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Here is what I have found for you. https://prezi.com/fcy1eqmfzlrb/the-butterfly-poem-anlysis
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This link will answer your question - https://poemanalysis.com/stolen-rivers-by-phillippa-yaa-de-villiers-poem-analysis/. Previously, I have also got the problem with this literature assignment and I was happy to bump into Prime Writing site where all my tasks were easily solved.

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There is never a good excuse for not doing homework. When I was in school, I used to say that I forgot my book at school and would get it done in study hall that day.

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You should check on your mistakes and try to perfect where possible.A negative attitude towards your teacher might not help.

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8m - 6 =2(4m - ????
You are trying to fetch the common part from the equation.
Let's know what is 2 here? It is the common part right?
Now dividing 2 from 8 and 6.
What the process left behind??
It is - 4 and 3

So the final equation you are looking for is:

Reference - Algebra Tutor - https://www.tutoreye.com/online-tutors/Algebra

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speed= distance/time
speed=4281/4.5 km/h
speed=951.34 kmph
hence, the plane fly at 951.34 kmph

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How to write an effective Essay?

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A straight line can be written in the form y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

In this case, we are given the slope (2) and the y-intercept (-3).


Good luck,


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Let's look at the overall picture. Does it make sense if you have a fifth of a pizza and add a half pizza, you get less than a third of a pizza.

Now, into the math.
Here is a fifth of a pizza.

fifth pizza-t3nl2udzxv0orsigcra1nwzp-2-0.jpg Here is half a pizza.

half pizza-t3nl2udzxv0orsigcra1nwzp-2-2.jpg
It is hard to add these two.

We find the least common multiple of the denominators 2 and 5 and get 10.

Let's redo the pizzas in 10 slices.

two tenths-t3nl2udzxv0orsigcra1nwzp-2-5.jpg

And the half pizza.

five tenths-t3nl2udzxv0orsigcra1nwzp-2-9.jpg

Now with the same sized slices, we can add the slices and calculate the result.

seven tenths-t3nl2udzxv0orsigcra1nwzp-2-14.jpg Now we have seven slices out of ten, or 7/10.

Good luck.


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5/16 as a percentage is,

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How about posting one at a time. You might get them answered, or hints, for you to answer them all for FREE!

Good luck,


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yes, 8 C relates cold weather

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I know you don't feel this way, but you can do it. It may take a bit of work and finding someone/something to teach you so that you understand it the way that you learn.

First, you need your sleep. Lack of sleep will not help in your homework or other activities, in or outside of school.

How about posting some of the questions and we will see what we can do.

Keep your chin up. Once you develop some confidence in your own abilities, the sky will be the limit.

Give it a shot.

Good luck,


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Fractions can be more precise than decimals. For example: 1/3 can not be expressed exactly as a decimal. .33333333333333333333333333333333333333333... is only an approximation.
Some numbers cannot be expressed precisely as either a fraction or a decimal. pi is an example.

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the bulb with 10 ohm resistance will grow brighter and the same bulb will diffuse first

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Run a marker along the edge of the paper about an inch long and tell the teacher that you just wrote the word "I".

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q = x/(p^3) Substituting in 2 for p and 4 for q, we calculate x = 32 Now the formulas are q=32/p^3, or p=(cube root of 32/q)

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school is the primary place for children. Apart from are teaching basic manners, schools play the most significant role in building a child's mental level.
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