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A straight line can be written in the form y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

In this case, we are given the slope (2) and the y-intercept (-3).


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Since M is the mid point of the triangle, the distance of M from A,B and C is equal which means AM = BM = CM.
Therefore, MAB = MBA. In triangle MAB, MAB=45 degrees.
sum of angles in a triangle = 180 deg. So, sum of angles MAB and MBA = 180 - BMA = 180 -45 = 135.
Since both MAB and MBA are equal , MAB = 135/2 = 67.5
In triangle AMC, MAC = MCA . Therefore MAC = 30/2 = 15 deg.
Therefore total BAC = MAC + MAB =82.5 deg.

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The list is much to big to include here, since it includes all insects, shellfish, worms, jellyfish,...

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We want to divide the top and bottom numbers by the largest possible number to make the numerator and denominator the smallest possible. We can determine that number by factoring both 192 000 and 650 and see what the biggest common factor is. Another approach is to simplify it step by step.

Let's try the step-by-step method.

Since both end in 0, let's divide both by 10.

19 200 : 65

Since they both end with 0 or 5, we can divide both by 5

3 840 : 13

Since 13 is prime (its only factors are 1 and 13) and 13 doesn't go evenly into 3 840, we cannot go any further.

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That is all they eat. Strangely the panda's gut isn't perfectly suited to eating bamboo, so they need to eat huge amounts to get enough sustenance.

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give up the technology, people survived before it was created just fine

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Science fiction is speculative. It offers a combination of real "laws of science" and fictitious ones.

Consider what a "worm hole" is in The Passage. The world of "as if" spins out from an assertion about what is possible.

science fiction literature and performance

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It sounds like you are trying to determine the surface area of a cylinder.

The area of the top and the bottom of the cylinder (which are circles) are pi x r ^ 2. Since there are two of them, we have to multiply this answer by 2.

The surface area of the side is going to be the circumference of the circle times the height. The circumference is 2 x pi x r and the height is 15 inches.

To get the total surface area, we have to add these amounts together.

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The common factor is 11.

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Write your answer...
please specify the language is it structured like c or object oriented like java ,Python, C#

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The indirect object is the recipient of the direct object. The direct object of a verb is the thing being acted upon.

John gave Peter a drink. John gave what? A drink. Drink is the direct object. It is what the verb "is handling."

And just who received what the verb "handled"? Peter.

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I think you are missing some information in the question. Please provide the complete question.

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Like forest fires
like haunted children

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