-idzd2sj0px5qem2toyhnubz5-5-2.jpg

Gamers will be happy to hear that these effects increase with the amount of gaming. That is, the more time you spend playing video games, the more of these benefits you will see. Of course, it is still important to act with moderation. Too much time in the virtual world can result in neglecting things like work, school, family or physical activity.


Remember, to realize the most benefits of brain boosting gaming, you'll want to opt for fast-paced adventure and fighting games. Now that online games are sophisticated enough to rival traditional console, arcade and PC software games, it's easy to find websites that let you play directly from a web browser. In fact, there are dozens of great free games available to you right now.
So, do you need to drop hundreds of dollars on expensive game consoles or computer software? That is certainly an option. However, as the old saying goes, sometimes the best things are free. Gamers today have more options than ever before, and many of them won't cost you a penny. From apps on your mobile phone to social networks and browser based Flash, HTML5 or JavaScript games, there are plenty of free options.Get gaming and boost your brain power!

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most likely
any communication that you do not initiate or from any one you do not know , it is very wise to just delete it without opening it

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I advise you to solve this problem, cause sometimes you need pictures to write your creative essay .So you have to understand all the importance of it.

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U can do that with Xtender app.

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Install Whatsapp on your iphone.

FIXYA is not Apple. FIXYA unpaid volunteers cannot install Whatapp for you, you have to learn to do that for yourself, or ask a trusted relative or trustworthy friend to help you to install it.

Email support:


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wrong site this is fixya not whatsapp

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Hey Roland, check out the skout offical website and the video linked below

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Hey Bokharee Izhair
-Tap settings
    -Scroll down to "skout"
    -Tap 'location'
    -Select 'while using the app'

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I don't know whether it works or not, I think you can use iPhne data recovery too for help. First let it scan your iPhone. If the deleted messages can be scanned out, you can easily recover them to pc.
Coolmuster iOSRescuer iPad iPhone iPod Data Recovery Software

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You should be able to backup your iPhone from a recent backup from the other iPhone and once that is done all information and everything should be back to like nothing happend. but this will only work if you backed everything up on your old iPhone.

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Hi Kt Kth,
First go to my profile
Then find the location
Find the personal information data section
Now you can change location manually

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Options for Anyone Who Wants to Learn How to Build Your Own iPad App

If you want to be in the in-crowd, then you need to learn how to build your own app. This is what everyone is posting on social media sites and transferring from one iPhone to the next. These apps allow for personality and creativity while providing better functionality for life. Applications make it easier to perform various tasks, which is why it's the in-thing in today's world - for business and personal reasons. If you go to the app Store, you will come across twenty different categories. The applications can be everything from sophisticated medical and business applications to simple games. It makes it easy to find an app to use, but it also provides options if you are one who wants to build your own iPad app. If you want, it can even be submitted to the app store.

When you want to build your own iPad app, it means knowing all twenty available categories. They are travel, entertainment, reference, utilities, games, productivity, social networking, navigation, music, photography, health and fitness, education, business, books, weather, sports, lifestyle, news, finance, and sports. This provides options for people who enjoy app development. Some people believe you have to be a computer expert to understand applications, like developers at Yunoapp, especially how to build your own app, more about this here In the past this might have been true, but thanks to technology, personal application creation has been simplified and many times people don't need any prior knowledge.

The problem some people have is finding the right program for creating their personal apps. The app is supposed to be created specially for you. The goal behind the process is to make functions easier, so tasks are simplified and don't end up creating headaches. If an application program ends up being complicated, a person might want to start looking elsewhere. All of the options make it easier for the average user to develop and sell games and apps to the app store, especially if they have the appropriate tools. Many say a MAC computer is the easiest way to create apps. It also helps to know as much information as possible about the entire process, including building, developing, publishing, and then marketing the app or game. It means learning when to release it to the public.

A person must also know what the app is being used for, as there are specific app programs and more general app programs. If an app is being used for business, then look for a program devoted toward that specific genre. This type of program will then include the special tools to accomplish the apps they want. For instance, someone might want to create a business app or a Facebook app. There are lots of things to consider when deciding which application program to use. However, when you find the one you like, there won't be any issues in learning how to build your own app. The one chosen should be easy to use, as well as full of creativity!

The other necessary purchases are an iPad and iPhone SDK with Xcode. The interface builder and iPhone simulator will also make the process easier. When wanting to build your own iPad app, it helps to have the appropriate tools. A person shouldn't be afraid of the iPhone application development guide, as it walks anyone through receiving and installing the necessary software and the easiest ways to use it. The guide also talks about the libraries and frameworks these are in, differences in creating a game or an app, and the best way to build an app for the iPad and iPhone. This will help you be successful.

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How to delete all emails on iPhone manually or automatically

According to recent statistics, global spam volume represents around 60 percent of total email traffic volume. It's no wonder then that iPhone users are looking for ways how to efficiently clean up their inboxes and reclaim all lost storage space. Here are several methods how to delete all emails on iPhone, some of them more time-consuming than others.

How to Delete All Emails on iPhone

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    -Open any mailbox
    -Click on closed folder from left hand sidebar
    -Scroll to bottom of closed folder, then click on recently deleted link

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How Android and iOS Apps run on Windows 10 Mobile?

Early Microsoft announced that Windows 10 phones will be able to run apps developed for iOS and Android. Microsoft makes easy for Android developers to develop apps by releasing plans for iOS and Android developer tools. Now can Android apps run by Windows 10 Mobile? and how much easy to run android apps on windows 10 mobile, can we run it?

The New latest windows 10 based mobile phone run APKs file and you can run your APKs fils by following simple steps.

Firstly select Lumia device running the Windows 10 Mobile preview, a PC and the APKTOW10M program from

Steps to run Android & iOS apps on Windows 10 Mobile

Enable developer mode on Phone and note down the code appears on a Mobile screen and plug your phone to PC.

Put the code which displays on the mobile screen in the previous step, into the PKTOW10M tool and press "connect" button.

Drag the Android APK file into APKTOW10M tool and push "install" button. It takes some time to install the app on your device Job done, Process Completed.

Note down you have to keep developer mode on the enabled state to run Android apps. But if you want to power off your phone or restart then you will need to disable developer mode.

Microsoft still working on Android apps to run on Windows 10 mobile and not officially supported by Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile. You can use other APK supported the phone for a better experience.

Author Bio: Hi, my name is Emma Marie, Passionate, Energetic and highly motivated Marketing Professional with a better experience in Technology, Software, and Marketing in business Sector.I am the founder and CEO of


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